American Acupuncture Council Birthing Centers, Birth Communities and Getting Connected

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Marilyn Allen: Good day everyone. Thank you for joining us on this webinar. We’re very happy that you are with us today. We’re going to talk about a very important subject. We have a special guest with us today. Her name is Stefanie Beniek and she is with the Penny George Institute in Minneapolis Minnesota. We’re very happy that she’s joined us.

Before we get started and before Stefanie comes on with us, we want to talk about many of the rumors that are flying around in this profession about fertility, birthing, labor, and various other things. AAC does cover you through labor, there are certain things that have to be done and questions you have to answer, but it does do that. Good morning Stefanie, we’re happy that you’re with us. I’d like you first just to chat a little bit about what you do, where you do it, some of the rules and regulations you have to deal with. Generally, introduce yourself. Again, thank you for joining us with this very important subject.

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