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Using Ma Huang in Formulas



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Hi, I’m Sharon Weizenbaum from the White Pine institute and the White Pine Circle. And I appreciate the American acupuncture council for having me here today. The topic of the lecture today is how to use Ma Huang safely. So I hope this is interesting to you all. So go to our first slide.

Okay. So we’re going to be looking at using Ma Huang safely in relation to some formulas and what Ma Huang does in these formulas and how it’s used differently. So we can get an idea of which formulas are really strong and bring out certain characteristics of my Hong and Richard are actually quite gentle, even though they have.

Ma Huang in them. So we’re going to be looking at first, this idea of cold damage, Ty, on Shanghai gone. So that’s on the surface of the body, this damage from cold, which is the quintessential pattern for which we give Ma Huang. And I’m going to be, I’m telling you more about how I see the use of mobile.

It’s a little bit different than, or my hometown a little bit different than the standard way of thinking about mom one time. So here are the symptoms that go along with the Mohan tongue pattern. Called damage, headache, fever, body, and back pain, joint pain, aversion to cold, lack of sweating, panting fullness of the chest.

And the pulse is tight and floating. So these are the symptoms that are listed in the Shanghai load for this pattern. And I’d like to just go over some of these with the idea. That the model long tongue pattern is a pattern in which the surface of the body is frozen shut. So just imagine that the surface of your body is frozen and therefore it’s.

So you can imagine if the surface of your body is frozen and shut, that you would be very cold. And with the Hong Kong pattern, this aversion to cold is really an extreme version of version. Like you cannot get warm no matter how many covers you put on. So you’re really cold, but at the same time, there’s this lack of sweating because the surface of the body is frozen clothes.

Now this panting that’s here is related to the fact that the surface of the body is completely closed down. The pores are not opening at all because they’re frozen shut. And it’s actually true that. For example, you got a bad burn over more than 60% of your body. You die of suffocation. So we actually breathe through the surface of our body quite a lot.

And so when the surface of your body is frozen closed, it’s difficult to breathe. So there’s. Panting. And the same is true of the fullness of the chest. It’s a deer lungs are not able to open and circulate. Now we’ll go back to the beginning, this a headache and body and back pain. This is a tie young pattern in the Tyrone channels.

Go up the back and onto the. And those are the channels that are frozen closed. So you feel really a lot of pain with a mom. One time pattern, you just feel so achy. It’s not a minor symptom, the way it would be with like a grade, your tongue pattern here, you just feel so achy. And the reason you have a fever is because all the time, the young and our body is going up and down.

So we’re always sweating a little bit, but we’re letting off body heat at the same time. And when we when the surface is frozen shut, that young comes to the surface of the body and accumulates. So you can get fever, it’s pathological heat. So it can’t keep us warm. In fact, we’re very cold so we can understand these signs and symptoms and that.

Holes is floating because the pathology and the life force is stuck up at the surface of the body. And it’s tight because it’s frozen, closed, floating can be in a certain position. Me that it’s, mostly in the term position, it can also mean in another position it’s towards the surface.

So usually with this pattern, that’s one position. Floating and tight. So if you have that image of the surface of the body being frozen closed, so imagine this is the frozen circle around your body. And so you feel all these symptoms, then you bring in my hometown. And so with montage, what we’re doing is bringing pungent warrants from inside the body.

We drink the herbs. Now we are punching warmth inside our body. And it goes up and out, punching in their bodies go, goes up and out. So we bring this pungent warmth into our body and it goes up and out and it melts the surface of the body. And therefore we swap. No. So then the sweat comes out.

And I sometimes ask my patients, do you feel, do you have a feeling like if only I could sweat, I would feel better. And usually a Moncton pattern is actually really good news because it’s so easy to treat. The person is so painfully uncomfortable and yet the herbs. So fast. And if the person, usually within 10, 20 minutes, they have a nice sweat and they feel such a sense of relief.

So anyway, so we have an idea about this cold damage that matches Mohan time. So now let’s look at as Mojang itself. And when we look at my home, we want to look at what it does in the body, but we also want to look. What’s the proportion of Mazatlan in the formula. Some formulas are long and have just a small amount of mamma.

Other formulas are short and have a big proportion of mama. What is the model and combined with that makes a really big difference in terms of the action of the Maha and what are the proportions of Maha to the other types of. And this will tell you the way and the extent to which you’re using mom’s characteristics.

Here’s my rooster out the window. Okay. So Maha Mo long is pungently and warmly stimulating upward on the surface of the body, up and out in a very warm way. Hung is also bitter and it’s bitterly descending an opening from the surface lung to the bladder. So we also have more long patterns where the surface gets frozen and it’s like putting your finger at the top of the straw and the water accumulates.

It can’t go down through the bladder. My hung is also hollow. And so it has this quality of opening through it too. So by opening the poor. You. You can then P I remember just a little story, anecdotal story that might help remember this. Like I said, I had a patient who had a urinary incontinence as a general rule, and she got a cold and it was a Mohan tongue pattern.

And her incontinence completely went away while she was sick. And she noticed that God, I’m coughing and sneezing, and I’m not. And it’s because those pores are closed and it holds that water in. Okay. So when we’re using Mont long, all the symptoms come from the pattern and they can vary a lot. So Mojang is very stimulating to the heart.

So it treats the opposite of that, where you feel fatigue and dog. With the Maha tongue pattern, you want to go to bed and just curl up and sleep. You’re so fatigued and doll. My Hong is warming to the surface, so it’s really good for cold and it’s opening to the surface. So it treats the panting and the lack of sweat it’s hollow and bitter.

So it opens the surface to the bladder to allow water, to descend. It also leads other. To the surface of the body. Okay. So here’s my hometown. So we look at this proportion of mob in a formula and we have three Leon or nine grams. And then we have six Leon of wager, six grams of Granger and 10 grams of shingles.

And then just a little bit of gun set with just three grams. So there’s the formula. So we see there’s a large proportion of third of the formula is . The other thing about mom on tongue is that it’s combined with great. So when you see mama combined with wager, this is going to be opening the surface and creating probably creating a sweat.

If it’s just a little bit of both, maybe not so much, but wager is like a potentiating or . So when you have more hung in a formula, as we’ll see, without wager, it’s not nearly so dispersed. To the surface of the body. So think of wager as potentiating model making it stronger. So the Afrikaan seed and the shadow Bansal Jamie says it’s sweet and warm, beneficially cold.

And with slight toxin, to me, the. The way that the shaman works in the montage is that while Mafong is making the the lungs and the surface of the body go up and out this we, and we’re losing liquid, right? It promotes this sweat. The sweetness brings in oyster for the lungs, and it also helps the lungs go down.

So we’re opening up the poor so that there’s breathing and then also descending the lungs. So rules, cough with reversal of the G, which is what’s happening. Then the chia is rising and getting stuck up about. So those are the primary things we want to notice there. And then 10 show you and says the seeds are more bitter than sweet.

So this gentleman, Sergeant hesitance was sweet, but also bitter, which is really why it is known to have this. Moving down. She said for the rising up of the cheek. So Shinran is in there really to help the lungs to send once they’re open. So if we’re looking at the lungs here at the top of the body, we have the rising on the left and the descending on the right.

She ran works here on the right, helping the lungs descend. And if you’ve watched my previous Videos you’ll know about this circle. So mama tongue is the quintessential model and formula it’s potentiated by Granger and it has little else to really control it. So it has this frozen exterior mama goes up and out and it’s also bitter.

So it helps descend with the Xing run. And then it dissolves the frozen. Okay. So now we’re going to look at another formula. And so maybe now you’ll notice in this formula though, there’s a lot of long proportionally given the amount of sure go. It’s actually quite a bit less than in my hometown. In addition, not only is it not potentiated by wager.

It’s also got the shirt go to balance it out. So if you think about what Shergill does, if mom’s long excites the heart and stimulates, sure go columns agitation. If mom goes up and out in order to help produce a sweat. Sure. Go. Opens up the young Ming to relieve and stops waiting. We know in, by Hutong, big sweat is one of the symptoms of

So we can see that shirk out really counteract some of the negative effects of ma Xing shotgun tongue. It’s also sometimes called mushing gunshot tongue, or

And so this is an amazing formula. I just love this formula. And so I want you to see how this formula is safe. You know what, with mom one time, not only are we worried. Someone is getting insomnia and having palpitations because it’s so exciting, but also we’re worried about their pores opening too much.

And them losing a lot of young through their pores and a lot of yen through the sweat, so there are a lot of cautions and contraindications for Mohan. However mushing. Sure. Gone Tonya is quite different. And in my experience, it doesn’t induce a sweat at all. And this formula is one reason.

I really love it. When you have some over and over again, great results with it and you feel just when to give it and you feel like you have a super power. And so I feel that way with mushing shirt on. So in this formula it’s really for when the surface was frozen and it really has just dropped into your lungs, not in a way that you’re getting better.

Like sometimes when you have a cold, as you’re getting better, you get a cough, but you feel actually not as bad as you did in the beginning. This is that feeling of. Oh, no, my condition’s gone south. I’m getting worse. It’s dropped into my chest. Really. This is going to turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

Just draw that feeling of dropping in. And you’ll have patients where, when they get a cold, it always does that. The beginning, it’s just a cold and then they’re, oh, no, dropped into my chest. I’m going to be in this for awhile. I’m getting worse. And. And this formula mushing turn on time.

It’s, just some opening the exterior, but really opening the downward movement of the lungs and preventing them from getting hot. For me, the shirt gal is not necessarily such a cooling or it does have a cooling effect, but that’s because of. Is pungent and it opens up the downward movement of the young men.

So if you were in a room and all the windows were closed in getting hotter and hotter, and then you’re just shitting all over the place because it’s getting hotter and hotter, it’s like opening the windows and it sure gal has the quality of going down, not from being bitter, but from the slivers actually being vertical.

Slivers of the stone. It’s also sweet. So the it helps to moisten the lungs back up when they’d gotten hot. So it’s just a beautiful formula when you take it. And it’s the right formula. Again, the result is almost instant, like whenever you have an acute issue and you get the formula, it, the results are usually really fast compared to working with a chronic issue.

But so you can see that the fear, like I’ve taken mushing shirt on Tom before and with long time. Oh my God. The littlest bit. And I would get palpitations because I’m so not a mop on Tom type of person. I don’t get mop on them. Tongue types of issues, but with mushing shirt on Tom, never a problem. I think a lot of people are really afraid to use mom long at all.

Oh, I can’t give somebody a formula, but what I’d like you to see is like all mom formulas are not the same. So here we have mashing shirt on top. The right solution is floating and slippery because of that heat and the young Ming and the sweating means that the lungs are blocked. And so here we have the and there’s this block in the young, main preventing the lungs from going down and it’s getting hot and you give the white tiger, which is sure.

Go and it clears that okay, the next formula I want to look at and I put the clauses here for you, but I’m not going to read them. And if you can look at this and see, okay, how strong is this in terms of opening up the surface of the body? Inducing a sweat and you can probably see, wow, this is really strong.

So it has Mojang at six Leon or 18 grounds and wager to potential. So dodging long-term is a formula. That’s going to strongly open up the exterior of the body. It’s going to create a sweat. You have to be careful with this formula. Now it also has sure go, but it’s got relatively less usher gal and a lot more of mom long.

So this is a formula to be careful with. Now we also have in this formula, the the. Three Musketeers. John Datta. And we have gone so in my hometown, but here, we also have shown John and dad’s house. And that’s super important for this formula because not only are you inducing a sweat and getting rid of young that way, you’re also giving sure go, that’s very cooling and you have to replace.

Those that fluid and warmth it from the stomach. So Sean, John, with that though, it starts this cooking process in the stomach of bringing in more fluids, especially with gun sale. So we can see in this formula, I would love for people to be able to now look at formulas and see how strong is this formula going to be.

No. So this is a really strong open. The exterior melt, the exterior formula. And it’s like mom, Hong Kong, except not only is the surface still blocked, but there’s starting to be a lot of heat developing now in the mushing shirt on Tom, those surfaces just barely blocked. And so it’s much more that the heat is developing.

So here we have a comparison of the dodging lone tongue versus the mushing shirt on Tom.

So mashing. Sure. Gone has no Granger or Sean, John. So it’s not for water. This young John is in there for water and it’s not so diaphoretic. And the Xing ran is high in mushing shirt, Anton drains. It’s more for the lungs. So it’s much more of a young men formula mashing shirt on tongue and less for Taya compared to dodging.

So here in dodging London, lots of Granger with lots of Mohan, also shown Jong is going to be pungent and warm. So diaphoretic, the Chung drawn means there’s water. So this, there can be water swelling, especially like in the joints with touching long tongue, much more. Taitung less young men. So dodging low tongue.

We have. It’s very cool. With some heat starting to develop, and we give the blue green dragon, which is Mont long and Granger, and we give the white tiger and we melt the cold and also clear that he, while replenishing the fluids from the middle, the fluids and the warm from the middle. The pulse is same as shouting, long time.

And it’s, but it’s slippery in the right Guan because of the heat could go all the way up to the right.

So dodging lumatone indications. It disperses that coal that’s on the surface of the body and also water on the exterior, like swelling in the joints. There’s no sweating with this pattern or mushing shirt on. You might have sweating. You might not have sweating, but it’s not a big part of the pattern.

You will have pain with the dodging one-time pattern. You will have heat. And also vexation, you’ll feel agitated.

So we look at the doses of Baden comparing dodging long tongue with Mohan time.

My hometown is pure Ty young dodging, long tongue is mostly Italian and going into younger. So at our final formula, hopefully well-trained by now you look and say, wow, there’s a lot of my one. There’s also a lot of sure gal. And so then we also see there’s quite a bit of Shung John.

So this formula has no Quaker. Really inducing a sweat. It’s more just opening the pores and warming the surface of the body and cooling heat in the Shung. John tells us that it’s for water and this is called wind water. And with this formula, you get swelling and pain in the body and sometimes swollen joints that get very hot as well.

Same in the . But here, the surface is not so cold. There’s a formula family of the maid servant w way formulas where you can add a bite, you, if there’s more dampness and a thicker coating on the tongue, you can add on Shaw, if there’s vomiting and then there’s a formula. That’s a very small doses called wager R UAB E.

Two times grade your tongue with one part two parts, grades, your tongue, and one part UAV. But the main point I wanted to make here for this lecture about using Mojang safely is that this is the main servants of your way are known for their consideration and gentleness. And we can know that Mojang with sure gal without wager is very gentle.

So you don’t have to be worried here about agitating, somebody or creating too much of a sweat when you have this sure. Gout without the wager, just like in marching shirt on. So this is basically saying what I just said. Okay. So would the UAB tongue, the surfaces lightly closed? And it’s made there be water swelling, and actually it’s the combination of the Gonzo.

And the mama also treats the water swelling, and then it also starts to get hot because it’s not moving once that blocked surface starts to get hot. And we say, oh, it’s moving into young name. And so you get not only water swelling, but it starts to. Red and the water swelling is painful and we’re also, you can see where replenishing the fluids from the fluids and the young from the inside.

So we add the blue, green dragon mama shown tongue and the white tiger. And. It opens things up and clears the heat. So the water swelling goes away and the heat is clear to the person is comfortable. Again, an amazing formula when it’s given at the right moment. Okay. So thank you. Just to end with a few little farm pictures.

We had three pregnant goats and every one of them had triplets. This is a couple of. And so now we have nine baby goats. So that’s Elm and Jasmine with their babies. And that’s my daughter, the farmer with our puppy that was born New Year’s Eve here. Okay. Thank you very much, everybody.