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The AAC Pledges to Raise $300,00 for Acupuncture Research

The American Acupuncture Council has committed to fundraising $300,000 for the non-profit organization: Consortium for Oriental Medicine Research & Education (COMRE). With the support of the entire acupuncture community, and worldwide leaders alike, AAC will work tirelessly so that we can meet this goal which will directly serve for the betterment and enrichment of the acupuncture profession. COMRE was founded with the purpose and objective of advancing the development and promotion of alternative medicine in the United States. With greater awareness of the benefits and proven efficacy or oriental modalities, COMRE aims to bridge the divide and bring the art of healing to the attention of national healthcare providers and patients alike. To learn more about how you can support this worthy cause, visit us at Community Outreach.

Say Hello to AAC at PCOM

Stop by our booth and say hello to the friendly faces of the American Acupuncture Council at the upcoming Pacific Symposium in San Diego from October 28 to November 3, 2015. We will have some great giveaways and it is always a pleasure to meet new and existing clients and discuss the many exciting benefits of membership with the AAC.

The Pacific Symposium is hosted by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The annual Symposium is a great opportunity to network with fellow community healers while learning from innovators in the field. To learn more about the Symposium, or to register please visit:

HIPAA Compliance Audits on the Horizon

Recently the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) did a study and found that the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), which has responsibility for HIPAA compliance, is not doing enough to ensure covered entities (CEs), including healthcare providers and insurers, are effectively following HIPAA requirements. They found that most activities were reactive, not proactive. The OCR agreed with report’s recommendations and that they need to do more oversight actvities.

Look for more HIPAA compliance audits and enforcement activities in the coming months as funding for these activities is provided to the OCR.

Have you gotten all your compliance requirements met? This includes: establishing your policies and procedures; implementing them within your practice; ensuring everyone has taken training; ensuring all your business associates have signed a BA Agreement and have security controls in place; and performing a risk assessment; just to name the major requirements.

Make plans in the near term to address all HIPAA compliance requirements.

NOTE: All the 50 State Attorneys General office are also ramping up to do their own HIPAA compliance audits and enforcement, in addition to the OCR’s activities.

See the full report at