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Update – The #1 Way to Inspire More MD Referrals



What’s the update on inspiring MD referrals into your practice

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

So, What is the number one way? What’s the update on inspiring MD referrals into your practice? This is Chen Yen, six and seven figure practice make-over mentor at introverted visionary. Your host for the American Acupuncture Council live show today. Attracting new patients is a. It’s a so nice to be able to have referrals coming into the practice because it just feels good.

And you could focus on helping your patients instead of worrying about where to find them. And when it comes to medical doctor referrals, Ma many medical doctors have a lot of patients within their practices and we’d be willing to refer if they knew about you and also understood how you can help, but what would be the best way to develop those relationships and then be able to actually inspire those referrals.

So the first thing to think about is what is the trifecta. So when we look at the trifecta, I want you to think about. Either a particular provider you would like to be getting referrals from, and that way you don’t have to be doing as much marketing in your practice. So it could be a medical doctor.

It could be a nurse practitioner. It doesn’t have to be limited to medical. Doctors could be PA. PTs. We just had an acupuncturist. Client of ours get quite a few referrals from a PT office just the other week. And so think about what holistic practitioners also conventional practitioners could medical practitioners could be good sources of referrals for you then consider.

The trifecta. So what is the trifecta? So once you’ve decided on who you would like to be sending you referrals, then we need to think about how can we inspire them in these three Trifacta areas. Number one is what. How is their level of connection with you as a person, because have you ever thought about this?

The people you tend to refer to, they’re probably people you have some kind of a connection with, it’s probably not someone you don’t really like. So that level of connection with the person can also determine the frequency and whether they refer. Or not that’s one aspect of the Trek trifecta.

You can think about this by drawing a triangle by the way. Or just thinking about it in your head. So the second key area trifecta is what. Is there trust and understanding of your modality. Now you might think of this first as oh, okay. So they need to trust in acupuncture, working for their patients, but it’s not just limited to that.

It’s also about. Are they clear about what situations are good are most helpful to be sending their patients to you for it, because they’re not going to send all their patients to you, but in what particular situations would be good to send it to you for acupuncture. And do they feel comfortable with it?

Because a lot, the truth is a lot of medical doctors and conventional medical practitioners are concerned about loss exceeds. They don’t want to refer someone, a patient to someone and then really don’t know what they’re doing with them. And then there’s some issues with the patient and a lawsuit comes up, like they’re concerned about that.

So how can you help them be able to feel comfortable with safety and efficacy? If they don’t feel like it’s going to be safe and effective, they’re not going to refer. So that’s a second aspect.

So the third chat trifecta. Is the third trifecta is what is the how are you staying in top of mind awareness for them? Because just because they have, you have a good conversation with them and it feels good and you think, oh God, I’ve got a connection now and they’re going to refer. It doesn’t mean that they’ll even remember you.

A few weeks from now, because many times doctors are approached by different people, whether it’s nurses, different vendors drug reps, all kinds of things and new people coming at them. And so if you’re not top of mind awareness that even if you do develop a relationship with them and they do know about you and they trust in you, if you’re not top of mind awareness, then.

They’re not going to refer as much, for example, why do you think that drug companies hire drug reps to go and talk to the doctors? Why not just hire them to do it once because, and I’ve worked at HR company before I’ve seen the insides of a drug company, and I know there’s statistics about every single time when a drug rep goes and talks to a medical doctor, there’s a prescription.

For that particular medication. Why? Because that doctor was reminded of that. So when you are top of mind awareness for the doctor, then they’re going to be more likely to refer. So those are the three key aspects of the trifecta. So then if you have decided who you would like to be getting more referrals from, or getting new referrals from a medical doctor or a provider, then consider rate yourself on a scale.

One through 10 for each of the aspects of the trifecta and with 10 being the highest that you’re, really solid on that with one being, being the. Then we could see how we can move you up closer to 10 for each aspect of the trifecta. That’s going to help you with inspiring more medical doctor referrals.

Now, another common question I get is what is the the best way? So what is the best approach to getting their attention and in such a way that they would refer. Now I will say low-hanging fruit for many of you is not. Cause one thing I hear is oh, I don’t like to just reach out to random doctor’s offices and cold call them.

That just feels really intimidating. And I think so one thing that low-hanging fruits is you could reach out to people for whom you have. And then I, but just because they’re pressed with how well you treated their one patient, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to refer and constantly refer either.

So one very important thing is. Circling back to the trifecta about trust in your modality and really understanding how it can help their patients and what’s particular situation. So it’s about how to educate them in such a way that they will end up trusting you enough to refer. That is going to be so key, and this can happen one-on-one with a provider.

It can happen where you educate them in their office. So for example, the acupuncture session is telling you. Client of ours. She ended up educating a PT office and I helped her with what to say and also what to bring. And she started getting referrals from that PT office. So having a good way, an effective way of doing that.

And then what. Also needs to happen if you would like to continue to get referrals without having to always be marketing, is, do you have a system in place that supports inspiring those referrals on an ongoing basis? It’s interesting because I have heard of practice management companies talking about oh, this is how to get doctor referrals.

You’ve got to write out your list of 75 or a hundred doctors in the area. Oh my gosh. As an introvert, that just sounds so like tiring, doesn’t it. And when our approach of it, because a lot of our clients are introverted, visionary acupuncturist who don’t really want to be. So outwardly and spending their energy that way, they like to be just, they would like to have relationships with fewer people and more in-depth relationships.

You don’t have to, the good news is you don’t have to be extending your energy out in an exhausting way. And to a lot of people, you just need to be very Like effective with a handful of providers. So having a, an approach that works with that, and then having a a, also a way of inspiring referrals beyond that initial connection.

Have, do you have a system in place that supports that? Do you have. Because when you do, then you will find yourself starting to get referrals from medical doctors and other providers. You will notice yourself that while you, for one, you’ll notice that the patients who come in through those relationships, it’s like they have listened to they’ll listen to you more than just because their doctor told them to see you.

Their provider told them to see you. So it’s very different than someone calling up and then saying, oh how much do you charge? And that’s the, in the conversation. Great. So it’s often at least our clients have shared with us. It’s so much nicer of a relationship. When you are getting referrals from medical doctors.

So one way of doing this in terms of getting a medical doctor’s attention is that our clients have been doing lately is to reach out to them through LinkedIn. Is one avenue. And but what do you say w what would get their interests? So I’m going to pop this in the chat and that way, or in the comment section.

So then that way you could click on the link and get, download the script and also get additional step-by-step training on how to attract more medical doctors referrals into your practice. So you can go. I’ll just give this to you out loud too. Is that at www dot? Get more MD www dot.

Get more MD forward slash linked in script. So Forward slash linked in scripts. I’ll pop the link below and you can click on it and get that exact script you could copy and paste and use to, to start developing relationships with providers. And for those of you who are in a place where you feel like you’re at a plateau, or you would just like help with this, because a lot of our clients tell us, oh my gosh, I’m so glad I ended up getting help with this from you, because I wouldn’t have thought of half these things.

And now I can just literally swipe. Paste or or just having an approach that works and starting to get those referrals, because we imagine if you actually had two providers sending you two patients a week, what would that do for your practice? It totally adds up. Doesn’t it. If you would like help with, as you can go to introverted and request a chat with us and happy to see how we can help you grow faster with less stress.

So next week stay tuned for Jeffrey Grossman host of your show. And till next time and click on the link and I get your free LinkedIn script, download and start getting more doctor referrals.