Acupuncture Liability

Acupuncture Liability

AAC Acupuncture Liability Insurance

Millions of individuals throughout the world visit acupuncturists every year for treatment and relief. Despite the fact that acupuncture is still considered to be an alternative treatment, there is plenty of evidence to support its legitimacy, including first hand testimonies.

Chronic sufferers, who have been treated with acupuncture, report that their conditions have improved or that their ailments have been cured altogether. In fact this non-conventional treatment method has an astonishing success rate of with over 90% of patients reporting an improvement in symptoms with regular acupunctural treatments.

Acupuncture Liability Insurance

Due to the controversial nature of this treatment, practicing professional acupuncturists are especially vulnerable to allegations of malpractice. AAC Acupuncture Liability Insurance exists to protect individuals operating in this field who could be at risk of accusations and lawsuits.

In the rare event that a professional error is made, AAC Acupuncture Liability insurance is there to back the practitioner and protect their best interests. Unfortunately, without the protection of insurers, an acupuncturist in the circumstance of a lawsuit could suffer extensive damages and occupational loss.

Choosing American Acupuncture Council (AAC)

If you are a practicing acupuncturist operating in the United States, you could benefit from the coverage offered through the American Acupuncture Council. The AAC offers extensive insurance coverage in the field of acupuncture available to all practitioners operating in this high-risk occupation. AAC protects you in the unlikely event of a complaint while granting you the peace of mind required while operating with confidence, knowing that your reputation is secure.