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The Value Of Acupuncture Insurance Quotes

Getting insurance is one practical decision you can make for your acupuncture business. It acts like a safety net not only for your professional name but your business as well, in case somebody from the side of your clients tries to drop you onto a legal battleground stemming from “malpractice.” But how can you be sure you get a favorable insurance package considering an overwhelming number of insurance providers are out there? One strategic approach you can employ is to request acupuncture insurance quotes.

By requesting acupuncture insurance quotes, you increase your chances of getting the best deal the insurance industry can offer. And the following is what is at stake:

Malpractice coverage. While getting injured or having adverse reactions to acupuncture procedures is relatively uncommon, you should not take chances as an acupuncture business owner, especially since this job involves insertion of needles at various depths. A typical insurance package includes malpractice coverage to protect you from patients who may complain of injury or harm from your treatment.

Business interruption coverage. You can customize your acupuncture insurance coverage to include the protection needed in case of untoward business disruptions due to natural calamities, fires, or accidents. Acupuncture insurance that provides business disruptions coverage can compensate your business for lost income, ongoing expenses coverage, and quick recovery assistance.

Financial protection. Lawsuits are not only time-consuming; they can also flush your finances down the drain. That is why something must protect you and your business, and that is where acupuncture insurance comes into play.

Business property coverage. Acupuncture procedure requires specialized equipment and furnishings; thus, they need protection. You get the protection you need for your property with acupuncture insurance. The coverage includes repair, replacement, or reimbursement.

General liability coverage. It protects your acupuncture business from diverse clients claiming damage for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury occurring within your premises during their visits.

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Acupuncture Owners Insurance: Know Your Coverage Options

If you are an acupuncture clinic owner, you understand that your business must have some protection. You can realize that by obtaining acupuncture owners’ insurance. However, getting one can be more complex than it appears to be. For one, not all insurers can offer an insurance policy that best fits your unique needs. For another, an overwhelming number of providers say they are the best in town, which can challenge your decision-make process as you choose from plenty of options.

If you are to buy acupuncture owners insurance, here are some options to consider adding to your custom-designed policy to have more comprehensive coverage.

Professional liability insurance. It offers protection for you from potential malpractice lawsuits., which is necessary considering how delicate the nature of acupuncture services and our litigious society are. Remember, acupuncturists like you are still vulnerable to lawsuits – even in the absence of professional errors.

Business personal property. It offers protection to the named insured for lost, stolen, or damaged property of the business, such as equipment. For example, a treatment table, furniture, or other business property not a permanent fixture of the building structure can fall under this insurance policy.

Premises liability. Commonly called slip or trip and fall insurance. This endorsement covers the potential risks of a guest on the premises alleging damage to their personal property or injury in the clinic area, such as slipping from a wet spot on the floor, tripping on a frayed rug, or fainting and falling off the treatment table.

The acupuncture industry has been experiencing a rapid expansion in recent years due to rising demands. We expect this to continue as data suggest more and more people seek alternative treatments. Make sure your business is ready for a potential surge of more clients and issues that may come along with it.

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Ask These Questions Before Buying An Acupuncture Business Insurance

As an acupuncturist running your own clinic, you are aware that your business can be vulnerable to several issues. From an accident of fire to natural disasters to lawsuits – all these can shake your business survival and your professional reputation. Indeed, what you need is protection from such issues and an acupuncture business insurance can give exactly that.

Acupuncture business insurance helps cover your expenses associated with disaster restoration as well as legal proceedings, in case of a lawsuit. It can cover the salary or the benefits of your staff as well should any of them get into a work-related accident.

Given the value of insurance, it is imperative that you choose a reputable insurance provider in the market. The goal is to find one that delivers its promise.

Asking the following questions can help find the most qualified in town.

Why does my acupuncture business need insurance? As mentioned above, you need some level of protection from both natural calamities and accidents as well as from possible complaints from patients. Remember that the patients’ health is in your hands, so it makes sense that there is something that protects your business and your professional reputation. It is worth mentioning also that insurance can give protection in case of the worst-case scenario – bankruptcy.

How much does an acupuncture business insurance cost? In a puzzling maze of acupuncture insurance options, purchasing one can be a challenge. But, here’s the thing about the cost: consider using comparison sites for acupuncture insurance. Your goal is to find out the average price in your area as this can serve as your benchmark whether or not you are getting a good deal relative to the coverage packages.

What does acupuncture business insurance cover? Not all insurance providers have the same level of value when it comes to packages, but a good acupuncture insurance plan provides coverage on business and property, general liability, and professional liability. When you get these three, you can rest assured, knowing that you and your business are protected.

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Acupuncture Business Insurance Options

Running a business can be so challenging and an acupuncture business is no exemption. The reason? You tend to face issues from different fronts from time to time. But that should not stop you pursuing your passion for business – whatever type it may be.

If you are running an alternative healthcare business, particularly an acupuncture clinic, you can be vulnerable to lots of issues. From treating patients to managing workers, for example, you can be subject to legal complaints. Should that stop you? No. The good news is, there are available acupuncture business insurance packages that can protect your reputation and your business.

If you do not have the acupuncture insurance you need yet, you can have one that can help you in several ways. Consider the following:

Business Owner Policy – A package policy that is aimed to cover major property and liability exposures as well as a loss of income if a business cannot operate for some time. For example, if a hurricane damages your property or if it gets flooded, and you have to close for two months, a business owner policy would give coverage.

Workers’ Compensation – Acupuncture business insurance may also cover workers’ compensation. This package inclusion pays for medical care and rehabilitation for employees who get injured on the job or contract a work-related illness. Besides, it can cover a part of a worker’s lost salaries, give disability benefits, and death benefits for the dependents of employees killed in work-related accidents.

Massage therapy malpractice – Acupuncture insurance may also include massage therapy malpractice coverage, which covers energy therapy, movement therapy, and spa therapy.

Running an acupuncture business is a challenging undertaking. But getting insurance will significantly reduce the anxiety, knowing that it can protect you from suits that may be lodged against you in the course of your practice.

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Tips When Choosing For The Best Acupuncture Insurance Coverage Options

Acupuncture insurance service providers are not created equal; some are just better than the others in terms of giving acupuncture insurance coverage options. This means that you need to do your homework; spend time to scrutinize each of your prospects so that you are able to pick the best one in town.

In this post, we are giving some tips on what should be your criteria in choosing a company so that you are able to find one that can give value for your money.

Reputation. An acupuncture insurance service provider may claim they are the best in town but the people might be saying otherwise. Reputation can be measured by the number of positive reviews from customers as well as the number of recognition from trusted organizations within the industry. Make sure that you are able to read some reviews from legitimate customers to get some good information that can be used for assessment.

Transparent charges. Reputable companies are transparent with their charges; they give quotations that have no hidden costs. And, above all, they give packages at reasonable prices. To determine whether or not they are giving a fair deal, checkout the industry average of acupuncture insurance prices. When their price is way more than the industry average, that should ring the alarm bell.

Flexibility of coverage options. The insurance you need vary according to how your business performs. This is why it will work to your advantage if you choose one from acupuncture insurance coverage options which allows you to add specifics to the coverage. Many of such options can be requested throughout the policy year. As a result, you get a more customized package; something that is tailored to your business needs.

Length of service in the industry. Why does it matter? The length of time the company in service is a good measure how resilient it is. The longer the company in business means that it has weathered the test of time and gained the necessary experience to provide even better acupuncture insurance services.

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Tips on hiring admin & associate superstars for your acupuncture clinic

Getting the right staff is important to any acupuncture clinic (or to any company for that matter) as they can contribute a lot for the attainment of business goals. Hire employees that are competent and can work with you in order to achieve business success, those staff are worth-keeping; they can be considered as pillars that make the foundation of your business even stronger. Be careful in your hiring process so that you find people who are the right fit for the job.

Your staff’s (admin, associates) important roles in your practice include:

  • Serves as frontliner; they are the first contact for patients
  • Help instill confidence in patients about your acupuncture business
  • They can be knowledgeable as practitioners, and can offer help beyond their job description

The question now becomes: How do you hire a ‘superstar’ staff? American Acupuncture Council, through the video hangout of Dr. Sam Collins and Dr. Lorne Brown, provides some tips on how to hire the right staff for your clinic. Some of these are the following:

Hiring for culture fit

Dr. Lorne Brown emphasized in the discussion regarding hiring for culture fit. What does it mean? It means you have to look for candidates whose “values, beliefs, outlook and behavior fit in with your organizational culture. Employees who are a good cultural fit will work well within the environment of the company.”

 Training staff

As your staff plays an important role for your acupuncture practice, it is imperative that you train them well to realize their optimum potential. In case you are anxious about investing on them (some would argue: why invest on them when you are not sure if they stay in your clinic for a period that you get your ROI), Dr. Brown said:

“So what I have done that’s not so much a non compete agreement. What I’ve done is as follows: I pay for my associates, a lot of those things. they become employee loans that are forgivable. And you can choose the date, four years, three years. The way I do it is, “I’m gonna pay for this for you, and it’s gonna be a loan. And if you’re in my clinic four years from today, the loan is 100% forgivable. I’m doing this because I don’t wanna pay for this and you leave in one year. I’d be resentful. And if you choose to leave in one year, I won’t be resentful because you’re gonna have to pay every penny back.” And so this is what I’ve done with my staff.”

Factors that lead to staff’s better performance and personal satisfaction

  • Autonomy is when they feel they are in control
  • Mastery is when they feel like using their full potential and achieve personal and corporate growth
  • Purpose is when they feel like their work matters and makes an impact to patients and the acupuncture industry as a whole

Outlining the hiring process

  • Create a clear job description and expectations
    • What this job is and what it isn’t
    • Include relevant position details, including hours, salary, benefits, and location
  • Post job requisition in places with high visibility
    • Craigslist, LinkedIn, College Job boards/Schools, professional affiliations, personal network
  • Give the candidates a specific action for them to complete to assist in resume sorting
    • Sending a cover letter on why they are an ideal fit for the position

To learn more about hiring highly competent staff for your acupuncture practice, watch this video:

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