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Acupuncture Malpractice Insurance – Supporting the Immune System in Winter



I’m happy to talk about today about supporting the immune system with Chinese medicine during the winter months.

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Hello and happy New Year. My name is Moshe Heller from Moshen Herbs and I’m happy to talk about today about supporting the immune system with Chinese medicine during the winter months. So let’s move to the slides so we can start. Discussing. Today I’m going to talk about, as I said, supporting the immune system with Chinese medicine.

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This is a subject that has been on my mind because in my office, I see a lot of patients who are sick. AnD I always have this call saying, oh, I’m feeling under the weather, I think I want to cancel my appointment. And we hear that a lot that people say, oh, it’s just a little bit of a cold, but maybe I’ll wait and see how it’s going.

So I. Make it a really important aspect to, or important point to educate my patients that it is actually very important time to either comfort treatment if acupuncture is possible to to give. But if not, the minimum is to take some herbs because this is the beginning of any pathogenic influence.

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Attack is the time to treat it. Super, super important to teach our patients that it is important to support the body at the beginning of any cold whether it’s a flu or any other illnesses that start with signs of a cold. So I also wanted to remind everybody that we when when I discuss a lot of times the immune system, I tend to point out the importance between our neuro gastro immune relationship.

There’s a triad that is really important to pay attention to. So when we look at the immune system, . We also need to take care of the gastrointestinal system as well as the neurological system because they influence one, one another and they are connected. maKing sure that the, in terms of the digestive system that it, that you’re supporting it with the correct nutrition and correct foods as well as maybe the making sure that the biome is being supported also. And in terms of our neurological system making sure that we are able to sleep well, relax and not be overstressed or

Influenced by, by affecting the creating a sort of a hyperactive neurological system because of environmental issues. iN Chinese medicine, we su we see that neuro gastro immune complex. So clearly when we look at the production of Qi and blood in our in our in the theory about that, that everything comes from the middle burner, the spleen and stomach receive food and digestion.

And they also, then they transform that into what we call Gucci. And the Gucci then connects with our with either the lunchie or the clear chi of the lung and produces the waiti and and the also the yin chi. Then that further connects to the heart. And in the process of making.

Blood. And in that connection with the heart, I think is the connection to our neurological system and our brain, right? The relationship between mind, brain and the heart is very clear. So again, we have this kind of neuro gastro immune connection that we always need to remember when we are addressing issues of the immune system.

So I want to discuss in this the, this idea in two aspects. One is the process of selecting or supporting prevention before we get sick. Before we get sick. whEn we have, when we ha when we are not sick and we want to prevent us from being sick we, we think of formula that a classical formula called ING Fang Sun.

I created a different version of that. And in Moshen herbs, we sell it as a shield. So this formula is based on ying fang San, but added some other aspects, which we’ll see in a bit to support or support the immune system as a preventative for for having for not getting sick.

So I just wanna make sure that it’s clear that. Sometimes we need to take, if we see a patient that has a weak che or a weakness between the che and the yin chi. It is also important that we. Continuously give f or shield for at least three months, a three months period. It’s a it’s a formula that takes a while to sink in.

And it’s even if you get sick in that period of time, I usually combine the shield with other formulas, which we’ll discuss in a second. I also classically Yin Chaan is sometimes used in low dosages as a preventative also for, people with stronger constitution and xo. Huang also is sometimes used as a preventative, especially if some patients who have a weaker immune system, which we are concerned that had in the past a lingering pathogenic factor.

And we wanna make sure that the sha young level is harmonized and working well. hEre’s the shield. I wanna take a few seconds to talk about the SHIELD formula because it is it is based on y Ping Fang, but I actually combined it with the two emperor herbs of Kuang. And so together these formulas strengthen the exterior, but also harmonize the function between the weighing the Yin Chi.

And if they an encounter with a pathogen happens, the body’s able to resolve it quickly so it doesn’t stop you from being sick completely, but it supports your immune system or your way in chief weighty and yin chief function to resolve the pathogen effectively and quickly. I also added another aspect into this formula.

I wanted to make sure that the chi transformation is complete. So I added the two cured decoction or urchin tongue which is another two. Herbs, Banian, gen P. Those help the transformation of dampness. And and therefore in support the normal functioning of the spleen. I Also added some more support with Chen, which is sometimes called Prince Ginseng.

It’s would allow the formula to be also a chi and supportive or strengthening but really appropriate for children. It’s not as warm as, and it’s more even than having actual wrenching. , I added another another herb for supporting the immune system or or consolidating the exterior and bringing the kidney support to the lung with weight.

w Weights to strengthen that function. And I also, last thing I added is gogan for supporting the mu muscle layer and also the digestion and. Lingers and an AP adapt adaptogenic mushroom to support the immune system. So SHIELD is a, is really a beautiful formula and used for a wide variety of issues surrounding immune imbalances from 10 C to allergies to to weakened immune system and as a preventative.

For the cold and flu season. So again, just to summarize, ying Fean is this combination of Huang Chi Basu and Fang. Then I added Chen to that from Jiang. I added Baha and . GaN and are here to support the muscle layer and urchin tongue. This is, we used cia. And fooling and added these two herbs of Wu and Ling.

wHen we think of point of acupuncture point selection, of course we have stomach 36. whO doesn’t know that? That’s usually co usually for when we’re trying to support the immune system. Better to use with moa. UV 12 is maybe another point that we don’t think so much about, but is really important for prevention.

It is like the backhoe of wind and it’s really helpful as a preventative. Then making sure that the Q is circulating with large intestine four and re lung seven, stomach 36 and re six. This is an overall q ification in support of circulation of weight, qi, and then also . Of course, advising people to avoid phlegm producing food, milk dairy fried food, spicy food in moderation only.

These are really important aspects to support the, or prevent being sick and also balancing your life between rest and activity. These are all important things. But when we have a pathogenic influence, then we need to consider some other points. And it all depends on the signs and symptoms of the patient that’s presenting.

Sometimes if there’s more heat we’ll need to use or points that relieve heat D 14 and large intestine 11 rather than . Four. When we have more cold, we might need to use lung seven and large intestine four to relieve the exterior and gallbladder 20 to help relieve the wind and triple burner.

Five. we Can also consider using cupping and again the same thing for prevention, preventing, avoiding phlegm producing foods and which is milk products. Wheat products and fried foods, spicy food all of that should be reduced or avoided. And of course, drinking warm soups are very helpful for supporting the immune system and from the center.

The formulas that we might consider Yan is for wind heat in the exterior. Ian is also for wind, heat, but when cough is added in Yin Yan, you will have a little bit of sore throat. anG is when there is a little bit of that kind of un imbalance between the ying and the way. So there’ll be cold symptoms, but the disease might seem to be a little more lingering.

GaN Mal Ling is a patent medicine that is made for I think the main in symptom that I usually look for gun ling is, is a sore throat because it has some really herbs that clear heat and toxins and are specific for the throat. And also shouting tongue is when we have cough and a lot of cold phlegm.

So these are example formulas. wHen we have formulas for when we have formulas for a pathogenic influence this is a continuation, we might need to use xang. If it is a penetrated, the more the middle layer or the Shao yang level we sometimes need to support with

Oh. Support the resolution of of phlegm. Just to clarify now, these are form the formulas that I am talking about are formulas that help to recover from a pathogenic influence. So sometimes we have patients that come in and they’re . They had a cold or a flu and they’re still not a hundred percent clear.

This is really important aspect that needs to be addressed because we need to clear the pathogenic influence and sometimes the res, the residual from the pathogenic influence is usually or could be pH flaming dampness, which can linger and we want to help the body kind of support.

Resolving that completely. So these are formulas that we might consider for that. Hai Huang is one of them. When there, the pathogens lingering in the middle level, urchin tongue, if there’s too much or residual phlegm. Cia ang. is When there’s flamin, its really stuck in the throat, right? It’s like the plumet formula.

Ling Baan is the formula when we have dampness in the spleen in the center, and BHO one ian or variation of bowel one when we have residual issues with digestion or with the digestive system. So these are the formulas for recovering. so Thank you for listening. I hope this little short talk helped you understand how to maneuver or look at formulas from different formulas to support the immune system during these winter months.

We have a lot of the patients coming with these kinds of issues.


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