Heads up! Some Exciting Updates on AAC Malpractice Insurance Policy

As a premier provider of acupuncture malpractice insurance policy, your American Acupuncture Council (ACC)is constantly improving its products and services to see to it that the company gives nothing but the best service you can find in the industry today.

True to our words, we have now more coverage built-in standard and we are excited to share with you in this post each and every detail of the added coverage in your policy. So, are you excited? Without further ado, here are the specifics of your more comprehensive policy.

Now you can have the the following benefits:

  • More modalities standard
  • Upgraded customer service
  • More support for you

In addition, we have added in the policy the following:

  • Premises liability – Also known as slip and fall coverage
  • Products liability – Provides coverage for products that are FDA approved, which are sold to your patients
  • Cyber liability – Aimed at providing protection in case of data breach in your office
  • Injection therapy coverage – This is included without additional cost

Apart from the above-mentioned added benefits, you will also receive defense cost outside the limits of your liability. If the cost, for instance, US $50,000 to defend you for malpractice claim, you still have your full limit of liability intact for settlement.

And, we should not forget to mention that we now have a true consent to settle built-in to our policy standard. This gives you more power, as the policyholder, to choose whether a claim is settled or we continue to fight on your behalf.

And here’s more…

Facial acupuncture coverage is now included with no additional costs (many of AAC acupuncturists are doing facial acupuncture, so we make it sure they are insured)

For injectable substances under your policy, you must have proper and state approved training and certification in order to do injection therapy. Remember, injection therapy cannot be utilized to treat a specific condition and you must follow clean needle techniques.

We also cover pregnancy and fertility (note that your care should be in coordination with the patient’s OB/GYN medical doctor. In addition to that, turning a breech baby including labor, is also covered in the policy

An additional profession under your current acupuncture malpractice insurance policy is also covered. For instance, if you are doing massage therapy apart from acupuncture, you can get that covered under your current policy for only $24.

The premier program

This features an even greater layer of protection. With premier program, general liability increased from your standard premises liability, your products liability, and cyber liability to $20,000 from $10,000 (doubled).

All of the covered proceeding will be increased from a $30,000 sub-limit to a 50,000 limit.

All of the specified items above under the premier program are added to the policy with only $125 additional cost per year.

Have more questions about our acupuncture malpractice coverage? Contact us today to learn more valuable information straight from the source.

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