Acupuncture Malpractice Insurance American Acupuncture Council – Getting Paid

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Dr. Sam Collins: Hi. This is Dr. Sam Collins for the American Acupuncture Council with a webinar series on coding and billing and it’s my pleasure to be with you today. I’m the director of our insurance network at the American Acupuncture Council that does all the coding and billing issues for seminars as well as for the malpractice insurance.

Today’s program is going to be understanding how do we bill or understand for counseling. There’s a lot of angst in the profession as to whether it’s something we can code for or how do we code it and so, I want to make sure that there’s a reasonable understanding for when is it appropriate to bill and code for it, when it is included as part of the service.

Before we really get into what the coding is, we have to really make an understanding of what counseling is. We want to take some time to really get an understanding of what type of coding we need to use, but let’s first really talk about what the commitment is of our company to you. Our goal and commitment is to strengthen and grow the acupuncture profession by providing education, tools, and support that continually improve the productivity, profitability, and wellbeing of the alternative health community as a whole, but obviously, for acupuncture. For you, acupuncturists often, you’re not aware or not having a good understanding of what services you can code for. Today, let’s really tackle counseling and what it really means.

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