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Mastering Manifestation and Clearing Subconscious blocks


So I thought we would demystify the science behind mastery manifestation and clearing subconscious blocks. So let’s go into that process right now…

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I am so excited to be back. I’m hosting another talk for, To The Point. So thank you again to the AAC for inviting me to host these talks on practice management. My name is Lorne Brown. I’m a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. I have my practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s called Acu Balance Wellness Center.

And I’m also an author. I wrote the book missing the point, Why Acupuncturists Fail and What They Need to Know to Succeed. I pulled from my background as a CPA, and that was a past life of mine before I became a Chinese medicine practitioner and shared my clinical experience and business background with my colleagues in that book.

And I’m also the founder of. Healthy seminars, which offers online, continue education for acupuncturists. And I’m here today because I like to share, and I’ve been really focusing on conscious work in my practice in my personal life and in manifestation. So I thought today, our talk which does apply to practice management would be about mastery manifestation and clearing subconscious blocks.

Cause I think our attitude and our mind. Really can affect the outcomes we get in life and there is a science to it. So I thought we would demystify the science behind mastery manifestation and clearing subconscious blocks. So let’s go into that process right now and just look at some of the basic steps that we have here for mastery manifestation.

And what I’ll use first is just a quote from Gandhi where. He says your beliefs become your thoughts. And I’m sharing this quote to let you know that there is a a logical reason why your thoughts create your reality and the manifestation movement and a law of attraction. There’s this idea that your thoughts create your reality.

And so I thought we’d demystify that and put some logic and even science behind that. So in his quote, your beliefs become your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Then your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values and your values become your destiny.

So your destiny is what you manifest in your life. And if we work this backwards, your destiny comes from your habits. And your habits are what you do. The actions that you take on a daily basis, and your actions are always going to be congruent with your beliefs, which are your subconscious programs. And so rather than going to work on the outside world all the time and put that forward.

To try and change. Use matter to change a matter. That’s trying to work on the outside. If we want to change your reality, if you don’t like the way your reality is, then the key here based on this quote and in manifestation practice is to go work on your programs, go work on your beliefs because your beliefs in your programs are always going to be congruent with your actions and over time, your actions, if you do them over and over again, they become habits and these habits become your destiny and your.

So I want to share an example of one of my patients showing manifestation and action, and just to simplify this process, but to see how this can work and how simple this process is really is. So she came to me with her diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Her, she was experiencing her main symptoms that she was experiencing were fatigue, depression, and discomfort pain.

And so I used acupuncture to help induce that relaxation response and as well as some other inductions, I’m also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. I really love acupuncture and how it helps induce the brain into alpha brainwaves, I believe, or that nervous system it’s that parasympathetic nervous system.

So I do see more of a relaxed state and we had. Remember what it was like when she was healthy before she had fibromyalgia, before she had the diagnosis and she was able to relive in her mind while she was on the table, really re experiencing it as it was happening. Now, what it was like when she was healthy, what it felt like in her body, what our energy was like, what her mood was like.

And then I future paced her five years from today. And so it was five years from today’s date when she was on the table. And I had her imagine as if it was happening now and what would be different, how would she know that she’s healthy and well, and what would be different? And while she’s on the table, she forgotten about her fibromyalgia and she started sharing and truly living that experience of having comfort in her body now, and flexibility and energy and good mood.

And she would walk by in her mind. In front of a reflection of herself. And she noticed her posture was different. She actually commented how she changed her hairstyle. She noticed how she breathed differently and the way she walked her gait was differently. She paid attention to her inner dialogue and how awesome she felt.

And some curse words. She used to exemplify how happy she was that she’s healthy now and how she’s loving her life. And in glad for the life she has. She was able to hear in her mind. What other people were saying, how good she looked and how amazing she was doing. And she was able to physically get into her body.

She was able to experience that really imprint on the subconscious, what health was now. She comes back to my practice about 10 days after that treatment. And she shares how she. Feeling really sore. So my program of I’m a fraud. I’m not good enough first triggers, but just so you know what had happened is she had joined a gym.

So wasn’t that my treatment wasn’t working or I made things worse is that she had joined a gym. And because she just recently joined the gym and started exercising. Her muscles felt a little bit sore as it is when you start up at a gym and you haven’t been, or hadn’t been frozen. What’s interesting in this case and why I’m bringing this up for manifestation is two.

The first part is I never said that I never recommended or suggested for her to do exercise. We’re aware that exercise can help with depression. Exercise can help with some cases of fatigue. Exercise can help with fibromyalgia discomfort moving, achieve right movement as good for you. Exercise can be good for you, but I never asked or suggested that she’d do exercise to help with her fibromyalgia.

All we did is let her know in our subconscious what it’s like to be held. She went ahead and chose to do exercise. So that’s the first part is when you really program the subconscious, you don’t have to tell it always what to do. It will find these opportunities. Here’s the real kicker though. It’s really cause people like, so that’s not, so that’s not such a big deal.

People. Aren’t so excited about that part. I still think that part’s pretty cool, but the part that I think is more impressive is she walks by this gym that she joins every year. See she works from where she lives to where she works. It’s a good walk, a good 15 to 20 minute walk and on her walk that Jim is there.

And for the last three to four years, twice a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday, she would walk by that gym on the way to work and walk by that gym again, on the way home from work. After our session, when she walked by that gym, she had this inkling that I was. Going to that gym. And when she came home from work, when she was walking, she stopped in and joined the gym.

This is how the subconscious program works when the program is right, then the actions will follow easily necessarily without using force to try and change with discipline. It just comes from the program. Why? Because your behaviors and actions are always going to be congruent with your programs. So when she came to me, her identity was.

Victim’s sick. And so the subconscious one’s congruency. So it’s going to keep you in that state, but when she worked and she changed her subconscious programming and today’s talk is about how do you do that? When she changed her subconscious programming, her identity became to health and wellness. And now the subconscious is looking for those opportunities out there to match the program.

The conscious mind can only hold so much information. It’s like a small little computer, but the subconscious mind is like this super computer. And so these opportunities like the gym for this woman’s case was always there, but she was not able to see that opportunity because of where her mindset was set at.

For example, I’m sure many of you have shopped for a car in your history and was only once you decided on what kind of car you want. And the color and the make and model, all of a sudden, you start to notice that make and model, and probably even that color on the road more there’s no more of that make or model, but you just become tuned into it.

So that’s a little bit of an example of when things start to get onto your mindset, how important that is. And now you can see, it gets to percolate up into your consciousness. So here are the steps. So we’re going to review all these today. So there’s six steps to mastering. My mastery manifestation.

The first one’s quite embody in mind. I’m not going to go into any detail about that today. However, as acupunctures, you’re probably pretty good at helping people relax on your table and there’s other breathing and meditation techniques and hypnosis techniques, but acupuncture can be an excellent tool to induce that quiet body and mind.

And the breath I think is an amazing tool as well for that. Then there’s setting your attentions, which I call the GPS, setting your GPS, adding an emotional chart. Believing as if you already have. A key thing that I do in my practice is clearing those trans clearing and transforming subconscious limiting belief programs.

Basically you’re removing resistance. We would call this chief stagnation and Chinese medicine. Some people call it friction resistance. Self-sabotage you’re clearing these subconscious limiting beliefs and programs. And when you do that, when you have chief low. Then you have allowing receptivity and that’s when things start to happen.

And then we’ll talk about choose again, how you perfectly can choose what you want to create in your life, how you want to think about. So let’s start off with the first one or, sorry, number one is quieting the body and mind. So number two, the F of the steps. Oh, I want to share one other thing here. There is this is my way of saying it.

So many people have their steps in same manifestation. I have to say how Helene had Helene had cell. I think I’m saying her name correctly. I love the way she put it. She’s somebody that’s well-known for. Winning so many contests and prizes through the manifestation process. And she had a four step process.

She says, select it. That would be set your attention to mine. She says projected. So that would be for me adding the emotional charge. To it, then she says, expect it. That would be number four. Believe if you already have it. And then four would be collected, basically. That’s part of the allowing receptivity, what she doesn’t share in most people in the manifestation process.

I don’t see a lot of is how to clear those subconscious blocks. Cause we’re going to find out how that’s, what stopping a lot of us from achieving what we want. So step one is setting your GPS. Or step two is taking your GPS and you want to clearly set your intentions and your desires because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never going to get there.

And it’s pretty obvious if you think of it this way, if you wanted to go to a really good sushi restaurant and you wanted to have this specific type of role and you get into a cab and you tell the driver to take you to a good restaurant, That’s a pretty general, but fair request. But what’s the chances that the cab is going to take you to a sushi restaurant that has the type of role that you want because you were general.

So you want to set your GPS clearly, specifically, another example would be if I live in Vancouver, BC, if I told you that. I buried $10 million in Vancouver. I’m not sure how many of you would get in cars or planes to go to Vancouver to start looking for it. It’s quite large. You’d spend your lifetime and still, maybe never find it.

But if I start to narrow it down and say, it’s in this radius. Some of you may have an interest falls Creek can Vancouver, if I tell you that it’s on the street at 8, 8, 8 west eighth avenue, more of you would get in your car. And if I actually said it’s in front of my clinic, I’m at 8, 8, 8 west eights.

We’re in two eight. In front of the tree, then a lot of you would race there. So the key here is you need to be very specific in what you want, clearly set your intentions. And when you set your intentions for the subconscious understand, they suggest that it understands and positive language. So don’t state the name.

I don’t want to be tired is not staying positive. I have energy would be positive. You want to be specific and detailed first person. I present tense. If you stated in the future, then it’s, if it’s like the carrot dangling in front of the donkey or the horse, you never get it. And so that’s what the subconscious knows.

Just teasing you a little bit. So the key is the GPS here is set your destination. Now, remember, and notice when you set your GPS in your vehicle or on your phone, you don’t sit there and program, I’m going to turn left. I’m going to turn right. You don’t tell the vehicle or the GPS, how you’re going to get there.

Do you know you tell the GPS, the destiny, the end result, what you want as if you have it, and then you leave. To it, to help you with the how to going back to our fibromyalgia case, we didn’t tell her to exercise. That would be a, how to we set her destiny of what it was like to be healthy. And then surprisingly, that gym became obvious to her and she had the inspiration and desire to join that gym.

So the key here is set your GPS. You do not have to worry about the, how to the key here is just to dream in this state of what you would want as if you already have it. Step number three, that I. Amplified with emotions. This is part of what Helene said projected, right? And so you got to visualize it.

You got to see it, you got to feel it. Now motions are key. The emotions put the energy behind the intention. And so if you can’t bring up the strong emotions, then that’s a setting out of a, that’s like sending out a weak beacon into the ether. And so if you want that beacon to be loud and clear to draw back the manifesto, Now you’re looking for, you really want to practice that emotion of what it would feel like if you already have.

And the subconscious really understands more feelings and images. It doesn’t understand words so much. And so the emotions are the charge behind your attention. And this is key. What’s interesting is you will recognize. Feeling when the manifestation appears, because there’s really, yin-yang two things that are happening.

There are things in the pre manifestation world, things that are not existing yet, and things that are in the manifested world, right? Pre manifestation. So in the pre manifestation, while you’re setting your GPS and bringing your feelings, although it may not have happened. Hasn’t manifested.

You were able to bring up those feelings now as if it already has. So when it does appear in whatever shape or form it does, you will recognize it because you will already know what that feels like. So will be very obvious when that manifestation happens. Sometimes things don’t manifest in reality, the way you have imagined it, but the feeling does how it makes you feel.

Definitely gets activated. And that’s how you know that this is part of that manifestation process. Do you remember that your subconscious gives your form feeling? So you really want to pay attention to how you feel because feelings are key and consciousness really requires you to be aware, mindful of how you feel.

And when I think of self-love cause there’s a lot of in this consciousness movement about unconditional love and self-love, to me, self-love means you care about how you feel. And I think most of us are similar in the way that we want to feel happy. Most of us were looking for happiness. So do note that to feel a situation as hopeless and impossible.

Is to impress on the subconscious the idea of failure. So you really do want to clean up your thoughts and feelings. This is where the thoughts create your reality because you’re impressing upon your subconscious on a regular basis. And so be careful what you’re putting into your thought process and your feeling process.

Just like many of you are very careful on the foods you eat or the chemicals in your environment. So you don’t want your physically to be contaminated. You also want to be very. Aware of your thoughts and feelings and so pay attention to those and shift those thoughts and feelings. If they are negative.

Another step in the manifestation process is believe as if you already have it. Helene uses the word expected. See, she’s got simple words like her style. So really what we’re doing in this is you’re going to change from, I need to see it to believe that. Too. I will see it when I believe it.

This is the difference in perception and difference in consciousness rather than I need to see it in order to believe it. I will see it when I believe it. And this requires you to deny the evidence of the senses and appropriately appropriating the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the way to the realization of your desires.

So the step, the key here is to feel as if it’s already been fulfilled, actually allowing yourself to feel grateful that. When you’re doing this process and you’re in this trance state, you’re relaxed and you’re imagining you have it. Think of the woman that was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. When she was on the table, she was able to deny the existence of what reality was for that short time on our table.

And for a period of time, she was able to remember what it felt like when she was healthy or what it will be like in five. As if it was happening now, she was able to deny or dismiss her five senses and current reality and dream into another reality. And the subconscious cannot tell the difference between an inner and outer experience.

It can’t tell the difference between inner and outer reality. That’s why when you go to the movies, you can laugh and cry, even though you’re very aware, those are actors and actresses on the screen. You’re you go with it and you will laugh and cry because the subconscious. Can’t tell the difference. This is great because you can use this to your advantage to start to dream of the reality by setting your GPS and bringing in the feelings and believe in it, get it into a cellular level that this is really how.

Sometimes we get split energy and this can interfere with our programming or imprinting on our subconscious. And a lot of people think they’re doing manifestation work because they have their desire clear and they’re wining it. But they’re doubting. And so that doubt is interfering with your manifestation or they’re wanting it, but they’re not believing they can have it, or they don’t believe they deserve to have it from programming.

They’ve inherited when they were younger, they’re wanting it and resenting other people for having it. How many of you want to be wealthy and have abundance, but hate the 1%? How many of you want to be wealthy and abundant, but eight people with nice cars or nice suits or big jewelry on their head. So you’re wining it, but you’re resenting other people for it. That’s mixed messages to the subconscious. You’re wanting it, but you’re feeling without it. That’s a common thing coming from lack. So believing it is a practice. This is where it takes practice. You can set your GPS. Some people are pretty good at feeling it, but it’s the constant, it’s the regular practice of it.

Getting imprinted on your DNA, into your cellular level. And that’s when you know, you believe it because when you believe. You start to expect that you’re just can’t you don’t know where it’s going to come from or when, but you actually know this is happening. No. So going back to our steps to manifestation I’m calling it five earlier.

You’re not imagining I did say six. I just took it out for this slide, the quiet body and mind. Now I’m just realizing this now, as we, as I’m sharing this with you quieting body and mind is key to start this process. So this next step is what I call clear, transform subconscious limiting beliefs in practice.

Basically removing the resistance. So you can bring in the allowing and receptivity, and this is really key. And this is the, where I have my passion and my practice at . When I treat patients, I use a lot of I’m using acupuncture. Like all of you, a lot of you and herbal practices and laser therapy, low level laser therapy.

But I have a part of my practice where I do a lot of mind body work or what some people call it, energy psychology. I call it’s basically conscious work. And the biggest thing that I found for people wanting to achieve their desires, whether it’s relationships like love or abundance, money jobs health The thing that happens is these programs, subconscious programs get in the way they interfere with it.

And so my passion is using tools that I work with to help people remove or right over these programs to allow for more allowing and receptivity. So let’s talk about this, cause this is really important. And the reason this is important is you basically see the world through the lens of your subconscious programs and you did not choose your subconscious programming.

You inherited these, and it was impressed upon you by your caregivers. So you’ve come into this world already. With some programming that you inherited from your parents and they continue to impress on you unintentionally or intentionally these programs. And because of these programs that you have, and that you’ve been running since your child, you’re very impressionable as a child, your brainwaves, is there in that feta zone a lot, when you’re really young, that zero to eight years of age, you don’t have that strong prefrontal cortex formed.

So you’re a sponge. You’re taking things on. Dr. Daniel Siegel says at the beginning, the environment creates your mind. And then your mind creates your environment. Basically saying that your subconscious being imprinted by your environment, who your parents are. Who’s teaching you at school, where country you’re born.

In what culture, race, sex, you are, all that is imprinting upon you from zero to eight ish, maybe zero to 11 ish. And then after that, your mind creates your environment. Meaning you now have the see. Tinted through the lens of your subconscious programs. And so that’s how you perceive and see the world.

There’s even evidence. Now that 50% of your memory is made up because your conscious mind can only take up so many bits of information. And so your subconscious mind fills in the other 50%. And remember, it’s going to fill in that 50%, the memory based on your program. So sometimes. Filling in is in a very good feeling in of your memory.

Now you have these terrible memories or you have worse experiences of these memories because of the programs, how they’re filled in by the subconscious mind. So we’re very good at self-sabotage unintentionally self-sabotage in ourselves through the subconscious programs and beliefs and. Programs great resistance.

And they slowed down manifestation. And if you think about electricity on a wire, when you add resistance to the wire, the energy is diminished. There’s less energy flow. And this is a concept that’s obvious to us in Chinese medicine, that when we have chief stagnation, when there’s not free flow, Then we have pain and disease manifests, right?

So it’s that same idea when you have resistance or what we would call cheese stagnation. It slows down the flow of receptivity and allowing when it comes to manifestation. So we want to remove this resistance and acupuncture is one of the ways that we use it on the body, and energetically, and then there’s conscious work as well to get the mind and body really working together to remove.

Resistance. Let me give you an example of how we can unintentionally self-sabotage or styles. She’s a lawyer age 45 and she’s, this is from one of my colleagues case studies, by the way, it’s not mine, but I loved it. It was such a great story that I will want to share it with you guys. She’s 45.

She’s around she’s four. She’s had. Pause. Let me say that again. She’s 45. She’s a lawyer and she’s come because she wants to find love and have a healthy relationship with a man. She said that she’s aware that she intentionally and sometimes unintentionally sabotage our relationships, meaning that she finds guides and they always don’t end up well.

But sometimes she says, these are really good guys. And even though she knows, she shouldn’t say or do something like she shouldn’t push that button. She says she can’t even help herself. She does it anyway. And then there goes a relationship and she regrets later and she’s what’s wrong with me?

Why do I do this? And so in her session she comes to, she gets regressed to a memory when she’s four years old and she’s with her sister who was around seven and she has a single mom, I believe. And her mom says, girls. If you eat all your dinner, you can have these popsicles, which they were quite excited about.

And her sister who’s seven eats her food. Diligently, eats them quickly eats her meal quickly. And her mum rewards or with a Popsicle. She being four years old, daydreams a bit and eats not as fast as her sister. So she’s not done yet when her sister gets the Popsicle, but she being four years old being in that theta, brainwaves being really more in the moment, once the Popsicle now.

Demands it asked for it, wants it badly. And her mom’s sternly tired. A lot of us are tired and we don’t have the patience maybe that we would like to have and says no sternly uni eat your dinner before you get your Popsicle. And the four-year-old with her will pushes back. Mother gets upset. Four year old lawyer now, lawyer.

But back then for your hold has a little bit of a temper tantrum. Mum sends her to her bedroom without finishing your dinner and no Popsicle. What she realizes is she gives the meaning that her mum didn’t give her Popsicle, meaning that she loves her older sister more. Her mother does meaning that she, her mother doesn’t love her, meaning that she’s not loving.

Now what’s cool in this kind of work is she brought her 45 year old stuff to her four year old self. So she was able to see that all that happened is that she didn’t get a Popsicle. That’s all that happened. Everything that happens is neutral, and then we give it meaning. And so in this case, her mother to give her a Popsicle end of story.

And as if there was more work done in that session that you do with inner child work, but she was able to relive that experience and reeducate that inner child, that, yes, she’s still lovable. This all happened and she didn’t get a Popsicle and change the meaning she had behind the. So it’s interesting though.

Sometimes people think it has to be big trauma when you’re a kid, right? And this is why we say that your parents did the best they could with what they got and that they give you, they impress upon you, your programs, your beliefs, unintentionally and intentionally. And here’s a case. All the mother said is you need to eat your Tinder to get your bicycle.

And from getting her Popsicle, this little girl developed a program that she’s not loving. And please be aware that we’re more the same indifferent, a lot of us I see my practice. People think if I just had enough money to be happy I treat people that are worth. Some of the people I treat are worth a couple hundred million dollars and they have the same unhappy thoughts that you have.

They’re actually in worse shape than you and I, because we still have this hope that if I just have the right relationship, the right job, the right. So much money, then I’ll be happy. They got the job and they got the money and the house and the cars, guess what? They’re still not happy and what else can they do?

But do their own work now. So just to let you know, we’re more the same than different. We are more the same than different, but what it is we have different stories, but when you still down on those stories, the programs that we’re running are I I’m not safe. I’m not enough. I’m not lovable.

I’m not pretty enough. I’m not thin enough. I don’t have enough money. Really it comes down to, I’m not enough. This is the kind of the program. If you wanted to distill it down, this is the program that we’re all running. We all have different stories, but we’re all running the same inner program.

Removing the subconscious blocks is something that I love to do. And we want to interrupt the story because when you believe in this story, you make a real, so what’s happening here is you have a thought creates an emotion that creates a behavior and you have this negative vicious cycle. And when you have a situation that happens and you believe in the story, you’re at the effect of it, your ego eats it and you’re in it.

And you’re reacting. Viktor Frankl has a beautiful quote that says I’m going to paraphrase it. Something happened. There’s a moment where you can either unconsciously react. So you’re in your habitual program, you’re unconsciously reacting or in that moment, you can consciously choose to respond. And this is what I call my notice, except choose again, approach.

So you have this thought emotion behavior. You finally notice it. It could be right now, or it could be from a month ago and you notice it. We breathe a bit to get present. And then we use some tools. What I call accepting? What is we surrender into? We surrender to what is, so we stop fighting with reality.

When we fight with reality, that’s what causes the resistance. So we surrender to what is happening. We surrender to what is, this does not mean we’re resigned to it. This is not mean that we like it. It just means that this is what it is. And we surrender to. And this brings you into the present moment. It takes you out of the sympathetic overdrive.

It takes you out of the high beta brainwaves and puts you into that. Parasympathetic puts you into that alpha brainwaves, and you go from being in that reptilian brain, the amygdala being over activity. Into being whole-brain you become resourced and when you are resourced and whole-brain, you have access to your whole brain, so you have access to parts of creative parts of your brain that you normally do not.

And then you can have inspired action. That’s the choose again, part. So the Victor Franco quote, when he says you either unconscious or react, which is what we normally do. We see the world through the lenses of our subconscious. We get triggered. In it, if we use this tool and we get practiced at it, notice except choose again.

And I have many energy psychology tools that I use in the accepting what is part, and we can get into the present moment. So we’re conscious, we’re awake, we’re aware we’re whole brain it’s in that present moment where some say, we act at can access the quantum field. Is that how we can access super consciousness?

That present moment is where the power is. And, because you start to feel the relief and peace in your body. It’s paradoxical, but that’s when you can choose differently, that’s when you can choose again. So we interrupt the story because when you believe in the story, you make a real, I have these tools that I like to use that and actually I’ve just organized them.

There’s a, the tools I’m using are either combination of. Emotional freedom technique. The Byron Katie inquiry process, psych Kay Bankston, healing hypnosis. There are so many tools out there on rapid transformational therapy where Marissa Piera. These are the things that I’ve trained in that I bring into my sessions to interrupt the story and we changed the story and then we start to feel differently.

And then we start to change our behaviors and guess what? We get a different depth. So the last part is choosing again. And so when you’re in that present state, now you can choose differently. And that’s the paradoxical part that when you fully surrender to the present moment, that’s when you can change it in that, choose again.

Now you’re in that part of dreaming of how do I want to feel? How do I want to be. Because you’re doing this comes out of your beingness. And so you do have a shift in how you be in the world. Dr. Joe Dispenza says your personality creates your personal reality. And so your being as your personality changes from this work, because your personality that you have now, if you take it with you into the future, you’re going to get the same.

So you will have a. Some parts of you may not come forward with you. You’re going to have a shift as you become conscious because you’re no longer gonna be unconscious running these old programs, these old personality programs. And so your personality creates your personal reality. When you change your beingness, you can have now inspired action.

And that’s the part in Victor Frankl’s quote, where he says you either unconscious or react or you can consciously, you can choose to conscious response. This is the inspired doing part out of your new beingness that comes from the present moment. And so in the choosing again, in this practice, we have to reverse the evidence from our senses.

So it’s an inner work. We’re not going out. We’re not working on the outside world. We’re not changing people. We’re not changing situations. We’re not going into the doing. At this point, we’re going inside and we’re changing. Cause when we change the world changes and so to be healthy, you want to be able to feel whole, to be wealthy.

You need to feel abundant, to be happy. You will have to practice gratitude. That’s an important one. You can’t feel joy or happiness unless you can feel grateful. And so we got to practice that to attract loving relationships. You must love yourself. So that’s healing those old words. What I have seen for myself personally, as we wrap up and what I’ve seen for my clients that I work with is that when you transform these old programs, when you do this notice, except choose again.

So your practice, the manifestation part, quieting the mind. Really getting clear on what you want, really bringing up the emotions. If you notice a block, you know what resistance feels like? We know what stress feels like. If a subconscious program gets activated, I don’t deserve to have it. Then we go into the notice except choose again, the present moment.

And then when we go back into choose again, when you have this shift and you transform and heal these old programs, these old unconscious programs in you. One of two things happen or both first one is the first one that you will notice is your perception of the situation changes. So you’re no longer at the effect of it.

Remember everything that happens is neutral and we give it meaning. And so you’re not triggered by this and myself and many others have noticed that I still don’t like it. Behavior by somebody, but it doesn’t trigger you. There’s no visceral emotional response. It’s so freeing. And that allows you to be conscious and choose how you want to act.

And then the second thing that happens is miracles happened that the actual environment physically changes. So the external world changes. So when you do conscious work like this manifestation work, one of two things can happen are both inner work. You change. So that’s the key that has to happen when you change your perception of external world changes.

So you experience it differently. You’re loving life too, is the external environment does change. So you’re creating more of a manifestation or a personal reality. And what people have experienced is that when you’re in the present moment and you do this manifestation process, it, see, it appears as if the universe seems to support you.

And they do this by these invisible hands reaching down and opening doors that you did not know even exist. And this is that whole process of manifestation. So when we look at the steps, let’s add quite the body of mine is a top one. You set your attentions. So getting clear as if it’s already happening, thinking from the end, don’t think of it.

Think from the end, don’t think about, I want to go to Hawaii. I’m going to buy an airplane, looking at the brochure, be on the beach, smell the coconut oil, feel the heat of the sand here or the way. Be there as if it’s happening now, add the emotional charge projected. So bring in the auditory, your senses.

What is it like break very four D for you, and then believe as if you already have some practices. So you start to feel excited. You know what? I believe this was going to happen. I don’t know how or when, but it’s going to happen. If any blockages come up, then I have my approach notice, except choose again.

You want to get basically into the present moment. At totally the power of now says when you’re in the present moment, you can either remove yourself from the situation, change or improve the situation. And if you can’t remove yourself or change, improve the situation, but you continue to accept what is that’s in the NAC part, right?

Accepting what is to, to what is you can be at peace in an unhappy situation. So your perception, the situation changes. You can be at peace in an unhappy situation, and you still have the ability to choose how you want to respond, but it will be inspired action instead of action, out of fear, out of lack of desperation.

And then the last part is to constantly choose again, choose in every moment how you want to feel and be in this. I want to thank you for listening to this. Love your questions. So post them in the chat here. And I want to let you know that if you like this kind of conscious work there’s my clinic.

where I do this with patients via telehealth or in person. But I want to let you know that unhealthy seminars.com, where I’m the founder. We have three speakers that I think do this wonderfully. It’s Yvonne Farrell, amid Monte carb, and Lori Tishara. They have. Online courses where they’re specifically talking about conscious work, but they’re bringing it in classical Chinese medicine on how they looked at, think about the fi the PO the hoods.

They look at this and they’re bringing in this whole new age thought movement of manifestation and conscious work. And they’re really tying it into the philosophies and concepts of Chinese medicine, which is wonderful. And they’re sharing acupuncture point approaches. To help with the shift, the change of these programs in your brain.

So if you like this kind of conscious work, check out on healthy seminars.com Eve on Farrell and Lori discharge. Now I want to let you know who’s up next on to the point with the AAC. Our next speaker that you should tune into is going to be Chen Yen. So make sure you listen in on her live webinar.