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Formulas for the Season – Moshen Herbs



I’m gonna be speaking about formulas for this season.

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Hello, my name is Moshe Heller and I’m from Moshen Herbs. And I wanted to thank the American Acupuncture Council for letting me host this talk this morning. I wanted to I’m gonna be speaking about formulas for this season, and so let’s go right away and start with the first slide.

I wanted to talk about two formulas that are associated with this coming season, this spring season. So as we all know, it’s officially started. Two days ago, so we’re at the beginning of spring, and I wanted to mention or talk about or discuss two formulas. One is the the first formula is called shield.

It’s a formula, again, by Moshen herbs that I created to support and boost the immune system. And then the other formula I wanted to, I’ll be speaking about today is react, which also is another formula by Moshen herbs for that I created for allergies, which is really at beginning of the season of allergies.

As we all know, everything starts to be itchy and irritated a little bit as the pollen levels rise. I wanted to start first with the SHIELD formula. And I I th this formula I created based on NG san, which we all know as Jade Windscreen and I combined it. With WA tongue, which is cinnamon, twigg, decoction.

And together these two formulas strengthen the exterior and harmonize the functioning of the way and ying chi so that when we, when our patient encounters pathogen, the body’s able to resolve it quickly. And that’s a really important. Thing I wanted to stress is that we, it’s not about not getting sick because we, especially when we’re treating children they do encounter pathogens and also as adults we also.

Are able to, or supposed to get sick. The issue is that we need to resolve it completely and quickly and exactly that’s what this shield formula is will help. So in this encounter with this pathogen, whether it’s a pediatric patient or an adult patient, The body of our patient is learning to deal with this pathogen that they encountered.

In a sense every time we get sick, it’s a learning opportunity. And it’s important to remember that because the more we learn, the more we are able to ward off. And I think SHIELD is an extremely helpful formula for this situation. So I wanna break it down a little further and how we how I created this formula.

We, I first wanted to make sure that the CHI is strong. And also that the CH Chi transformation, or what we call sometimes chia is complete. And so on top of this two formulas I mentioned before Jade Windscreen and cinnamon Twigg Decoction, I also, and I also combined. Urchin tongue CIA and CEE mostly as the two main herbs of that formula.

And those herbs will help to transform dampness and and otherwise if the dampness accumulates, it will hinder the functioning of the spleen. And that’s why it’s important. These. Two formulas. Th this formula two cured Decoction helps in that transformation and keeping the transformation going.

And so on top of that, I added another herb Tchen, which is a really amazing herb. I really love that. And you’ll see I use it. A lot in other formulas. Also, the advantages of it is that Tchen strengthens the spleen chi, but also works on regulating the water pathways and the transformation pathways of the spleen.

It, and it helps in generating fluids, generating pure fluids, not not. Turd fluids pure fluids will help to nourish and move and will move freely in your body. Whereas turbid fluids, if the transformation is not complete, will create dampness and then fle. I really Tchen to support the, this transformation.

The, in addition, I also added wwe, which helps the formula. Consolidate the exterior, but also bringing the kidney chip support to the lung. So there’s a better relationship or communication between the lung and the kidney. That the kidney supports the lung functions in both moving fluids, transforming fluids, and keeping the way chi secure.

Finally we also added Gagan. It’s a really also another one of my favorite herbs because it works on two levels. One, it supports digestion and helps with the normal function of the spleen. And on the other hand, it really helps to support the exterior. So in harmonizing the muscle layer in our what we call the muscle layer, which is this kind of relationship or is connected to the relationship between the ying and the weight level functioning.

We also, I also added the lastly linger which is, as we know, a really good adaptogenic mushroom that cons con is considered a really potent immune system tonics. So we have All the herbs that I mentioned yeah, are structured in this way. Our main main formula is NG with the addition of Tchen.

Then we have with the audition of. Greg and also I added to help clear and clear any heat and also support exterior and and as the third layer being urchin tongue transforming that potential phlegm and making sure that cheat transformation is complete together with w weights and linker.

So this is the structure of shield. It’s as I said, it’s a really great formula. I’ve been not only using it in my office, but a lot of practitioners have been purchasing it from me with really great results on. Supporting various kinds of conditions between just as a immune tonic, especially during the pandemic.

And then also as spring, as a spring preparation. Formula because a lot of times, as we know, when we see seasonal allergies, it’s all about harmonizing the ying and the wait chi and making sure that the immune system is functioning normally and therefore will not react to the Poland as as sometimes happens.

So the next formula I wanted to discuss is react, and it’s actually a very interesting formula, I believe so at least. And it’s based on the formula, whoe one, which is an anti parasitic formula or a formula associated with the in level. It’s sometimes curious why we might use that for allergies anyway the theory and we, I’ll show you some research that’s been done on that to support it.

Is that anti parasitic herbs. Inspire. Inspire is maybe not ex the exact word, but promote the body to regulate the immune sss the immune response and specifically the allergic immune response, meaning mast cell, histamine response, et cetera. So this formula. Combines hot and cold herbs and to address the Chinese perspective of of of allergies, which is common that we have both heat and cold concurrently in in the, usually the patterns of allergies.

Classically we’ll see this kind of the nasal, let’s say discharge is usually clear which represents a cold condition, but a lot of times this kind of hyperactivity and and hyperresponsiveness is a sign of heat. So this, there’s this kind of both heat and cold symptoms that manifest in the same time.

So reacts, react takes W one as the basis of the formula, and then adds herbs that are commonly used for food environment and environmental allergies like Fei Ang, Yuin, Bechen, and gj and also Zi and fun are. Commonly used. And and then added some adaptogenic herbs like Wrenchen and Tchen, as I mentioned before in, in shield to focus the formula on recalibrating and harmonizing the way she functions.

If we look, this is the research I was referring to. It comes from Dr. Lee from Mount Sinai, but this is the the link to the article if you’re interested in reading. And you should be getting the slides. So you could. Access it. If you wanna read more about this research.

Fascinating. About the use of. WME one. And so I also put here the original formula of WME one. So if you look up WME one pills these are the ingredients. You’ll see that there’s one of the herbs I had to change it’s called a hin or her Citis. And. It, this is a herb that I had to eliminate because it’s not available.

I think FDA Rev removed it from being used or, so I had to change that. And I also, I wanted to show you that this is the finalized formula. In in that Dr. Lee used. And so the original formula fui and hin were eliminated in the in the Research formula. I kept the f the fui in the formula.

This is the React formula. That’s the breakdown. Here’s WME one. You see we have wme and instead of hin I added Sisu. Yeah. As a substitute for it. But I did keep the the aconite fu in, in, in the formula. And again, here on the right, you’ll see all the herbs that I added for known to help in regulating food and environmental allergies and as well as the adaptogenic herbs I mentioned before.

So this is the form now react is really great for seasonal and environmental and food allergies. So it, it addresses a lot of the different manifestation of aisle allergies and it’s a great formula. And I’ve used it. For many of my patients from food allergies all the way to environmental allergies and whether it manifests with eczema and or other signs and symptoms of different allergies or even gastrointestinal if it’s a food allergies.

I also mentioned mast cell activation disorder. So this is another Manifestation of an allergic or allergy syndrome. So it’s getting a lot of attention. And it’s a very interesting syn syndrome that you can look into. And react works really well. I’ve had a few mast cell, quite a few mast cell activation disorder.

Patients that were really helped by react. What I want to add is a caution. When you react, if somebody shows or manifests anaphylactic shock or anaphylactic allergic response you have to be very careful about prescribing this formula and working. And it’s really Really important that you work with the patient’s doctor for testing reduced sensitivity for those anaphylactic results and or anaphylactic causes.

And also I wanted to mention that we have a very specific dosage suggestion. This formula is not, both the both of these formulas are not formulas. You take. Necessarily symptomatically to resolve a symptom, but rather you take it long term. Both of them need a minimum phase of three months before you, before they come to their full effect.

And so there’s a three months. Minimal period. Sometimes you need longer individually, so three months is an average. Some people, some patients will respond faster and some people, some patients will respond more slowly. And it also depends on how much acupuncture is concurrently administered and how many, and how they’re responding to all the other guidelines you might give them as part of the treatment.

Excuse me, but generally speaking, it’s really important to understand that this is not a short, both of these formulas are not short term formulas. There’s an accumulating effect that happens while taking them these formulas for a few months before considering considering the results.

These were the two formulas I wanted to discuss. I I encourage you to visit our website, Moshen herbs.com and I wanted to thank you very much for listening. And I also wanted to thank again, the AAC for letting me do this presentation. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.