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Questions To Develop Your Marketing Mindset – Jeffrey Grossman


Hello. Hello and welcome. Thank you once again to the American Acupuncture Council for inviting me back for one of their To The Point marketing trainings. So I really appreciate coming back here, sharing some insights and wisdom to help guide you towards building a more profitable, more successful practice.

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I understand that many practitioners really struggle with marketing and I don’t blame you. You were never really given the right tools on how to really grow your practice and market your business. And today I’m going to share with you four critical questions to help develop your marketing mindset now and into 2021. And these aren’t about strategies today. It’s not about specific protocols that you could or should be using in your practice. This is just to help you shift your mindset for success for now and into the future. So once again, thank you AAC for inviting me.

My name is Jeffrey Grossman. I am an acupuncturist here in Washington state. I started practice in 1998 and since then I’ve created acupuncture. Media works, where we make marketing tools for acupuncturists. We also do websites for acupuncturists as well at Accu perfect websites. So I’ve been boots on the ground in the industry, both being in practice and also being a, running a business and talking to many, many practitioners over the years. So, um, I’m grateful to be able to be here to dispense, you know, even a simple Pearl of wisdom that you can walk away with that can help shift your mindset and shift the way you grow your practice. So, um, these four critical questions are aimed to help, uh, develop your marketing mindset. And these are things that you could be asking yourself all year long to prepare for greater success. But before I move on, I want to remind you of something that’s very important.

Okay. Here’s what that is. We change lives. Okay. So I want you to think about that for a second. As an acupuncturist, you signed up to change lives every single day in your practice. You’re out there changing lives. We are an incredible resource. We’re natural healers. We know all about immunity. We know all about natural remedies. We know how to transform illness into vitality, reprieve, good health through good, free flowing, balanced cheat. And this medicine is powerful. People need you, right? And they need what you’re offering. And they’re looking for advice and they need your help. They need your services. But what they read, I really need is they really need to know that you exist and what’s in it for them. And by them knowing that you exist, you’ve got to get out there and market your practice. Most practitioners I’ve been in contact with really struggled in their business, especially now after things that we’ve been going through.

And there’s a lot of struggle out there in the world. And many practitioners aren’t even able to financially meet, ends meet. But the thing is marketing is one of those things that you really need to be employing in your practice as a regular thing weekly, you need to be tapping into that. So when patients, um, you know, most people out there don’t even know that you exist, let alone that you can help them with just about every element under the sun. But I want to help you change that. I want help position you as the go to acupuncturist in your community. And to do that, you need to understand three fundamental things about what you do. Okay? Fundamental thing. Number one, you wear the hat of a healer and you do that so well with your point, prescription, your diagnosis and your tongue diagnosis and your differential diagnosis and all of that beautiful stuff that you do as a healer.

You’ve got that fundamental thing. Number two, you wear the hat of an entrepreneur. Yes, you are an entrepreneur. You are a business person. You that’s what you do by, by the shared nature of the fact that you are in private practice. You’re an entrepreneur and you’re running a business. So kudos to you for being an entrepreneur and fundamental thing. Number three, yeah. Is that you wear the hat of a superhero in your community because you do your superhero, you change lives, right. Superheroes, what do they do? They help people change their lives for the better. And that’s exactly what you do. You are the CEO of your business, and I’ll prove that to you in a second. So you take all the duties and the responsibilities that any CEO does. So let’s go ahead and I want to kind of just have you check off a couple things here.

I’m gonna go down a little list and let me know which one of these things or all of these things that check off for you. Um, and you know, Mark them out, down on the piece of paper with each one that pertains to you, right? So are you responsible for leading your business and making major decisions for it? Check that off. If you do, are you the figurehead of your business when communicating with government entities or getting your license done, or even communicating to the general public check, do you lead the development of your business, businesses, longterm and short term strategies? I would assume you do. Do you manage overall operations and make major decisions affecting your business? Will likely do you manage your businesses, resources and finances. And do you negotiate or approve agreements and contracts for your business like with insurance companies? So if you checked off most at at least three or four of these six CEO traits, right then ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, you are an official CEO.

You might not be making sense $250,000 a year, like some CEOs do, but you are running your business, running your company, and you are the spearhead of that. And I know it’s not what you signed up for when you went to acupuncture school, but here’s where you are. You own a business, you make money, you have responsibility. So that’s why I think it’s important with what we have been going through here. Now that we are close to a change of the seasons change of the year. You need to ask yourself these questions that any CEO would be asking themselves. And don’t just ask them once a year, reflect on them, monthly, weekly, and even daily. So my hope for you is that you become prepared, but you start thinking like a CEO that you embrace this new marketing mindset. And of course, change this world.

One person, one needle at a time. Cause you can do that. The goal of marketing is to be, uh, be seen and figure out how to stand out from the crowd. And this is how you build lifelong relationships. This is how you build a stable and strong practice. So here are the four questions that you should be asking yourself to create that CEO mindset. Question, number one, how do I stand out from the noise and get attention? Right? So the old idea of getting attention was look at me. You know, it’s getting out there and you’re, you’re saying out in your shouting and we are bombarded every day by everyone showing up and telling us how awesome they are, right? People are vying for our attention all the time. So much so that we’re experiencing a constant barrage of messages that we’re conditioned to ignore because we’ve been visually bombarded for years, attention does noticed, but it also gets noticed quickly.

And it doesn’t build your practice for the longterm today’s attention that you should be getting is different today. You want to go and their attention by building relationship and nurturing it over time. So how does one get attention and stand out? Good question. So, one thing to do is to let people know that you’re here, right? How can you be remarkable and stand out to people in your community? How can you let people know what it is that you do? What can you do that is uncommon, unusual, and surprising to start building and relationships with prospects and your patients. How can you make people experience that wow, wow. Factor of your clinic and what you offer them. I don’t know. I don’t know what each of you offer and how you can do that, but that is just something to think about. How can you be uncommon, unusual, and create surprise and wow for your patients to build that remarkable relationship?

The other thing that to do is something that you do really well these days is to offer empathy. Okay? And some of us, probably a little too empathic with our patients there, but most businesses don’t seem to care much about you, right? Maybe they have crappy customer service or media, or you might have a mediocre experience at a, at another store or another clinic, but sometimes just caring more than your competitors can be enough. And you already own this, right? Have empathy. You have appreciation, you have compassion. And so probably have a general feeling of, um, well, uh, we’re all in this together. And this is going to get you noticed by your prospects and your patients, empathy and caring and sharing like you do in your practice goals a long way. And then this is what helps stimulate tons of it, referrals and positive reviews.

And the other way to stand out is to realize that standing out from the side, you have noise in your space probably won’t happen overnight, right? But you can use this to your advantage because when many of your competitors get frustrated or bored and move on to other things, because they don’t see any results right away. This is when you persevere, you stay focused, you continue serving your patients with empathy, with empathy and being remarkable and being surprising and really showing up. If you can keep a fresh perspective and stay motivated longer than most of your competition, your voice is going to be eventually heard and you will emerge as that leader in your practice. So the question to you is how do you stand out from the noise and get attention and how will you stand out from the noise and get attention moving forward from this day forward.

I’d love to see your comments in the chat below the video here. Just let me know what, what are you going to do to help stand out and create this wow factor doctor for your patients? Question number two, how do I leverage the season creating marketing campaigns that result in new patients? Great question. So what can you plan now to take you into next month and the months beyond what’s coming up? Are there holidays, are there special events? Are there, um, celebrations are their birthdays, are their births? What can you do now? Project your planning and your marketing in the new season right now you might be tapping into the change of seasons or for fall or winter as an occupant. How can you help that remarkable wow factor or that surprise and share some information and leverage the season to inform your patients about wearing a scarf or tonifying their, their kidney cheek or wearing a horror Maka or special, or, or eating certain foods that are warming and nurturing and things of that nature.

What can you do over the next few months? Right. The other thing to think about too is when you, how do you, what’s your super power, right? What drives you as an acupuncturist now just treating, but educating and teaching. Where do you Excel at? Are you a great teacher? Do you love speaking? Do you love one on one conversations? Do you, are you really good at chigong or tight cheek? Can you teach that? What, what’s your marketing super power. I’d love to find out, put some comments in the chat box. Where do you Excel? I just want to know that about you. I just want to kind of tap into where you guys resonate in that area and through that, how can you tap into that expertise and that experience to, you know, motivate your clinics, educate your prospects, and kind of have this other aspect of growth in your clinic.

So question number two, how can you leverage the season and create marketing campaigns that result in new patients? Okay. Question number three. How do you continue to grow your audience? Okay. And deepen your relationships with them. What are you doing every day? Every week, every month and every quarter to nurture the relationships that you’ve already developed with your patients? Well, there’s a saying out there, I think it’s like called the Sufis effect or something like that. Um, I’m rolling the stone up the Hill to the top of the Hill. Then it rolls back down again and push, push, push, push to the top of the Hill. It goes back down again. And that is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results. And a lot of times I see practitioners doing the same marketing again and getting the same results, which are not so good.

And so I guess the question would be is what, you know, one of the things that you have going for you right now, if you’ve been in practice for a year or more, you’ve got a whole database of patients that are in your clinic right now in your folders that might be inactive. Now nurturing the relationships that you have already established is the best place for you to focus your mindset and your attention in growing your practice, because you’ve already built trust. You’re already built likeability and they already know you. So you’ve already spent that time. I mean, energy developing those three factors of relationship building with them. So why not continue to nurture that? Why not continue to tap into that? And instead of going out and spending money on ads or doing some talks fo focus on nurturing the relationship that already exists and continue to grow that audience and deepen those relationships with them.

So what’s in your marketing plan. What kind of content engagement plan will you have? Are you going to be doing any Facebook live on how acupressure can help tonify the immune system or, um, any types of, uh, will you be sharing some recipes on how, um, foods, um, for, for, for healing specific conditions, what kind of engagement plan and marketing plan do you have in place to nurture your patients and your prospects currently? Do you have one? If you don’t have one and you’re struggling, feel free to reach out to me. Uh, you can send me an email at Jeffrey at acupuncture, media works.com and I’d be more than happy to speak with you and try to help you wrap your head around certain ways that you can continue to grow your audience and deepen your relationship with them. And question number four, that being the CEO that you are, you should be asking yourself.

So this is what creative ways can you use content to get clients, okay, what are you good at? And where do you get stuck? Right. So maybe like I said earlier, maybe you’re good at talking or maybe you’re good behind a camera. Maybe you’re good in front of people. Maybe you’re good on one, on one. What kinds of weird things that can you tap into and creative ways to share content with your clients? And, um, you know, especially now that we’re, there’s a lot more tele-health out there, there’s a lot more practitioners that are doing remote sessions. How can you turn that into a benefit for your practice and actually make an income from you for that? So what the idea would to do, it’d be like maybe you could teach a, a webinar on immune health or acupressure for anxiety or breathing techniques to alleviate stress, right?

Easy stuff out there that you could really use content. What kind of articles are you putting out each month to inform and inspire patients about the change of seasons or immune health through acupuncture or acupressure techniques for X, Y, Z condition and so on. So what content do you have at your disposal that you could use and what kind of content can you find out there on the web to help you develop creative ways to stay in communication with your clients? Because if any of you have heard me speak in the past, I talk about the top, staying in top of mind awareness with your patients. What can you do on a regular basis to stay in Toma top of mind awareness. So they know people you don’t fall, they don’t fall out of, you know, your, you don’t fall off their mind, so they know where to turn to in times of need.

So no matter what stage of practice growth that you’re in, you should be looking at the upcoming quarter and planning ahead for 2021 so that you can stand out from the crowd and get attention or well rather create some resonance and build those relationships with your patients. So, like I said earlier, you’re in the perfect position to change lives and the world. And in order to do that, people need to know that you exist. And in order for them to know that you exist, they need to know that you’re out there and how to find you through marketing, through communication, through getting in front of their minds. So they know who to turn to in times of need. What can you offer them? Hopefully today I’ve helped elevate your CEO status and help reframe your marketing mindset. Let me know what kind of takeaways that you’re, you’ve gotten out of today’s training.

I’d love to hear that in the comments below, and again, no matter what stage of practice growth that you’re in, you’ve got this, you’ve got the power of this medicine behind you. You just gotta get out there and share with the masses. You need to make a real plan, come up with a marketing strategy and tap into your superpowers. People need, you, don’t let them down. They need to know that you are here. And for those of you that are truly struggling in your practice, and you want to reach out and jump on a call for sending me an email or put some comments below here, you can reach me at Jeffrey, J E F F R E Y at acupuncture, mediaworks.com. Or you can put some comments here and I will check those for you. But again, thank you AAC for inviting me here to today’s training. And thank you guys for showing up and taking some time out of your busy day to be here, to share some insights and some, um, some, some knowledge, um, jobs, some knowledge bombs on you. So I’d love to hear about some of your takeaways. You can either reach me on an email or you can go ahead and just cover comments here. Anyway, stay beautiful. Change the world. One person, one needle at the time you’ve got this. We’ve got your back. Talk to you guys soon. Stay beautiful. Bye. Bye.

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3 Strategies to Grow Your Practice – Lorne Brown & Jeffrey Grossman



All right. I’m glad to be back on the AAC to the point webinar, giving you practice management tips and advice. My name’s Lauren Brown and I’m a doctor of traditional Chinese [inaudible 00:01:06] CPA. I practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at Accu Balance Walden’s Center, and I’m the founder of Healthy Seminars. Today I have a guest with us. His name is Jeffrey Grossman. He is an acupuncturist and is the founder of Acupuncture Media Works and AcuPerfect websites. So we gel well because we’re both acupuncturists with an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s been doing this since 2002. He’s been creating, sharing patient education materials, marketing tools, practice building materials and websites for the acupuncture profession. What I love about Jeffrey is that he understands that many practitioners think that marketing and sales and we’re going to talk about this today and something they just really don’t enjoy doing. However, it’s necessary because if you don’t sell yourself, who will?

His goal is to make the business of building a healthy, successful practice, fun and easy, and in a way that feels genuine and stress free. So with integrity, it is his passion to help practitioners grow their practice so that they can help more people spread the message of both the powerful health benefits of acupuncture and change the world. So we share that value that the world needs more prosperous acupuncturists to help end the suffering in the world. So let’s bring on Jeffrey Grossman. And we decided that we’re going to talk about the three strategies that he likes to grow your practice, both in slow times, they’ll basically in time. So Jeffrey, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me on, Lauren. I really appreciate it. I enjoy doing these types of talks or interviews or trainings or whatever you call them with you. Because you said, we do share a similar passion and without people like us and others in the world, and helping motivate and support the profession in their business and their marketing skills. The profession I feel will struggle a little bit because we’re not bred to be business people. We are bred to be healers, right? It may have taken us many different [inaudible 00:03:05] to become the practitioner that we are today. But being an acupuncturist you also have to be a businessperson and you are by that an entrepreneur and you’ve got to wear multiple hats. That’s and one of those hats, as you know you mentioned, it’s business and marketing. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. A couple of strategies that can help build your practice in slow times or pretty much anytime.

All right, well let’s talk about this because we know there’s a yin yang relationship to help when yin yang separate or there’s a disharmony, we get disease where we die. And the same thing with our practice. If you only focus on clinical, we’re not saying not focus on clinical, you need to be an excellent practitioner. But if you only focus on clinical neglect the business, your yin and yang of your business starts to separate and you suffer in practice or you have to find a new job. So let’s start off with… you talk a lot about how to easily build a referral practice without sounding salesy. Because I think that’s where a lot of us, in the culture of Chinese medicine, we just feel uncomfortable telling people why they should see us. So can you talk a little bit about how we can build a referral practice and feel good about how we’re doing that?

Sure. Well, one of the things I teach at practice management class in Washington here and one of the things I talk about with the students is how to ask for referrals. And it’s really pretty simple and really straightforward. The biggest thing you have to do is just ask. That’s really what you have to do is just ask for the referrals. And the best time that I have identified when to ask for referrals is just when patients come off of the treatment table. Because they’re feeling different, they’re feeling shifted, they’re feeling a little more energized or a little more pain-free or whatever it is that’s going on with them may have shifted a little bit. So they’re little more available to receive this conversation.

And when patients come up with treatment table and you ask them how they’re feeling, and if you’re asking them if they’re… let them know that you are trying to build a referral based practice and that you now have some openings to receive some more referrals and if they’re willing to help you out. And I think it’s been an important conversation that I’ve had with my patients over the years is to get them involved with helping to build the practice in the community. Because a healthy community keep… a healthy practice leads to a healthy community, which leads to a healthy environment for people to live in. And its been on of the thing-

I’ll add to that Jeffrey. I want to add to what you just said for them to really apply this to the clinic. So as Jeffrey’s saying for this referral is ask for it. So basically you’re letting your inside voice come outside. Because really if a patient comes off the table and I often will do it when they say, “Oh my God, you fixed my back”, or, “My eczema is gone”, or, “You helped me got pregnant”, or whatever it is. When they are telling you how happy they are, what you’ve done, my inside voice is, “Oh great, I wish I could treat more people like you. Would you please let them know about me?”

All Jeffrey is suggesting is let that inside voice be your outside voice. Because they’ve just given you praise and so you really [inaudible 00:06:19] it this way, “Hey, I’m really glad you benefited from the treatment. If you have any family or friends that are struggling with the same thing, can you please let them know about me? Because I like treating people just like you.” All right, continue on Jeff. I just wanted to give him a [inaudible 00:06:33].

No and that’s exactly it, Lorne. That’s the conversation to have. Because the thing is, I’m going to talk about this later on too, but you’ve got these levels of patients practice, A patients, B patients and C patients. A patients are the ones that you love, that you look at your schedule and you’re like, “Yes”. Your energy is like really resonant with them and it goes up. The C patients, you look at your schedule, you’re like, “Oh, okay, I can pull this together, I can work on these people.” And I was doing a talk just to one [inaudible 00:07:04] not too long ago and I talked about this very thing and I got a bunch of giggles because people get it, they understand that there’s these levels of patients, the ones that you really resonate with and the ones that you don’t.

And those are the patients that are really willing to refer to you and that are really open to it. And a lot of times patients don’t even know that you even have the ability in your schedule to receive patients. So that’s important to even let them know that you are now able to accept more referrals, that you have time in your schedule. And again, that all goes back to just asking patients at that opportune time, when they’re feeling better, when they’re feeling a shift, and literally having a conversation with them that, “Hey, I’m really glad that you’re feeling better and we helped many people like that with the same condition that you’ve been suffering with. And if you could think any people around off the top of your head who can benefit from the type of care that we’ve been offering you, if I give you some of these cards to hand out to those people, would you be willing to give those to those people?”

So just [inaudible 00:08:18] expectations with our listeners as well, is we get that it feels uncomfortable, especially at the beginning. That’s why you’re not asking because it feels uncomfortable and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. So just to let you know, you’re going to have to find some courage to do the ask. What Jeffrey is saying you got to ask otherwise they don’t know. And then it’s nice to do it after they have just had a great benefit and just say you would love to treat people like them if you know any friends and family, end of story. All it is is your internal voice coming into your external voice. The other expectation I want to let you know is not everybody is going to send people, so don’t take that personally, but if you don’t ask, you’re not going to get that anyhow. Any other tips for easily building referral practice? Otherwise, I’m happy to go and ask you some… pick your brain on a few other topics.

Yeah. Well, I just want to add one more thing about that. So when you start planting the seeds for referrals in your practice or anytime type of marketing for that matter, basically what you’re doing is planting the seeds and it’s not going to produce growth overnight. Every type of marketing activity that you do, every referral you ask for, every healthcare you attend, every talk you do, whatever it is that you’re putting out there in the world isn’t going to reap benefits immediately. So don’t get discouraged when you go out there and you do your health fair and no one comes in or you don’t convert people to be a first time paying patient or if you ask for referral and you’re not getting those immediately. Because again, it takes time and something that you mentioned Lorne, is it takes comfort and confidence to make that happen.

And I know a lot of practitioners are very introverted and they might not have that ability or that comfort level whether do you feel confident enough to ask these types of questions? One little insight I would love to share with you that changed my entire life of being in practice was joining Toastmasters. That shifted my existence and gave me the confidence and the ability to really probably even stand up and do this conversation today. I’ve been doing it for years and years so I feel super comfortable standing in front of a camera.

But when I started joining Toastmasters, and there’s a Toastmaster in every single city all around the world, I believe, and it just changed things for me. It gave me more confidence, I felt more assured of myself and my speaking abilities. So that’s one little tidbit I would love… if you guys are feeling unsure or not confident in your communication skills, check out Toastmasters. And check out a couple of them before you actually commit to one of them because there’re multiple ones probably within your zip code.

Good tip. Now we got about 10 minutes left cause we like these to be short, and powerful and impactful. So hopefully we can get through some of the questions I had for you. What do you recommend to position yourself as the go-to acupuncturist in your community, what advice do you have for our listeners?

Great. Well, a couple of things. I think getting out there as the go-to acupuncture is in your community you need to create a presence out there. You shouldn’t be just hiding behind your clinic doors day in and day out and just going in and leaving at the end of the day. You need to be out there, you need to be doing some health fairs, you need to be doing talks. That can really help position you as that go-to acupuncturist authority figure in your community. And, excuse me, and hosting internal events in your clinic, like patient appreciation days or end of the year holiday events and things of that nature. And one of the things that’s really important about doing any type of these external activities, whether it’s a health fair or a talk and you’re putting yourself out there, if you need something that you could be using to direct those people back into your practice.

I’ve talked about this plenty of times. We brainstormed it with probably you in the past, Lorne, but also in my practice management class, we are creating specific calls to action that get people from the outside world to step foot in your practice. And these are really important because with all the marketing that you do, you don’t want to just go to a networking event or a talk and at the end just be like, “Okay, see you good bye.” Or not have anything that you can hand out at networking events. You want something that you could literally hand off to people, whether it’s a practitioner to give to their patients or whether a prospect who might become a patient that will literally get them to step foot in your practice.

So aside from becoming… doing all the external marketing and getting your name and your face out there and being the voice of reason when it comes to health and alternative medicine in your community, it’s having something that you literally get people to take action to step foot in your practice. In the past we’ve talked about offering free mini stress reduction treatments, reduced rate clinical exams, comprehensive evaluations that are either free or low cost or something like that. So it’s something that can you easily create, there is Vistaprint out there, you can put something together, you can talk with your local printer or create a gift certificate itself. But it’s really a big piece I feel, of the marketing puzzle, that is overlooked in many practices.

So you’re suggesting, and I love this, always have a call to action and just get yourself out there? So doing talks, writing blogs, writing articles for third parties. I love your acupuncture happy hour that you recommend for that stress reduction in the clinic. And you can check of Jeffrey’s website because he’s got material on that and some PowerPoints on that idea. So it’s a fabulous idea. Patients get introduced with the minimal obstacles to come to your practice. They get to come in and have the relaxing stress free treatment is kind of a fun phrase. We call it Acubalance, my clinic Acubalance happy hour. You call it acupuncture happy hour, but it’s great. All these activities I want to remind you guys as well is, if you love what you do and you’re doing it to give rather than to get, then it’s really positive and you have a good experience and the vibe goes out to the public and the patients.

If you’re doing it to get, then you’re coming from resistance and they usually don’t work out so well, to be honest. It’s funny how that works. So you do it and it’s just that give or gain. Just having faith that it will come back to you. So you love the medicine and you want to help your community heals, so that’s the mindset. So now write an article to educate them, write a blog, an article for a third party, the happy hour, doing a talk and you’re getting yourself out there. And as Jeff said early on, a lot of these things, we call these stepping stones, as in they’re not like you do this and somebody automatically comes to your clinic, but if you do these several things and you do them over a period of time, months and years, you really get a cumulative effect, a compound effect.

So it’s not like, oh, you do a talk and you say, “Oh, it didn’t work.” Yeah, if you do one talk, you can’t assess that. Just like a patient comes to you and you do one treatment and they say it didn’t work, it doesn’t usually happen that way, right?


So it’s the same idea with this. So great idea with these call to actions.

Right. And I wanted to say one thing, one quick thing about the acupuncture happy hour. That has been in the past been one of my go-to tools to get people to come in to try the medicine and convert them to becoming first-time patients because it serves multiple purposes. It gets people in your clinic, it helps them overcome the fact these objections about acupuncture. Okay, most people have multiple objections about the medicine and it helps them overcome the fear issue that needles hurt because I use serin red, half inch needles, super tiny, super flexible in the ear, two point, point zero shenmen, right?

So they’re feeling that the problem is pain free. It overcomes their objection of does it work because they’re actually leaving the space, they’re shifted. Because I mean, I’ll ask all of you practitioners right now, if you do Point Zero Shenmen on your patient, are they going to feel different? Would they feel shifted leaving the space? They will. There’ll be on cloud nine or maybe cloud seven or getting up there either way, but that’ll help overcome that other objection. And those are the two main objections I feel like offering some type of event like that does. And it’s a great way to offer from a top or a healthcare class is come on in for free mini stress reduction treatment and a happy hour event. And then one other thing I wanted [crosstalk 00:17:00].

I love this as an objection for patients that, “Oh, it hurts”, or, “I don’t know if it works.” So this is great because you as a practitioner love the medicine and you want to help people, you want them to feel relaxed. They just have to get two points and then they feel it, experience it and you can’t describe that in words. So really, I love this happy hour in these two point Shenmen and Point Zero to really let them see how simple and how they can really experience that relaxation with acupuncture. Because a lot of people think, “How am I going to relax with needles in me?” Great idea. What’s the last last point you had there?

Oh, the last point is okay, so you mentioned this earlier that we as acupuncturists have this tremendous gift of healing, of transforming lives. I can talk about multiple people’s lives that I helped change over the years. I’m sure you can too. I mean, you’ve probably made many babies and families in the world here, right? And all of you out there, probably have experiences where you allow transformation to occur in your patient’s lives. Now my question to be hide that? Why not shout from the rooftops that this medicine is amazing because it absolutely 100% is safe, natural and effective and it shouldn’t be hidden.

So our marketing then should be standing on the laurels of the fact that this medicine is transformative, it’s amazing, it changes lives and that we have this gift from the tip of our needles that makes that shift happen. So knowing that, knowing that you are affecting change in a positive, creative way, why hide that from the world? I understand that people are self conscious and that you’re not feeling confident and that you’re not sure about what to say or communicate, but there are people out there, there are courses out there, there are ways to shift that conversation that many of us have been having all too often in our own lives that hold us back from being an amazing practitioner that we could be.

A great point. And this is that idea of marketing is salesy. So maybe just change the terminology because what you’re really doing is education. So Jeff said it so nicely, there’s people that will benefit for what you have to offer and you got into this profession because you want to help people. And so being quiet, you’re actually a disservice to your community because they don’t get to know about you. So just think of this as educations rather than you’re trying to get them in for your benefit. Think about it differently that educate the patients, if they know about you and they now understand the benefits, they get to choose whether they want to see you or not. So it’s not like they have to see you but they’ll never know about you or have the desire to see you if they don’t know about you and don’t know how you can help them.

So just call it education because that’s what marketing is, it can be just public education. Get yourself out there. Ask for referrals. If you get a compliment in the treatment room, just saying you want to see more people like you. And as you mentioned, keep investing in yourself. You talked about courses on practice management. So at healthyseminars.com we got more courses. Keep investing in yourself because that’s what’s going to make you attractive to your patients as well. Constantly build your confidence, constantly educate yourself.

And as we discussed this at the very beginning there’s a balance. You got your clinical skills, keep working on that. But we tend to not look at our business skills at all and most of us are struggling. Many people are struggling or have to find other careers and that’s not a service to the public either. So now’s the time to start to add a little bit of that, investing in your entrepreneurial skills. And so that way you can do what you love, which is treat people versus sitting in an empty treatment room.

We got to close up here, Jeffrey, any closing remarks? And [inaudible 00:20:57].

Yup, one last closing remark is thank you Lorne for having me here. I really appreciate that. The last closing remark is we owe it to our patients currently in our practice to market our practice to get out there because if we don’t we might not be in practice for very long. I’m not trying to scare anyone around this, but other people, if we don’t market our business, they’re going to find help elsewhere and maybe not the best kind of care that could be afforded them. That’s my last little insight into that. I’m sure you and I could talk for a long time about business and marketing so-

We’ll do this again on the… if you’ve seen this on Facebook, make a comment, actually what topics would you like me to have on the show? And I can do with Jeffrey if you have somebody else you want me to interview as well, post that in the comments as well. I’m happy to have other guests that you want to hear from and have a discussion with. Love to have you back again, Jeffrey, as well. I want to let everybody know that next week on the AAC to the point webinar, we have Virginia Doran, so tune into that.

Thank you Lorne.

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Affordable Acupuncture Malpractice Insurance – The Importance of Quotations

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Makes easy comparison of liability insurance deals. There are quite a number of malpractice liability insurance providers around and it can be a pretty challenging task in your part to check out each of their company profiles to learn more about their business. Requesting for a quote through their websites hastens such process. It makes an easy comparison of their products. Many companies today just send their detailed quotations through email. It is practical and efficient.

Gives protection tailored to your needs. Reputable acupuncture malpractice liability insurance companies provide more detailed forms to fill up so that you can have a quotation that is more specific to unique case. Aside from the basic business information, quote allows you to specify data like the limits of liability, zip codes or location of your practice, date of first licensure, among others. As a result, you can have the best option available for liability protection.

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