My Favorite Points for Cosmetic Acupuncture


thank you to the American Acupuncture Council for giving me this opportunity to talk about my favorite acupuncture points for the face.

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Hi, my name is Michelle Gellis and I want to thank all of you for coming today to my facebook live presentation and thank you to the American Acupuncture Council for giving me this opportunity to talk about my favorite acupuncture points for the face.

I have been teaching cosmetic acupuncture for almost 20 years now. And during that time, I frequently get asked what are my all time favorite points for either lifting the face or enabling more movement, more fluidity and the facial expressions and. So I have put together my top seven and I’m going to start out with points that I use in my protocol that are mandatory for my students.

And they are what I call steps. 3.5 or stomach three and a half. It’s almost like stomach three and three quarters because it’s pretty low down. So normally when we find stomach three, we get in line with the center of the pupil and we come down. Over the cheek and that is stomach three, but for stomach 3.5, you want to come down until you’re all the way over the cheek area.

And you are going to needle straight up into either the fatty part of the cheek, or if you’re a. Patient is very thin. You can even get underneath the cheek bone and right into the foramen in the orbital rim. And so that stomach three and a half, and the next point is small and test an 18, which is found on the outer canthus of the eye you come down and the same thing, you’re going to needle straight up.

And in some individuals you’ll be into the fatty part of the cheek, maybe into the Fatia or to what we call the mass layer, which is the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, which is what enables the muscles to control the movements on the. And for some individuals, you’ll actually be able to get underneath that cheekbone.

But when you needle both of these in an upward direction, it can really provide a lifting effect to the face. And I have a picture of that in a second. The next is Sanjay 17 for the gels and the lower face. Stomach nine for the neck and balancing the hormones. You yeah, for the, I’m sorry, you yell for the brow area and yin Tom for the frown lines and stomach for the mouth.

So let me go through each one of these individually. So here is a photo of. Of someone where I have needled stomach three and a half, and you can see it’s almost down into that stomach four area and then small intestine 18, which is way over the cheekbone and you needle straight up. And you can see how this could have a lifting effect on the cheeks, on the mid cheek area.

The next is San Joe 17, which is behind the ear. It’s in that space that really deep divot behind your ear. And. When I needle this point, I needle it towards the nose. You want to be careful. There’s a lot of glands back there and, but this point is wonderful. Is great for the lymphatic system.

It affects the whole lower part of the face that we call the gels. I always joke when I’m teaching and I say there’s two types of people that have gels and people that are going to get them because as we age all of the. Fat and muscles and ligaments that used to be up here, the ligaments loosen and the fat kind of slides down.

And we ended up with a less defined jawline. So by noodling this point, And then whenever I do facial cupping, I always cut this point and I do wash Shaw back there. It really has a very lifting effect on the lower part of the face. And also on the neck area.

Stomach nine is. Definitely one of my all time favorite points. This is a picture of yours truly, and thought it was a great example of a neck. So I went ahead and marked stomach nine on it. And so stomach nine can be found. It is inline with the prominence of the laryngeal prominence and the way you find it is you ask your patient to swallow.

And when they swallow, you will feel the prominence, the laryngeal prominence, you put your finger on it and you slide right over into the empty space between the larynx and the S. And if you’re having trouble finding the SCM, you can ask your patient to just press against your hand and the SCM will pop out and.

Once you found the SCM and the larynx, then you put your finger in between the two and you feel for a pulse and wherever you feel a pulse don’t needle there you can push against where you’re feeling the pulse with your finger and then needle straight in. I use a half an inch needle. You don’t have to needle very deeply, but this point is.

Wonderful for a lot of reasons, it helps with hormones, right? It’s right by the thyroid. It also helps to open the energy up to the face is a local treatment for the neck and. I’m a classically trained five element acupuncturist. This point is called people. Welcome. It can really people who have shut down, maybe they’re a little shy or they’re.

Pushing people out of their life. Maybe they have things they want to say, but they weren’t saying them this point can help to open people back up. It’s especially important. Since the pandemic where people were in and not getting out. So this stomach nine is definitely one of my favorite points.

Next is you. Yeah. Now when I needle this, I don’t needle it in the traditional way, which the traditional definition is at the center of the brow you needle straight. And the way that I needle it is I take a half an inch needle, a two, I put the two underneath the eyebrow. I go to the center of the pupil and the center of the pupil lines with the levator muscle.

So you want to get above the orbital rim. You don’t want to be noodling on the eyelid inside the. You get above the orbital rim. Sometimes you have to lift your patient’s brow up a little bit and you take that tube and you get it right underneath the brow. And then you, once the tube is right underneath the brow, you can just push the needle right up.

And so you can see in this picture that I have. Where I’ve needled underneath the brow. And then I have followed this up with bladder two and Sanchez 23, all three lifted a needle in a kind of lifted direction in order to really pull that brow. So you, yeah. Now is a real heavy hitter when it comes to lifting the brow and it can even help, not just with the brow, but with the lid.

next are those frown lines. And some people we have just the one line in the center. And if that is the case, I will thread in Tom right through the wrinkle. I needle it in an upward direction, right through the wrinkle. And again, I’ll use a half inch. Needle. And this serves two, three purposes. One is it relaxes this whole area and relaxes your patient.

And it also works right on the procerus muscle, which is this little triangular muscle here, which pulls this whole area together. And You can also needle with little intradermal needles, if someone, so you can have just the one wrinkle or you can have the two wrinkles, which they call the Eleven’s and this woman has those.

And then some people, they get the, what they call the a hundred and Eleven’s where they’ll have a wrinkle. Medial to each eyebrow, plus they’ll also have a wrinkle right in the center here. So you can use yin tongue needled and you can also use some intradermal needles and get into those other little wrinkles right there.

And this will. Both relax, your patient lacks the procerus muscle. And locally, any time you take an acupuncture needle and you thread it through a wrinkle, you’re stimulating collagen locally in the scan, fibroblasts are created and it helps to Create a collagen in the area. So the wrinkle itself can fill in because even if you just relax the muscle, there can still be a resultant, a wrinkle in the area.

And the last point. Which is another favorite of mine, and this is a real powerhouse for the whole mouth area. And the mouth area can be difficult to treat because there are a lot of different issues or concerns that individuals have with their mouth, not just cosmetic, but also with issues with movement.

And I’m going to back up real quick, a step. This can be the same with, I was talking about using you yell for the brow. If someone has had Bell’s palsy, you can use the point noodle, the way that I said, and this can help get movement back into the brow area, lift their lid. If they still have drooping, or if they’ve had a stroke.

Stomach four is right in this area called the Modi OLIS and it is just lateral to the corner of the map. And the reason why this is such a powerhouse and why it’s one of my favorite points is the muscle around. It’s not shown in this picture, but there’s a muscle that goes all the way around the outside of the mouth.

So this is the or us and people get wrinkles all around their lips. So by treating pretty much any of the acupuncture points, like run 24 or stomach for any of the acupuncture points that light around them. You are going to treat the whole obicularis Oris, which really plays into these wrinkles around the lips.

So that’s one reason. And the other reason is people can get these frown lines that go they’re called marionette lines, but it looks like the person is frowning, even when they’re not. And the wrinkles go from the corner of the mouth, down to the jaw line. And by treating stomach four, you can see all the different muscles that stomach four is attached to.

So the Buka Nadir, which is very deep here, the resorts, which pulls the mouth this way. And you have your zygomaticus major and that helps to pull the sides of the mouth up. You have your , which runs, it hooks onto your jaw and then goes all the way down over your clap. You have your levator angulate Orus your depressor anguli Oris.

And your what we call the D a O is the depressor anguli Oris, which is this muscle right here. And this muscle right here attaches right onto your platoon. So you can see all these different muscles. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I think there’s a muscles that are attached to this modal list, which is our stomach four.

So by treating stomach four, you’re treating all of these muscles. You’re helping the wrinkles. You’re helping the drooping that can go on. And also laxity since the Dao is attached to the . When you treat the Dao, you help to reduce any pulling on the platoon FISMA, which can cause those SMA bands that can happen.

I love stomach four and I highly recommend it. You can needle it straight in. And it’s one, it’s actually a motor point for treating the whole mouth area. And so those are my favorite points for treating the face. There are many more, there are many muscles on the face, but those are my top.

And if you want to learn more about. Cosmetic acupuncture or acupuncture for treating neuromuscular facial conditions. You can go to my website, facial acupuncture, classes.com, and learn more about I’ve got a lot of free videos. I have a lot of free information handouts and plus my class informing.

So thank you for showing up today. And I look forward to seeing you again, next time.