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3 Success Factors For Every Acupuncture Clinic


Are you happy with the amount of new patients you have coming in? And the other question is where are you going? Do you have a plan? Do you have a strategy? Do you have a way of knowing that if you do X, you will receive X number of new patients coming in and what are your roadblocks?

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Hi folks, Jeffrey Grossman here. And thank you AAC for writing you back for another installment of sharing insights and knowledge and wisdom about growing your practice and marketing. So before I go further, I want to ask you three questions and these are important questions that I asked all of my coaching clients and the questions.

Where are you currently in your practice? Are you happy with. Development. Are you happy with its growth? Are you happy with the amount of new patients you have coming in? And the other question is where are you going? Do you have a plan? Do you have a strategy? Do you have a way of knowing that if you do X, you will receive X number of new patients coming in and what are your roadblocks?

What is. Keeping you from going out there and growing your practice and marketing, or doing social media or doing health fairs and things of that nature. So those are just three questions that I would love to just put out there and have you comment below if you’d like, and just to keep in the back of your mind as we go through today’s presentation.

Right now you have expertise that the world needs right now, probably more than ever. People are suffering. They’re looking for what you have to offer, but most likely they don’t really know what you have to offer. And I’m sure you would agree that most patients understand that acupuncture is really great with pain because that’s what it’s most widely known for.

But what about everything else? Like immune support and allergies and improving sleep and increasing chances of making babies and families. Many people are looking for these solutions, but they don’t even know that you can be that go to practitioner for them to help them get what they’re looking for.

So how do you make more people aware of you and all the things that you can help with? Part of this challenge is that you need to put on your business hat and get out there and do the work of marketing your practice. And that’s what I’ve been sharing all these weeks on AAC, these tools, these tips, these different ways to grow and build your practice.

My name is Jeffrey Grossman, and I am the founder and owner of acupuncture, media works and Accu perfect websites and Accu downloads. So I’ve been in this world of marketing and business development since 2002. So quite some time. So before we get into this marketing aspect, you need to know that your practice.

That your business needs to be rooted in a solid foundation of proper messages. Business modeling service offerings, pricing fees, and systems. And when you have all of these things in place, you’ll stand out from the friendly neighborhood competition and position yourself as the go-to acupuncturist in your community.

So today we are going to talk about three critical success factors that are really important for every acupuncture clinic that creates a solid foundation to grow your. So the three critical success factors are clarity, which is who you are, what you offer and why you’re different focus, which is who you serve.

What problems do you solve and decisions, which is marketing tools and how you find prospects and how you set up systems in your practice. Okay. So the first one is clarity and clarity is all about getting really clear on you and your practice and how you stand out. And this is the biggest thing that I find when I work with my coaching clients is they’re not really clear on who they are and what makes them different, because most of acupuncture’s I’m an acupuncturist because I can treat all these different conditions under the sun and help out all these different people with all these different problems.

That’s great, but there’s, there, there needs to be more defining of the clarity of your messaging in that way. So you’ve got to ask yourself two questions in order to help clarify this message. Who are you like? So who are you as an acupuncturist? What do you do? What makes you different? Why should people choose you over the practitioner down the street?

What do you offer? What is the transformation that you can affect to happen with people that seek you out for their care by what? How would their life look differently after they see you? Then before they saw you. So what can they do now after the treatment plan and after their protocols with you, they weren’t able to do in the past and why you’re different?

What makes you different from the next practitioner down the street? Good. Cause last time I looked at there’s a lot of acupuncturists all over the country, especially in concentrated in places like New York and LA and Florida and see. And most acupuncturists are just out there saying, Hey, I’m an acupuncturist.

And I serve all these different people and all these different conditions and that’s fine. But when you get clear on who you are, right? And I’m not saying who you are with regards to my name’s Jeffrey and I’m owning these businesses, but who are you in regards to a practitioner? Meaning what is unique about.

And your offer and the transformation that only you can offer the people that seek you out. Okay. If you have any concerns on not really sure what, you feel free to reach out to me, feel free to comment on this video. And I would be more than happy to help clarify this aspect for you. Okay.

The next aspect on the three different success factors is for. Getting laser-focused on exactly who you serve and exactly the problems that only view solve. Okay. So what’s unique about you. What’s different about you that can resonate with your clients. Do you perform gentle needling techniques that, that, that are pain-free?

Do you just offer techniques that are that are, that, that are Japanese type of needles that don’t even penetrate the skin? Do you offer a special type of cupping or guash Shaw or TuiNa? That is really. Unique about you. So one of the things that I have my clients do is to make a list of all of the things that you do that.

And then we pick out the things that are really incredibly unique about you, and that helps position. You helps you stand out differently from the next practitioner down the street. Okay. And part of really understanding what this is. Finding out what resonates with your clients. Okay. And the only way to really understand what resonates with your clients is to really dive deep into exactly who you serve and exactly the type of problems that you solve.

So for instance, if somebody is coming in for infertility issues, what’s their problem, what do they want to have resolved or affected in their life that will make their life transfer? They want to be more fertile. They want to be able to hold a pregnancy to term. They want to have a family and a child.

That is going to be a different conversation than let’s say somebody who comes in big, because they’re training for the next triathlon. And they they have, they want to either just get stronger. They want to prevent injuries. That is going to be a different set of conversations and communications that you have with that.

Sports minded person versus that family, fertility minded person. So really getting clear around who exactly you’re serving in your practice. And I know a lot of practitioners are like I treat everybody. I am just a general practitioner, which is true and which is fine, but there needs to be something that makes you stand out differently than the next practitioner down the street.

Something that’s unique about you. And in order to do that, you’ve got to figure out what problems do you solve. So that goes into the what’s in it for me. So what’s in it for your patients in that respect. So your patients are coming to you because they want to have a family, right? They want to have babies.

So they want to know what’s in it for them. You’re going to provide fertility treatments to support them so they can come to term with their babies. Okay. They somebody who’s coming into you for sports support or sports medicine, they want to do have their ankles and their legs stronger. So they can perform better at their next race where they can win medals or whatever it is that they want.

So when you get clear and you get focused on who you serve and the problems that you self. You are moving closer to tapping into these critical success factors that only you offer that’s different than your competition. And then the next part of this is making decisions. And that means what types of marketing tools will you be using?

Where will you be searching to find your best prospects and your new patients, and how will you build up a following? With your offerings. Okay. So you need a deep understanding first of what your patients want, what they need, what they value. And from that, you can develop content that addresses those problems or those challenges that, keep them up at night, so to speak.

So for instance, if you are embarking upon doing social media marketing, or even email marketing for your clientele and they are looking for. Create a family, your social media strategy. We’ll be doing. It will look different. The branding will be different than somebody who is trying to win their next race.

You’re going to have different strategies, different images, different things that will, that you’ll be using for your. For your marketing plan in order to keep it moving forward. So you’ll have images of babies and families and maybe soft colors. If you’re looking for fertility patients, whereas if you’re looking for sports medicine, you’ll have people running or.

Track or I don’t know what, but there’s but there are different strategies that you need to make decisions on with your marketing tools on which, and what you should use. Okay. So you’ve got to ask yourself, when you start with your marketing, you have to make sure that it’s valuable, right?

And that your marketing ads of value. Before you money exchanges hands before people schedule their first treatment with you. It’s got to be valuable for them where they look at this and they’re like, oh, that looks interesting. I need to seek that out and check that out. Couple of things to think about is your marketing and the information that you’re providing them.

Is it leaving them better off than they were when they first saw, are you offering something that they actually want or need, are you offering and teaching and giving them actionable things to make their life better? So let’s say you are talking about fertility. We’re just going to go with the fertility in sports, because that’s where we started with.

And maybe you can talk about. Recipes and social media that enhanced fertility, maybe if you’re talking about sports, you can talk about different ways to stretch or different types of techniques to support shin splints or something like that. So different conversation, different prospect, different people that you’re working with.

Because your marketing needs to be hyper relevant to what their problem is or their pain or their concern is. And it needs to motivate your audience to take action. All right. And one of the biggest things that I noticed when I worked with my clients is that when they do any type of marketing, they miss one very important piece of that marketing, which is calls to action.

So when you do any type of marketing or when you do any talk or when you do any health fair or at any networking event, it’s really. For you to have calls to action. Now what those are different ways to motivate a prospect to literally step foot into your practice. So for instance, if you have, if you’re in the sports medicine field and you are at a a running event, Do you think would be a motivational tool or a motivational something that will motivate that person to take their first step to literally come into your practice?

Maybe you would offer them a sports acceleration assessment where you go through, certain points. So maybe Osher points and find out maybe where there are underlying balances that may be leading to potential future. Same thing with infertility. What type of call to action can you use to get families in, to.

To, to state, to step foot in your practice. So maybe you can offer like a seven point assessment on, to see how fertile people are or aren’t, maybe it’s a questionnaire that you offer them. And then at the bottom of that, you invite them into get an evaluation. Okay. So that’s the ultimate goal of any marketing that you do is to get people to take action.

Okay. So once. Got your success factors in place of clarity, focused and decisions. Where, how do you find new patients? Okay. So there’s different ways. There’s internal marketing, external marketing, online marketing. Okay. Those are the three different avenues that you should be participating in right now.

Internal marketing are using is patient education. It’s in-house of events. It’s having a reactivation, how to react to. Patient’s plan. It’s getting testimonials, it’s offering a referral jive it’s things that you do inside the clinic to motivate referrals and to motivate a deeper awareness around what you do and how you offer this medicine.

External marketing relates to content like social media videos, newsletters, blog posts, webinars, and tele-health. These are all aspects that will help you. Maintain and obtain focus on growing your practice. And then you’ve got online marketing, which is making sure that you’ve got your website dialed in correctly because all leads all in.

Goes to your website first. So if your website isn’t focused on what we talked about earlier clarity so if I go to your website and I’m not clear on what you offer. If I can not get your website, it’s not like clear that oh, Jeffrey offers sports medicine or Jeffrey offers fertility treatments that needs to change because you only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention before they before you lose them.

So you all leave. Point to your website and it’s really important. So another thing to have is, Google plus and Google, my business is to be set up, need to have emails on your website to capture leads and paid ads are really helps. Helpful. Okay. In conclusion without clarity and focus and decisions, your strategy is always changing your tactics.

Your tactics will become scattered. There’ll become exhausting for you and your results will become inconsistent and you’ll lose motivation and interest in the idea of marketing and growing your practices. I was there. I hosted yoga, Merde and yoga classes back in the early days of my practice. And that was the way that I would attract people to come into, to visit me.

I would offer free community Meridian, yoga classes. And the first few times I did it, there was. The first three times I did it, there was zero people in the class, but I get it. Anyway. Fourth time I had two people in the class. Third, the fifth time I had five people in the class and then the six time and moving forward, I had upwards of eight to 10 people in the class.

And from that class alone, it really helped me to grow my practice directly and through referrals. Even though it was my, it was sub par with regards to my initial thoughts on marketing. I stuck with it. I became consistent and hammered it in and did it and stop and made it happen and it became successful.

So when you get clear about these three important success factors, the marketing that you do will be 100 times better, it’d be more focused and more productive. So who are you? What are you passionate about? What are your patients passionate about? What do they want to learn? What do they want to do? How do they want their life to look differently after they come see you?

These are questions to ask yourself. Okay. So finally, as you work through your business here’s some thoughts that I want to leave you with. Then these are three very important questions to be asking yourself, how do you stand out from the noise and get attention by what makes you different?

Okay. And who are your ideal prospects at patient? And who do you want to fill your clinic with? Who are your ideal patients that you just love? You see them on your schedule. You’re like you lighten up, you brighten up and it’s beautiful as opposed to the ones that you see in your schedule. And it’s oh, I can work through this.

It was, you don’t want. Clinic with those people. You want to fill your clinic with the people that raise your energy. So who are those ideal patients and how will you get in front of your ideal patients? Like where are they? Where’s their head at? What are they looking at every day in order to in order, social media, or are they reading books or are they on Instagram or Facebook?

So I want to remind you that you are never alone, that I am here for you. If you’ve got any questions and concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. You can reach me on Facebook or you reach me at You can reach me at and I. Your time. I appreciate you spending a few moments with me here today.

And again, thank you AAC for inviting me back yet to do another installment and share some insights and information. So join us this Friday, where Lorne Brown will come on and share some more insights and business tips with you. Thank you very much. Take care.