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What Happens when you put Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together?



today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common.

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Hi, this is Sharon Weizenbaum. I’m really happy to be here this month and I want to thank the American Acupuncture Council for hosting me to give this series of talks. I hope it’s been educational and enjoyable for you. So today I’m going to keep on growing from what we talked about before.

So we started just talking about why classical formulas, and then we looked last time at. And today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common. So I’m ready for the slides. So when we combine wager and pooling, you might remember from last time, if you were here that oops, back again.

When we were here last time we looked at the fact that wager treats upsurge that’s the first thing that the Shannon bonds have Jane mentioned about what wagers function is that he treats upsurge. And this is upsurge of young that loses its relationship with the. So when we combined greater and who’s playing, there is often an upsurge of pathological fluids.

So when we put greater and pooling together, we are bringing the warmth back in and transforming pathological fluids. So we’re going to look at how that works in a few different formulas. We’re going to, if you could change the slide. Yeah. So here’s a formulas that include wager and fooling. We’re not going to be able to go over all of these formulas today.

I’d like to just look at willing son and link way juke on tongue and mentioned the pooling Gunza tongue as a comparison. I think next time we’ll really go into glacier fooling one. Such an amazing formula. So useful clinically. They all are, but it deserves a lecture of its own. But all of these formulas have in common that they use Granger and fooling together.

And so they all have something in common and that’s transforming fluids and treating upsurge. Okay.

So here in my own words, since Granger is pungent and warm, it moves from inside towards the exterior. So punching flavor goes up and out in the body. We can see that a pattern that uses great jurors. One in which this function has not occurred. Glacier keeps the incoming young on the inside. So we’ve got young, that’s floating out, going upward, flushing up pathologically.

And when we take wager the new young that’s coming in is kept inside. And when it’s combined with Hulu and we can see that this as fluid accumulation due to failure of the young to steam, that yin upwards. And so the yen sinks into. Instead by giving glacier and pooling we’re reestablishing the warming upward and outward from within, in order to turn the pathological fluids into the life.

Giving steam. Okay.

Okay, so fooling is bland and it’s chalky. It means it’s a percolating earth. That means that actually strengthens earth, w if you’ve ever worked in a garden, like having really good soil rather than sand or clay means that the soil absorbs water and it drains really well. So we have a farm here and as working on our farm, we want this soil to be really good.

Absorptive. Soil because it holds water and it percolates watering. It helps drain water at the same time. So fooling really works that way in the body, increasing the absorptive capacity of the spleen so that it drains better. So this formula, which is a. The willing son is got a really high dose of fooling.

And actually it’s got a high dose of too much. Yeah. Also, so treats water causing Polis in the Abbey, gastric, just an art area. So in the water is really severe. You might even have pulsations as the water restricts the movement of the main artery. I’m also vomiting and retching dizziness, palpitations, inhibited, urine.


So here’s a picture of our union symbol that I love so much. And we can see that the young is actually going down on the right. No, my hand is going down on my right, which looks like your left, but just imagine the union symbol that, that orange side is the fire that’s going down and the inside is going up, and this is what we would call young and right.

Relations. So in the, oh no, this slide has an animation. I hope that works here. Yeah. So in the pathology, the young is actually going up. It’s not rooting underneath the yen. And then what happens is there’s this accumulation of fluids. The youngest, not underneath the yen in order to transform it.

So gets swampy in the lower body and swampy in the middle,

and it can be swampy in the upper warmer. So different formulas that include quite you’re improving are going to treat water in different places.

So looking at willing son, when you combine this combination of plagiarism, pooling with Xhosa, jeweling and bite you, then you’re really working on water that has sunk down mostly into the lower body. To the extent that let’s say. There is thirst. And so when we give wager, we’re bringing that young back into right relationship and it steams that upward like that.

So the pathological fluid becomes this physiological mist. It spreads in the body. And with this formula, a key symptom for this formula. Thirst. And the reason why it’s thirst is because when that water is pooling down below, it’s failing to steam upward into the stomach and moisten the tongue. So it’s all puddled downward and not.

Physiologically moistening upward. So thirst is really a key symptom and it’s a bit hard to understand, isn’t it? Like you have all this pathological water. Why is the person thirsty? And it’s because it’s sunk down into the lower body. So when the wager comes in with the fooling, it brings that young into yen.

That’s being now absorbed into the body, steaming that upward all the way to the total. And you’re also able to pee out pathological. Okay.

So if we look at a formula here where we have more great. Like a really strong dose in Williamson. The glacier is actually quite low. We’ll look at the ingredients in a moment, but in this formula language, Yukon, tongue wager is a lot more and there’s a bunch of fooling and then it’s combined with guns and bite you.

Now, if we remember from last time that flushing up of grader can really affect the heart. And This formula language you gone, tongue is for water. That’s more in the middle warmer. We can see that with the gun sound bite. You instead of Xhosa Ling, so more in the middle warmer. So I put the cloud in the middle, but also the flushing up is going to really easily affect the upper body.

So there’ll be flushing up, not just a beyond, but a flu. They’re going to, that young that’s out of right relationship is going to act on the pathological fluids and make that flush up. So you get upper warmer symptoms of even more pulsations, palpitations, dizziness, nausea. Meniere’s syndrome.

This formula can be really good for many years syndrome, if there’s this water pathology. So that’s the picture of how that language you’re going to tongue works.

Young comes back into right relationship, and now let’s see.

There we go. So the water disappears and instead there’s that life-giving steam instead. Okay.

And of course it enables normal urination.

Okay. So now if we take out that bite, you and we add Shung Jong instead. Now, what does shone John do so good dose of Schunk Jong with great germ pooling. So we still have flushing up. We have flushing up a pathological fluids, but now we take out the bite you in. Sean, John. And really what this is for flushing up.

That’s really effecting the stomach. Showing John is really a stomach herb and it it kind of warms and steams fluids that are inside the stomach. So this formula is going to be more for vomiting up fluids, coughing, or vomiting up fluids. And it’s actually a much more Physical formula where the very physical in terms of affecting those stomach, particularly where as the language you’ve gotten, Tom by Jew is a deeper herb and a more dense, urban, a slower herbs, it’s what I mean by slower is that dog acts very rapidly to just evaporate the fluids in the stomach.

But I do works in a slower way and in a more it’s a denser verb. So it works in a more physical way. I, and I, that’s not exactly what I mean, a physical way that affects the psyche and more internal Functions in the body. So things like dizziness and spirit disorders where the water flushes up and affects the Shen.

So even like panic attacks for the language going Tong, whereas this formula would just fooling guys out on these worms as much more about just vomiting and you’ll be vomiting, fluids.

So great. Jeremy will bring that young right back into right relationship. And then there’s that nice standing up and warmth. And then the natural movement of the stomach can be restored, which is to go down. The stomach is meant to go down.

So here’s, we’re going to go back over each of these. Here’s the rulings. So you can see that the that the wager is actually small compared to the herbs for water. And really what this means is that the flushing up symptoms on so much, when you look at formulas this way you can see from the dosages in the way that they’re combined.

What the pathology is going to be, that there’s not as much flushing up of water at the same time. There’s pooling up a water and it’s sinking lower in the body. Okay. Slide.

So again, here, because the fluids are sinking down. You are thirsty and not often, this is called mouth thirst because your mouth is dry. But since there’s a lot of fluid there, they, you often don’t want to drink a lot. You want to sip and moist in your mouth. And even if there’s a lot of fluids that drinking could.

Cause if you guys are water, it could cause upstairs. And it could cause vomiting. And the key signs for Wilmington is also a floating posts. And that’s because the young has so left the year and there’s this separation of young Indian, up here, it’s dry and down below it’s wet. So we think of where the pulse is as where the young are, where the life force is floating up in the book.

Often, what I find is that in the Guan and triple says, it’s wiring. Why are you? It’s really a water poles because the water. Constricts the flow of the life force. And then there’s abnormal urination. Cause there’s a cooling up of water down below, and that could be frequent urination in continents or inhibited your nation where there’s a stopping and starting.

And I really suggest you ask your patients about this. So a lot of times, so you ask like, how’s your urination and they’ll say, oh fine. And. It’s normal. It’s normal for me, but if you ask a little bit more deeply, do you ever sit down and you’d have to wait a little while before you be, or it stops and starts?

A lot of people will say, oh yeah, a lot of men will say, oh yeah, it’s just my prostate. And and that you want to take that as that means there’s water stagnation down in the lower body. So all of these things that urination can be Abnormal urination as well. So the agitation is because up here in the upper body is dry and that dryness and warps agitate the heart.

There may be vomiting. There might even be a slight fever, richness, and even sweating with that feverish madness. So the young is leaving the yen. The yen is staying in play in non distribution of fluids. Okay.

So here we have a picture of the pot biology. You can see the young is leaving. And so there’s dryness, especially above the heat could be agitating. It’s going to be flushing up heat and there’s all this fluid that’s causing abnormal urination. So I have that, that lower dry there, because it’s very common with a willing sun pattern to actually have dry constipation because the fluids are leaving and cooling up, leaving the intestine dry.

And what I do in clinic is if there’s this pattern of water with a dry stool, Then I really increase the Baidu by about three times the normal nine grams, because Baidu is really excellent for helping water go backwards, supposed to go, getting water out of the earth, into the large intestine.

So we don’t necessarily know you think of bite. You he’s been more as a diarrhea or however, it’s good for diarrhea for the same reason, because it helps water go where it’s supposed to go. So it’s an excellent constipation or been John dome. Jamie even talks about that. So that’s why I have that lower dry there.

Cause it’s not always just in the. That you feel the dryness, it can also be in the margin testing. Okay.

Okay. Now we’re going to look at the language you’re going to talk, and this is more, we don’t have so shell, we don’t have jeweling. So that tells us that it’s more in the, it’s not as much in the lower warmer we have Baidu and Gunza instead. So it’s more related to the middle of. And so you have the flushing up and we have a lot more water.

And actually the dose of wager and fooling are relatively high compared to wooing sun. So there’s lots of water and lots of flushing up. So compared to Wilmington, flushing up is a really important symptom for language event. So let’s take a look at. Physiology of it. You bring wage or back inside with fooling and bite you, and it just transforms those fluids and young gets in right relationship, so we really want to think of Granger as an urban gets young back inside where it’s meant to be.

And when it’s combined with fooling, it gets it back inside. So it can transform both.

And of course functional urination.

And you can see the happy days because now that upsurge is going down just a little side on how to diagnose the water. What you’re really going to be looking for is water sounds in the abdomen. This might be subjective for the patient, but you can also put your hand on the person’s belly, especially around their stomach, middle warmer, and stretch it and tap on it and see if you hear sloshing water sounds.

So that’s looking for water slashing sounds in the back. But again, the tongue could be really wet, possibly a thicker white coating, but more often a watery slippery coding or this formula and the pulses will be wiring for this. And if it’s cold or they could be also Tight, but definitely wiring because there’s this fluid accumulation and, Leo do, Joe says that the wiring pulse is the fluid accumulation pulse.

And when we think of the winery pulse, we usually think of liver cheese, stagnation or something, but here. It may also be submerged because the water is submerging the life force, but it’s also constraining it. So the wiring POS is really just saying the lifeforce is constrained in some way. It may be constrained by blocked emotions.

It may be constrained by really tight muscles, but it could also be constrained by fluids. So we want to think of the wiring pulses, also a pulse we can explain by the accumulation. Fluids in the body. Okay.

So inside this formula is the formula

which is a teeny tiny formula. Which includes teeny tiny for me means that it only has two. Of course, if it only has one or it’s teensy tiny, which is one or teeny tiny is two herbs and tiny is three herbs, just so you know, my nomenclature, but this is a teeny tiny formula wager and gun cell. And the Grainger’s in a two to one ratio with gone south and this nourishes and warms the heart and treats palpitations.

So the fact that this formula is inside language, tells you that. We’re really at the same time, bringing. Physiological nourishment back to the heart, so instead of the heart being flooded with water surging up on it, it’s being nourished by this warm nourishment with wager and gone sell.

And also, I just want to mention something. I said that this formula language you got is really good for panic attacks and. And part of what happens is, the life force is warm. And really, if you think about the fact that when we’re dead, we’re cold, then the idea of cold is the opposite of life.

And so when we have water in our body, that’s pathological water, meaning it’s not water, that’s infused with warm it’s cold water. And that starts encroaching on our heart. It can feel like death is encroaching on the heart. We associate cold with dead. Then this cold water is coming up into this space of the Shen the space of the heart.

And it can feel like death. And that’s why a lot of panic attacks are feeling. That you’re going to die. Like you’re driving down the highway, you get scared, you think something terrible is going to happen. Even though everything is fine notes, this feeling of impending death. So not all panic attacks are due to water or a language you’ve gone.

Tongue pattern. There are other reasons why panic attacks can manage. Energetically in the body, but definitely water is one of them. And water often comes with this feeling of I want to die or I’m going to die. So just something to keep in mind.

Okay. Now I just want to compare the language Uganda Ugandan. , for me looking at these formulas as a younger herbalist, I would just get dizzy oh my God, they all have almost identical ingredients. Like how do I ever remember what the. Subtle differences are about. And so one thing to look at is, the herbs that are similar and then the herbs that them are different.

And we already did this looking at language. You’re going to talk including by June. How that kind of goes deeper into the body where Shung Jong is really about the stomach transforms fluids, rapid way inside the stomach. And so the fooling guns, her tongue is, by having Shandong, instead of bite you, it really treats the stomach.

But also look at the dosages. The fooling gods have taught me is a really small dose. And it’s used for a relatively light problem. It’s an excellent pediatric formula for vomiting in children. And also it’s used just lightly for a very short period of time. Had an episode of vomiting.

I can take Boolean guns. So Tom, where language you got to talk, we can see altogether, the dose is much higher and here we have this really high dose of pooling compared to, and fooling Gunsight tongue and a high dose of Granger. So it’s much more flushing up and where the fooling concept time is more for water in the stomach itself.


So the line for liquid you’ve on tongue, it says line 28. If after vomiting or purging there’s reversal fullness below the heart with cheese surging up into the chest, dizziness upon standing a deep, tight pulse. So again, it’s like submerge and it’s submerged by cold waters. Tight and the more cold it is, the more tight, the less cold, the more wirey the promotion of sweat will lead to move into the channels.

So this is not a pattern where you want to just give grades your tongue or my long tongue. And that, that will further deplete the young and the yen. Okay. Then the jink way, it repeats the. Same idea of language of on Tom

and there’s a picture of the four ingredients.

So here’s the middle warmer and it’s all wet.

And there’s this flushing up into. The heart caused vomiting and retching palpitations, chest depression. I’ve used this for people who have been diagnosed with CLPD or have really bad breathing problems that are due to water stagnation in the middle chronic cough.

And it can go into the head. Dizziness, blocked, nose rhinitis impaired sense of taste. You’ve got this water coming up. Meniere’s syndrome, plum pitchy. Headaches hypertension, even epilepsy, I can really block the channels. Benton is this running piglet, which is often like a panic attack and acid regurgitation, making the stomach go up.

But it can also those fluids in the middle can cause constipation. And again, you’d want to really increase the Baidu. If it’s causing constipation, if it’s diarrhea you probably want to use child by June, the stir fry find you, but that water can even cause a Minnery I’ve seen it cause amenorrhea and language you got Anton can.

By clearing the water, it can help to clear the water in the womb. And often I use it in combination with other, I know we’re going going beyond our time, but I’ll just finish. Okay. So here are just some things where it can affect the language you can. Tongue pattern can cause these different kinds of symptoms in the box.

It can not the cheese, so it can, cause if it’s in the middle of warmer, it can make you feel distended and, full in your epi, gastric region or in your bowels.

Okay. I think we’ve gone over that email. So we’ll just go through this, the fooling concept more in the middle warmer. And. Here for the fooling concept, talking again, just comparing these because they’re so much alike. This is a pattern of stomach, young deficiency with water stopping in the epigastric area.

It can cause epic gastric palpitations. This method warms the stomach and scatters water. This is why the dosage of Schengen must be relatively large. Lots of formulas. We see just a little in here. It’s relatively large because we are transforming fluids in this. Combining this with cooling and wager assist the function of opening the yarn transformation of the G.

And I would add the down bearing of the stomach.

So thank you. I really I love talking about classic formulas and how they work. And so it’s really nice that the American Acupuncture Council has given me this opportunity. And I want to also, if you’re interested in more educational opportunities, the white pine circle is an incredible. Get all kinds of amazing teachings along this line.

If it resonates with you to think about herbs and formulas this way. So you can go to white pine circle.org. And and I also teach it to your program called the graduate mentorship program, where we go through everything having to do with diagnosis and herbal formulas over a two-year period with a lot of close contact with.

So anyway thank you again to the American Acupuncture Council, and I will see you next month.