Here’s How Acupuncture Workers’ Comp Insurance Can Take Care Of Your Employees (And Your Business)

As an acupuncturist running a clinic, you are aware that your business can be vulnerable not just to possible lawsuits from clients, but also to a worker’s compensation in case of injury or even death in the line of duty. Both can have a drastic impact on your finances and cripple your business to the ground. That is why having acupuncture workers’ comp insurance is vital to keeping your business thrive and your professional reputation intact.

Here are some ways acupuncture workers’ comp insurance can take care of your staff (and your business) in case they figure in a work-related accident.

  • Hospital services for the affected employee, including any necessary medical and surgical care and procedure
  • Orthopedic devices, if prescribed by the doctor
  • Hearing devices
  • Nursing care

It is imperative to underscore that under acupuncture workers’ comp benefits, your affected employee may continue to receive medical care until the care is no longer needed, as long as it is related to the initial workplace injury.

Also, an insurance provider may deny a claim due to a variety of reasons. Thus, both the acupuncturist and the employee must be aware of the common reasons for denial, which include the following:

  • When you miss the deadline of filing for workers’ compensation claim (Both the employer and employee should be aware of the deadline of filing)
  • When there’s a failure to send a notification to the employer about the injury (as an employer, you must also keep track of your employee’s condition)
  • When an injured employee is under the influence of alcohol, drugs
  • When the insurance does not qualify the medical condition for coverage (there are certain types of conditions that insurance may not cover such as a simple back strain or repetitive motion injuries)
  • When an employee is no longer part of the company (An employee needs to ensure that he is still part of the company during the filing of the claim; an insurance company needs to ensure that if the employee has been away for so long for his recovery, he still has a job when he is back ready for work)
  • When the employee isn’t hurt on the job (when the injury isn’t acquired during hours)

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