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The Consortium for Oriental Medicine Research & Education Foundation

We are a not for profit organization which provides funding for the advancement of Oriental medicine systems.

The Consortium for Oriental Medicine Research & Education (COMRE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding quantitative and qualitative research addressing the clinical value and physiological effectiveness of Oriental medicine systems. COMRE was founded by the American Acupuncture Council as a result of the AAC’s desire to provide financial aid to programs supporting the research, development and advancement of alternative healthcare modalities. COMRE’s mission is to provide funding for the advancement, promotion and integration of Oriental medicine systems including acupuncture, herbal therapy, and other modalities

About the Chairwoman

Marilyn Allen is a founding member of COMRE.

Marilyn Allen is a founding member of COMRE. Ms. Allen is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on the subject of alternative healthcare professions and serves as the Editor of Acupuncture Today, one of the leading periodicals for the acupuncturist profession. Ms. Allen regularly speaks at associations, schools, and regulatory boards on the topics of practice management, risk management and ethics. In addition Ms. Allen is currently serving as the liaison to the World Health Organization for the International Classification of Traditional Medicine Committee and is a U.S. delegate to the International Standards Organization’s technical advisory group.


How We Help
We provide extensive funding to medical and scientific communities for research and development of Oriental medicine practices.


PartnerCOMRE works diligently with medical facilities, foundations, hospitals, and universities to expand the scope of Oriental medicine research and increase the number of clinical trials.


COMRE provides financial aid for the development of clinical trials which attempt demonstrate the effectiveness of Oriental medicine modalities.


COMRE representatives work directly with the World Health Organization for the development and standardization of Oriental medicine ICD-9 codes & ICD-10 codes


Through education, occupational resources, media support, and legislative advocacy COMRE is committed to advance the quality of U.S. healthcare by the integration of Oriental medical systems.

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Your contribution will advance the integration of Oriental medicine systems in the United States and allow our population to share in the benefits that others have experienced for centuries.
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