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Handling the Money and Time Objection



And so how can you navigate this so that whoever you’re talking to will actually end up deciding to come in for treatments, if it’s really the best fit for them and it, if it could really help them?

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Do you get discouraged when you hear money is tight? I can’t afford it or things like I don’t have the time for, and this is Chen Yen. You’re six and seven figure, practice makeover, mentor at and your host for the acupuncture American Acupuncture Council show today. So this can be something that when you hear you, you think, oh, I could so help this person.

And so how can you navigate this so that whoever you’re talking to will actually end up deciding to come in for treatments, if it’s really the best fit for them and it, if it could really help them? So let’s talk about this, that there are couple of key things that can help with this. The first thing is that it’s really important, cuz how many of you feel like you don’t wanna be pushy?

Go ahead and tie like this. If you feel like you don’t wanna be pushing, cuz you’re not alone with that. And one thing about this is that I was actually thinking about this one day. I. I just had this click that. You know what there’s actually no pushy a leader out there. There’s no one that says, oh, you’re pushy.

Oh, wait, you’re not pushy. Oh, wait. You’re pushy. So it’s really about how can we come from the person’s highest good in how we help our, or talk to our potential patients or clients. And if we can be in alignment with that, then we can’t control whether someone might feel like we we are being pushy or not.

How do, can you navigate when someone says to you, money is tight or I can’t afford it. So how many of you tend are feeling like you’re hearing this more or maybe just about the same or less than before. Go ahead and type in the comment and below, and I’m curious, I’d love to see, as far as the money is tightening the first thing too that’s important is to really help whoever you’re talking to, to feel heard.

So for example, what acknowledging that they said that whether it’s, I understand or empathize with their, what they’re saying, and then the next step is something that a lot of. Acupuncturists and other holistic practitioners end up skipping over bring up and which is. Finding out more about what they’re really thinking and why is this?

Because when someone says money is tight or I can’t afford it, why does someone say that? Sometimes they truly can’t afford it. But sometimes it’s because they don’t really know how you could they haven’t really Brought into the idea of coming to you for treatments or that this is the best approach for them yet.

So they might say that because they’re not really sure yet. And. And then cuz have you ever paid for something that, that it, maybe you even were looking for this one particular thing, but then I, you didn’t think it was the right fit. So thought, oh, you even mentioned to someone that you couldn’t afford it, but then you might have turned around and bought something that was even more expensive.

So you the truth was you had the money but that whatever you were looking for, you didn’t feel like it was the right fit. So you just said you couldn’t afford it, but you really could afford it. How many of you has that ever happened to you before? The first step is to find out what more about their situation and in terms of whether they’re interested or, they’re ready to move forward.

It’s just that money is a consideration or so what you can say is this something you wanna do and money is a consideration, or you’re not really sure yet. So that way they can tell you more about how they’re really feeling about the treatment that you’re recommend. Then what you can say next is you can say, let’s talk it through happy to answer any questions for you.

So what kind of, what questions or con considerations or cons you could either say considerations, or you could say concerns, what questions or concerns are you are you having, so then you could understand more about where they’re coming from, and then if there’s something that they aren’t as educated about yet, or then you can educate them about that.

But if you never ask that question then and you jump to the conclusions that they can’t afford it, then you would never know that. So that’s really important and can help you. The other thing is that depending on what the where you are at in the conversation and how the conversations is going, sometimes it’s about being very direct with people.

For example, it could be mentioning that mentioning this so you can write this down. We will pay for what we prioritize to be important. The truth is when you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. When you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. And then just leave it at that. And then you could say it’s up, but it’s up to you.

and again, if you are truly coming from that, person’s highest good. Then what you say will land for people and really help them think. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from. Acupuncturist and other practitioners, for example, this one acupuncturist was telling me that she had a patient of hers tell her that I can’t afford it.

And then she drives off in this really nice car. And sometimes people need to be reminded about the importance of their health and that’s what you’re there for. So if you truly have Their best in terms of you feeling like you’re recommending what’s truly best for them in your heart, then you saying being direct will actually help them think so.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the consideration of, I don’t have time. So this is something where how many of you sometimes hear this? I, the, I don’t have time to come back once a week or twice a week, or, once a month, I’m so busy. The times that you have just don’t work for me and then you start thinking, oh wait, maybe I need to go change it around my calendar, make myself more available at this time so I can fit them in or right.

And the again, this is a similar similarly you can bring up. So there, there are two, two reasons why someone might say that they don’t have time. One is that they are really busy and then they’re not really seeing the value of what you’re recommending in terms of them coming in for treatments as a higher value to what they’re doing with their.

And so this is another scenario where either it might require them understanding the importance of getting the treatments and how it’s going to help with their health and how important that is. And if it makes sense, too, you could also bring in the truth is that when, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

Sometimes even, people like us, right? Clinicians who really care about our health, even ourselves, we need to be reminded of that sometimes when we get busy as well and let alone our patients or potential patients. So now the very important thing here is, remember how I mentioned to you about how how many of you are concerned about being too pushy.

Here’s one hot tip. So that is in, in terms of, if you are already thinking about how can you help them understand or educate them more about this. So they get it more before you say things like are, is this something that you wanna do? But money is a consideration or saying things like the truth is if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything before saying that.

It’s really important for your potential patient or patient to feel heard. So the first step is to acknowledge them, whether it’s whatever they said to you, like I understand, or whatever they say and really, feel into understanding them from where they’re at.

The only thing that I would, wouldn’t say that I understand or Frame that I get that is I don’t have the money or I can’t afford it. So instead of saying, I understand you don’t have the money. Or I understand you can’t afford it. Why would I not reinforce that? It’s just because people say that for different reasons.

Some people say it because they can’t afford it. They truly can’t afford it. Some people say it because they can’t afford it, but they don’t really. See that this is something they wanna do yet. Like they’re not sure yet. And or they don’t see the value in it or they don’t trust in you enough.

And that’s why they’re just saying I can’t afford it. And that’s why it, if someone says that you don’t need to reinforce that for them, because it may or may not be true. So what you can say in that situation and what I like to say or recommend our clients say is if it resonates with you, is that I understand money is a, it sounds like money is a consideration for you, right?

And then you can talk things through. Okay. So as far as here’s another hot tip, as far as the here’s one of our clients, she’s actually an, so she’s an acupuncturist. And then she says that she likes to, to work this into the conversation. And so you could listen in on this and then see if it resonates with you.

And if it also matches up with what’s happening, then you could also incorporate it in your visits or conversations by phone. So she says that she likes to break up to people that at the end of the day, It. She only wants people who are happy to be here. So if it doesn’t feel good to you, then it’s and then this isn’t the time for you to do this.

However, if it feels good and it’s something that you wanna do, let’s talk it through. So it’s let’s talk through your XYZ. Let’s talk it through to see if we could work it out together, because once you leave, then I can’t give you any other information. So if there’s something that I can talk through, then let’s talk through it.

So once you leave, so it could be once you leave or once you get off the phone, once you get off the phone, then I can’t give you any other information. So if there’s something we could talk through, let’s talk through it. So really energetically with this, it’s about being committed, but not attached, being committed to help them.

But not be attached to them. Seeing. So energetically holding that space for your potential patient or or client. So do you ever have other kinds of concerns that people bring up like, but you don’t accept insurance and then that’s the end of the conversation or I need to for some of you who may be Offering things like packages or things that could involve spouse, like fertility kinds of things.

Do you ever get people saying, oh, I need to talk to my spouse. So do you end up feeling like, Ugh what do I say to this? And what and so if these are, and other kinds of considerations or concerns sometimes trip you up as far as how best to hold the energy, how best to hold the space for whoever it is that you’re talking to.

And what to say, right? And so if that’s something. Has been a challenge or you would just like to. Having more mastery with withholding the space, then feel free to, to check out our and you can go to the about button and then the contact button and just message me there.

And I’m happy to give you a template that a script, as far as what you can a framework of what you can see if it resonates as far as how to navigate. For example, the insurance kind. Situation which can come up in a practice often. That way you’re not in a place where it’s do you accept insurance?

And if you don’t accept their insurance, or if you don’t accept insurance at all, then that’s the end of the conversation. So how can you navigate that in, in an authentic way? And that feels good to you. So yeah, so feel free to, to just message me And and click up out and then contact us and happy to send that to you.

To you educating people and really holding the space for their highest, and if it’s not the highest good for them in terms of what you feel like would be good for them, then refer them somewhere else or suggest some something else. And that will allow you to To have the space to continue to attract people who are really the best fit to, to work with you.

So look forward to hearing how this goes, and till next time.