Jing and Cancer – The TCM insights – Yair Maimon



Hello. My name is Dr. Yair Maimon. Uh, and first of all, I would like to thank the American Acupuncture Council to put up this, uh, presentation and lecture. Uh, I’ve different areas of interest in Chinese medicine. I’ve been practicing for more than 30 years. And one of them is definitely cancer. I’ve been heading also a integrative oncology unit in the biggest hospital in Israel, in the research center.

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And I’ve published many publications on the effect of especially herbal medicine and cancer. So if you have interest, you are welcome to repeat that you can go to my website here. My mother had come or just to go on the internet and search for it. So I’ve been deeply involved in cancer and understanding the [inaudible] significant effect that we find when we do integrity oncology. And when we are using Chinese medicine and this lecture will focus on one of the deepest phenomenons of cancer, which is gene and the cancer, the way we understand and perceive cancer in Chinese medicine, because in Chinese medicine, um, I would put it in a different way.

Cancer is a Western medical diagnosis and disease. So we have to go back to the roots of Chinese medicine to understand cancer. As we know it today in Chinese medicine, and gene really is one of the best way to do it because when we talk about cancer in Western medicine, we talk about something on the side cellular level. We’re talking about a cancer cell. It’s a very specific understanding of mutation of DNA in a cell, and the way cell are growing. So when you look at the Western view, it’s a very cellular view, very DNA based view. And when we look at the Chinese medicine view, we are looking from a different dynamic, and this is what I will try to unfold, kind of to give the core unfolding as far as, uh, the understanding of Chinese medicine and maybe provide those some treatments that we can give example.

So cancer in Western medicine, isn’t uncontrolled growth of abdominus abnormal cells in the body. Normally cell will grow and receive nicely here. And when the cell will be damaged, it will, [inaudible] natural cell death and cell are growing and dying and multiplying in the normal growth rate. I think the cancer, we see this phenomenon of endless a multiplication. They multiply and multiply their ability. They have the normal self to stop growing is hindered. So when we take the larger view in Chinese medicine, we always have to say, I see men being between heaven and earth. Oh, we have to see the movement of cheesy between Shannon Jake. So we also know from the substances in the body, this is three substances that Shan will be the most, and Jean will be the most team. And there is all the time change of yin and yang. And that’s the normal also growth of things.

We have a meeting of two things and then growth. We have a meeting of [inaudible]. We have a meeting of Shannon Jean in order for life to begin, we have a sperm in an oven we have in any meeting and then multiplication of cells up to a human being or any creature starting. So we need the seam, the neon meeting Shen and Jean father, and mother. And we’ll see, because when it comes to cancer, we are, we see something very strange happening at this meeting or this very unique meeting of creation of life. Eh, I’ll give another example kind of slowly put you in, in a certain frame frame, frame of mind, and also in a cell, a liver, we see cells which are very kind of, uh, like STEM cells, which can change into any cell. And we see very differentiated cells. So the less cell is differentiated, like a STEM cell.

It can change into any cell. We can say, we see more Shannon it and less jingling. The more we going to differentiate cells, we see the opposite. We see more gene cells that has a specific role and less shame as humans. Now we are, we are very differentiated from each other when we will go higher. There is less differentiation when we go to the Shen level. But when we look at the, at the gene itself, the gene itself is all the time growing, growing, growing, and slowly declining. So with gene, with time, we had this natural curve of the gene growing and growing, or a person developing, and then going slowly to all the age and dying the same happens also in the cellar level. So when we look at creation, we have to look at Shannon, Jean Green and yang meeting. When we look at development of cells, we have to look at this changes in the gene, which are bounded to one very unique thing, which is time.

So the gene is bounded naturally into time, and then it goes through a natural cycle. So normally we see cell growth and cell death, which are in the same rate. So we see the gene growing and declining, growing and declining, and that’s the normal cell growth in the body. So cell growth and cell death that like in an equilibrium, in an yang is working well. The G having his own natural movement, right? It starts with the Shan, then go through a growth and decline. But when we look at the cancer cells, when we look at the basic idea of, of, uh, of carcinogenic, we see that cell growth is very big comparing to cell. This cell thump something on the gene level is going wrong. Like the cell is multiplying and multiplying and multiplying, and it doesn’t go through its natural cause was time of growing and dying.

And that’s an another thing it knows even to avoid death like normal cells, especially when it’s damaged. It goes into apoptosis, natural Dells and the cancer cells when no one knows how to avoid this process of ptosis. And then it goes into uncontrolled growth. So it avoids the natural cycle of gene. So you see gene here involved in all the level when we are talking about Western medicine, about the way cell multiplies, the way cell growing decline naturally. So in Chinese medicine, we can easily and, and we should be focused on, on the gene level. When we look at it, five substances of the body. So we know Shen is the most young. Then we achieved body fluids, blood, and gene is the most team and cancer in this respect is the most in disease. It’s under depth, also on the cell, it’s on the DMA.

And if we talking DMA deeply, when people are exposed to Western medicine, especially chemotherapy, but also biological medicine and others. And when we look at that, eh, Western medicine and we want to compare it to Chinese medicine, I think the easiest is to look at chemo and chemotherapy because chemotherapy really affects the gene and the mechanism of chemotherapy it’s works on this core DNA, the death of the cell. And it works on the DNA, eh, proliferation. So it really affects the cell, stops it from growing any cell and especially cells in the bone marrow multiplied fast. It affects therefore the book we use, the bone marrow, creating fatigue, early aging, all this sounds a bit like Jane, the longterm effect. Again, it’s chemo. We’ll look at the formation of marrow and you will understand why the facts and patient chemobrain is a phenomenon that patient sometimes for very long time will say that, you know, they can’t concentrate.

The mind is foggy. Their cognitive ability has been reduced. There’s hair loss. Again, especially head hair relates to the kidney fatigue, deep fatigue, affecting fertility and gain the gene and aging, as we said before, and there is a very deep relation to a constitution, okay, because it’s will affect people differently. According to their original gene. When I see different patient coming in, even before chemo, Western medicine, I can many times predict how deep will be the effect of the chemo. And well, we’ll be the recovery and taking into account this preexisting condition. And as we see on a settler lever, the chemotherapy works on the DNA on the very deepest, deepest, the most [inaudible] as we talk about gene of the cell. And we already said before that the chemotherapy reduces the DJing and mostly effect a lot of also biological and other drugs, which are using cancer will affect.

And we can the gene. And that’s why we see this reduction in white and red blood cells and all the other, um, things that we mentioned all will relate to this gene weakness. And, um, another deep aspect in cancer is that we see that cancer is coming up showing more at the times where the gene is changing. So again, it will be around ages, you know, 40 to 49, 50 or, or later. But if you look at the patient’s history, you will see that it relates to changes in Jake. And it has many ramifications, uh, but it’s very interesting to observe it and definitely hormonal changes and cancers that relates to hormones like breast cancer, prostate cancer, because they’re all home or monitor or biological clock relates to gene. And when, eh, and you can see also that a lot of the treatments relates to hormones and eventually will affect extra Marina, like Chong, my rent, which relates to the gym and later, and we want also to help people to recover from, from treatments.

Then we want to replenish life, replenish the gene, replenish the bone marrow. So as you see, the more we are going deeper into understanding the side effects and effects of cancer. The more the gene is, is the key things to discuss. When we look at the marrow in Chinese medicine, marrow suede is a very specific, uh, substance. It relates to the gene, it’s already his gene. It then now wishes and build the bone marrow, the spine and the brain. And, um, the bones are the Fu organ of the mirror that’s already in so and 17. So there is a close relationship between marrow in bones, and it’s quite amazing. The Chinese already more than 2000 years ago, see the relationship between kidney bone marrow production of blood things that actually in Western science, just our recent discovery. And, uh, as you know, the bone marrow produces a different type of STEM cells.

Uh, and while the bone marrow STEM cells will produce either white blood cells or red blood cells or platelets, but they’re all coming from a very deep understanding of STEM cell. So, so bone marrow in Chinese medicine relates very much to the kidney and kidney, gene and kidney gene is, as I said before, the root of our discussion here, when we are a going into understanding the gene, we will talk about extra meridians in Chinese medicine, the teaching by my, the teaching, by my, our, the root of, uh, the body and the body development. So, uh, looking at the level of the development of life, we are going to understanding and unfolding the extreme regions. And as we know, the three meridians that are starting in life are they do the rent and the Chong, they’re all starting in the kidney and the merging from the kidney and building the basic foundation of the body.

And also in Chinese medicine are very much related to do my will treat it many times in brain cancers. The ran my eye, many gynecological in recovery from the deep effect of cancer and the Chung by, and others will relate to replenishing bone marrow. This is by the way now, the way that we use extra Meridian and their function in a indifferent cancer condition, like for, uh, treating brain and, and, and, and brain problems, we’ll use the Dumas, the [inaudible] for the uterus. We can use more chunk rent or die for marrow Chung, buy and rent. And for bone and bone problems, we’ll use the Chong rain, or in way, it’s all unfolded the deeper we understand cancer and this extra Meridian. And later I’ll try to give an example of how I use it in the clinic. So some regions are very much related to a development of life and later to cancer that is related to embryological development and the changes of seven and eight years.

As I say that a lot of time can be when cancer will come up, they relate to fertility and growth. And that’s why, as I say before, a lot of time, we need to, when patients are recovering from chemo, we need to support the gene and aid the coming back of the old fertility and, uh, and the very basic vitality of the body. And they’re serving as a reservoir and in cancer and cancer treatments, this reservoir gets empty. So you want to go back to the deepest, vital places in the body and help recover. And they’re related to kidney and Ranchi, and this is how we treat and extra meridians overall are very much to do with creation, regulation, and protection. This is very deep three aspects that are important in the treatment and recovery of cancer. And I would like kind of to maybe end or, or go to the last part, then give a case from the clinic and see how it all applies in the clinic.

This is a patient of mine. She’s a 50 years old female. Uh, she married with two children. She has for many years with metastatic breast cancer. I’ve been following her up for about 15 years. Uh, she’s undergoing anti hormonal treatments. She has night sweats for just one minute. Somebody Israel is under lockdown and I’m, I’ve been, uh, doing this from another place. So I’ll try to finish up early cause I need to leave this place. So she is a anti hormonal treatment and she has night sweat, and therefore she’s treated, I treated her with the rabbi and the different points together with the rent, my in order to help her. And this gives you the idea of how we treat this patient, uh, and how we combine different points. And last point, I wanted to say something about logic this time 10 and large intestine 10 is a point I use a lot to tonify patient.

It’s the Susan, the point of the, so it can be utilized to strengthen the Angie and, uh, it’s on the young men Meridian. Very good there. A combination is the three lead points, the large intestine, 10 Ren 11, and stomach 36. Again, if you want to read more and understand more, uh, I had few lectures that the same Academy on that topic and there in order to learn about cancer in a, in a more kind of deeper way, I always say it’s combination of Western medicine, understanding Chinese medicine. And we have now a lot of research to support us. So to kind of finish up it’s to do with, uh, life generally and cancer, uh, to do with, uh, the combination of gene and Shen of fire and water gene more relates to the G and the wisdom and the transformation of prenatal life and growing and Shen more to the communication and inspiration.

And this is eventually how we also promote learning in Chinese medicine. So gene relates more to wisdom and personnel transformation. And when we talk about chin, we relates more to inspiration, healing, communication, and connection. So I think when we listen more to the gene, we hear the story of life and transformation. When we listen to the shame, we hear more, the love and inspiration that we need both to keep us on our true path of life. So in this very strange time, when everything is going around, not in the regular way, I wish you all the best of health from Shanta Shan. Thank you. And thank you for watching it all the very best and keep safe.

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