Acupuncturist Workers Compensation Insurance

Jan 23
Employers in all states in the US, with the exception of New Jersey and Texas, are required by law to have workers compensation insurance. It is aimed to provide coverage for employees who suffer a work-related illness or injury. This includes those who are working in the acupuncture industry. If you are running an acupuncture business, acupuncturist workers compensation insurance is one important item that should be included in your to-do list; you should work

Start The New Year Off Right with Acupuncture Business Insurance

Dec 28
Here’s an important truth: Whether you are just starting to run an acupuncture clinic or you have been in this industry for quite some time, consider your business at risk from lawsuits filed by patients (most especially if you are in the US). With that said, it is imperative that you put some level of protection for your name and your brand. Consider getting an acupuncture business insurance. Here are some important reasons to get

Affordable Acupuncture Malpractice Insurance – The Importance of Quotations

Nov 28
If you are planning to establish your own acupuncture clinic, chances are that you are going to purchase a liability insurance to protect your reputation and your business in case there will be complaints from clients lodged against you. Should there be a legal challenge arising, you can be confident that you will be okay, knowing that you are being protected by an acupuncture malpractice insurance policy. When shopping around for an insurance protection, one

Tips on How to Find an Affordable Acupuncture Malpractice Liability Insurance

Oct 29
In the age of internet technology wherein a bunch of resources is just right at your fingertips, readily available for your perusal, it can still be a daunting task to find an affordable acupuncture malpractice liability insurance. That is because you tend to experience an information overload with online resources. Of course, you want to get the best value of your money so it is just understandable that you be extra careful. So, the question

The Biological Plausibility of Acupuncture

Sep 28
(and how it relates to acupuncture malpractice liability insurance) Acupuncture – an alternative therapy that involves needle insertions into targeted areas of the body – has been making great strides in the medical landscape despite the fact that there are still a lot of people who find it a relatively controversial subject. Why is acupuncture gaining more and more popularity in the medical field and what are the implications of this trend to acupuncture professionals

Heads up! Some Exciting Updates on AAC Malpractice Insurance Policy

Aug 31
As a premier provider of acupuncture malpractice insurance policy, your American Acupuncture Council (ACC)is constantly improving its products and services to see to it that the company gives nothing but the best service you can find in the industry today. True to our words, we have now more coverage built-in standard and we are excited to share with you in this post each and every detail of the added coverage in your policy. So, are

Acupuncturist Malpractice Insurance: Addressing Health Issues in children; Integration of Chinese Medicine to Western Medical Practice

Aug 06
In this post, we are sharing useful insights from a recent Live Event by Dr. Sam Collins of the American Acupuncture Council, with his guest, Dr. David Miller. Their discussion revolved specifically about addressing health issues in children of all ages and the things that acupuncturists can do in order gain more traction in the western medical practice. Here’s the gist of that discussion: Why communication is so important. Not all patients who come to

Core Components of Health for Children of All Ages; Integration of Chinese Medicine to Western Medical Practice

Jul 31
In this post, we are sharing the discussion from the recent American Acupuncture Council Live Event by Dr. Sam Collins with his guest, Dr. David Miller. They discussed the core components of health for children of all ages. More specifically, they talked about the key role of holistic approach in addressing health issues in children. This live event also provides useful insights for acupuncture practitioners – on how they can incorporate Chinese medicine to western