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Clarifying Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine



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Using Ma Huang in Formulas



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Hi, I’m Sharon Weizenbaum from the White Pine institute and the White Pine Circle. And I appreciate the American acupuncture council for having me here today. The topic of the lecture today is how to use Ma Huang safely. So I hope this is interesting to you all. So go to our first slide.

Okay. So we’re going to be looking at using Ma Huang safely in relation to some formulas and what Ma Huang does in these formulas and how it’s used differently. So we can get an idea of which formulas are really strong and bring out certain characteristics of my Hong and Richard are actually quite gentle, even though they have.

Ma Huang in them. So we’re going to be looking at first, this idea of cold damage, Ty, on Shanghai gone. So that’s on the surface of the body, this damage from cold, which is the quintessential pattern for which we give Ma Huang. And I’m going to be, I’m telling you more about how I see the use of mobile.

It’s a little bit different than, or my hometown a little bit different than the standard way of thinking about mom one time. So here are the symptoms that go along with the Mohan tongue pattern. Called damage, headache, fever, body, and back pain, joint pain, aversion to cold, lack of sweating, panting fullness of the chest.

And the pulse is tight and floating. So these are the symptoms that are listed in the Shanghai load for this pattern. And I’d like to just go over some of these with the idea. That the model long tongue pattern is a pattern in which the surface of the body is frozen shut. So just imagine that the surface of your body is frozen and therefore it’s.

So you can imagine if the surface of your body is frozen and shut, that you would be very cold. And with the Hong Kong pattern, this aversion to cold is really an extreme version of version. Like you cannot get warm no matter how many covers you put on. So you’re really cold, but at the same time, there’s this lack of sweating because the surface of the body is frozen clothes.

Now this panting that’s here is related to the fact that the surface of the body is completely closed down. The pores are not opening at all because they’re frozen shut. And it’s actually true that. For example, you got a bad burn over more than 60% of your body. You die of suffocation. So we actually breathe through the surface of our body quite a lot.

And so when the surface of your body is frozen closed, it’s difficult to breathe. So there’s. Panting. And the same is true of the fullness of the chest. It’s a deer lungs are not able to open and circulate. Now we’ll go back to the beginning, this a headache and body and back pain. This is a tie young pattern in the Tyrone channels.

Go up the back and onto the. And those are the channels that are frozen closed. So you feel really a lot of pain with a mom. One time pattern, you just feel so achy. It’s not a minor symptom, the way it would be with like a grade, your tongue pattern here, you just feel so achy. And the reason you have a fever is because all the time, the young and our body is going up and down.

So we’re always sweating a little bit, but we’re letting off body heat at the same time. And when we when the surface is frozen shut, that young comes to the surface of the body and accumulates. So you can get fever, it’s pathological heat. So it can’t keep us warm. In fact, we’re very cold so we can understand these signs and symptoms and that.

Holes is floating because the pathology and the life force is stuck up at the surface of the body. And it’s tight because it’s frozen, closed, floating can be in a certain position. Me that it’s, mostly in the term position, it can also mean in another position it’s towards the surface.

So usually with this pattern, that’s one position. Floating and tight. So if you have that image of the surface of the body being frozen closed, so imagine this is the frozen circle around your body. And so you feel all these symptoms, then you bring in my hometown. And so with montage, what we’re doing is bringing pungent warrants from inside the body.

We drink the herbs. Now we are punching warmth inside our body. And it goes up and out, punching in their bodies go, goes up and out. So we bring this pungent warmth into our body and it goes up and out and it melts the surface of the body. And therefore we swap. No. So then the sweat comes out.

And I sometimes ask my patients, do you feel, do you have a feeling like if only I could sweat, I would feel better. And usually a Moncton pattern is actually really good news because it’s so easy to treat. The person is so painfully uncomfortable and yet the herbs. So fast. And if the person, usually within 10, 20 minutes, they have a nice sweat and they feel such a sense of relief.

So anyway, so we have an idea about this cold damage that matches Mohan time. So now let’s look at as Mojang itself. And when we look at my home, we want to look at what it does in the body, but we also want to look. What’s the proportion of Mazatlan in the formula. Some formulas are long and have just a small amount of mamma.

Other formulas are short and have a big proportion of mama. What is the model and combined with that makes a really big difference in terms of the action of the Maha and what are the proportions of Maha to the other types of. And this will tell you the way and the extent to which you’re using mom’s characteristics.

Here’s my rooster out the window. Okay. So Maha Mo long is pungently and warmly stimulating upward on the surface of the body, up and out in a very warm way. Hung is also bitter and it’s bitterly descending an opening from the surface lung to the bladder. So we also have more long patterns where the surface gets frozen and it’s like putting your finger at the top of the straw and the water accumulates.

It can’t go down through the bladder. My hung is also hollow. And so it has this quality of opening through it too. So by opening the poor. You. You can then P I remember just a little story, anecdotal story that might help remember this. Like I said, I had a patient who had a urinary incontinence as a general rule, and she got a cold and it was a Mohan tongue pattern.

And her incontinence completely went away while she was sick. And she noticed that God, I’m coughing and sneezing, and I’m not. And it’s because those pores are closed and it holds that water in. Okay. So when we’re using Mont long, all the symptoms come from the pattern and they can vary a lot. So Mojang is very stimulating to the heart.

So it treats the opposite of that, where you feel fatigue and dog. With the Maha tongue pattern, you want to go to bed and just curl up and sleep. You’re so fatigued and doll. My Hong is warming to the surface, so it’s really good for cold and it’s opening to the surface. So it treats the panting and the lack of sweat it’s hollow and bitter.

So it opens the surface to the bladder to allow water, to descend. It also leads other. To the surface of the body. Okay. So here’s my hometown. So we look at this proportion of mob in a formula and we have three Leon or nine grams. And then we have six Leon of wager, six grams of Granger and 10 grams of shingles.

And then just a little bit of gun set with just three grams. So there’s the formula. So we see there’s a large proportion of third of the formula is . The other thing about mom on tongue is that it’s combined with great. So when you see mama combined with wager, this is going to be opening the surface and creating probably creating a sweat.

If it’s just a little bit of both, maybe not so much, but wager is like a potentiating or . So when you have more hung in a formula, as we’ll see, without wager, it’s not nearly so dispersed. To the surface of the body. So think of wager as potentiating model making it stronger. So the Afrikaan seed and the shadow Bansal Jamie says it’s sweet and warm, beneficially cold.

And with slight toxin, to me, the. The way that the shaman works in the montage is that while Mafong is making the the lungs and the surface of the body go up and out this we, and we’re losing liquid, right? It promotes this sweat. The sweetness brings in oyster for the lungs, and it also helps the lungs go down.

So we’re opening up the poor so that there’s breathing and then also descending the lungs. So rules, cough with reversal of the G, which is what’s happening. Then the chia is rising and getting stuck up about. So those are the primary things we want to notice there. And then 10 show you and says the seeds are more bitter than sweet.

So this gentleman, Sergeant hesitance was sweet, but also bitter, which is really why it is known to have this. Moving down. She said for the rising up of the cheek. So Shinran is in there really to help the lungs to send once they’re open. So if we’re looking at the lungs here at the top of the body, we have the rising on the left and the descending on the right.

She ran works here on the right, helping the lungs descend. And if you’ve watched my previous Videos you’ll know about this circle. So mama tongue is the quintessential model and formula it’s potentiated by Granger and it has little else to really control it. So it has this frozen exterior mama goes up and out and it’s also bitter.

So it helps descend with the Xing run. And then it dissolves the frozen. Okay. So now we’re going to look at another formula. And so maybe now you’ll notice in this formula though, there’s a lot of long proportionally given the amount of sure go. It’s actually quite a bit less than in my hometown. In addition, not only is it not potentiated by wager.

It’s also got the shirt go to balance it out. So if you think about what Shergill does, if mom’s long excites the heart and stimulates, sure go columns agitation. If mom goes up and out in order to help produce a sweat. Sure. Go. Opens up the young Ming to relieve and stops waiting. We know in, by Hutong, big sweat is one of the symptoms of

So we can see that shirk out really counteract some of the negative effects of ma Xing shotgun tongue. It’s also sometimes called mushing gunshot tongue, or

And so this is an amazing formula. I just love this formula. And so I want you to see how this formula is safe. You know what, with mom one time, not only are we worried. Someone is getting insomnia and having palpitations because it’s so exciting, but also we’re worried about their pores opening too much.

And them losing a lot of young through their pores and a lot of yen through the sweat, so there are a lot of cautions and contraindications for Mohan. However mushing. Sure. Gone Tonya is quite different. And in my experience, it doesn’t induce a sweat at all. And this formula is one reason.

I really love it. When you have some over and over again, great results with it and you feel just when to give it and you feel like you have a super power. And so I feel that way with mushing shirt on. So in this formula it’s really for when the surface was frozen and it really has just dropped into your lungs, not in a way that you’re getting better.

Like sometimes when you have a cold, as you’re getting better, you get a cough, but you feel actually not as bad as you did in the beginning. This is that feeling of. Oh, no, my condition’s gone south. I’m getting worse. It’s dropped into my chest. Really. This is going to turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

Just draw that feeling of dropping in. And you’ll have patients where, when they get a cold, it always does that. The beginning, it’s just a cold and then they’re, oh, no, dropped into my chest. I’m going to be in this for awhile. I’m getting worse. And. And this formula mushing turn on time.

It’s, just some opening the exterior, but really opening the downward movement of the lungs and preventing them from getting hot. For me, the shirt gal is not necessarily such a cooling or it does have a cooling effect, but that’s because of. Is pungent and it opens up the downward movement of the young men.

So if you were in a room and all the windows were closed in getting hotter and hotter, and then you’re just shitting all over the place because it’s getting hotter and hotter, it’s like opening the windows and it sure gal has the quality of going down, not from being bitter, but from the slivers actually being vertical.

Slivers of the stone. It’s also sweet. So the it helps to moisten the lungs back up when they’d gotten hot. So it’s just a beautiful formula when you take it. And it’s the right formula. Again, the result is almost instant, like whenever you have an acute issue and you get the formula, it, the results are usually really fast compared to working with a chronic issue.

But so you can see that the fear, like I’ve taken mushing shirt on Tom before and with long time. Oh my God. The littlest bit. And I would get palpitations because I’m so not a mop on Tom type of person. I don’t get mop on them. Tongue types of issues, but with mushing shirt on Tom, never a problem. I think a lot of people are really afraid to use mom long at all.

Oh, I can’t give somebody a formula, but what I’d like you to see is like all mom formulas are not the same. So here we have mashing shirt on top. The right solution is floating and slippery because of that heat and the young Ming and the sweating means that the lungs are blocked. And so here we have the and there’s this block in the young, main preventing the lungs from going down and it’s getting hot and you give the white tiger, which is sure.

Go and it clears that okay, the next formula I want to look at and I put the clauses here for you, but I’m not going to read them. And if you can look at this and see, okay, how strong is this in terms of opening up the surface of the body? Inducing a sweat and you can probably see, wow, this is really strong.

So it has Mojang at six Leon or 18 grounds and wager to potential. So dodging long-term is a formula. That’s going to strongly open up the exterior of the body. It’s going to create a sweat. You have to be careful with this formula. Now it also has sure go, but it’s got relatively less usher gal and a lot more of mom long.

So this is a formula to be careful with. Now we also have in this formula, the the. Three Musketeers. John Datta. And we have gone so in my hometown, but here, we also have shown John and dad’s house. And that’s super important for this formula because not only are you inducing a sweat and getting rid of young that way, you’re also giving sure go, that’s very cooling and you have to replace.

Those that fluid and warmth it from the stomach. So Sean, John, with that though, it starts this cooking process in the stomach of bringing in more fluids, especially with gun sale. So we can see in this formula, I would love for people to be able to now look at formulas and see how strong is this formula going to be.

No. So this is a really strong open. The exterior melt, the exterior formula. And it’s like mom, Hong Kong, except not only is the surface still blocked, but there’s starting to be a lot of heat developing now in the mushing shirt on Tom, those surfaces just barely blocked. And so it’s much more that the heat is developing.

So here we have a comparison of the dodging lone tongue versus the mushing shirt on Tom.

So mashing. Sure. Gone has no Granger or Sean, John. So it’s not for water. This young John is in there for water and it’s not so diaphoretic. And the Xing ran is high in mushing shirt, Anton drains. It’s more for the lungs. So it’s much more of a young men formula mashing shirt on tongue and less for Taya compared to dodging.

So here in dodging London, lots of Granger with lots of Mohan, also shown Jong is going to be pungent and warm. So diaphoretic, the Chung drawn means there’s water. So this, there can be water swelling, especially like in the joints with touching long tongue, much more. Taitung less young men. So dodging low tongue.

We have. It’s very cool. With some heat starting to develop, and we give the blue green dragon, which is Mont long and Granger, and we give the white tiger and we melt the cold and also clear that he, while replenishing the fluids from the middle, the fluids and the warm from the middle. The pulse is same as shouting, long time.

And it’s, but it’s slippery in the right Guan because of the heat could go all the way up to the right.

So dodging lumatone indications. It disperses that coal that’s on the surface of the body and also water on the exterior, like swelling in the joints. There’s no sweating with this pattern or mushing shirt on. You might have sweating. You might not have sweating, but it’s not a big part of the pattern.

You will have pain with the dodging one-time pattern. You will have heat. And also vexation, you’ll feel agitated.

So we look at the doses of Baden comparing dodging long tongue with Mohan time.

My hometown is pure Ty young dodging, long tongue is mostly Italian and going into younger. So at our final formula, hopefully well-trained by now you look and say, wow, there’s a lot of my one. There’s also a lot of sure gal. And so then we also see there’s quite a bit of Shung John.

So this formula has no Quaker. Really inducing a sweat. It’s more just opening the pores and warming the surface of the body and cooling heat in the Shung. John tells us that it’s for water and this is called wind water. And with this formula, you get swelling and pain in the body and sometimes swollen joints that get very hot as well.

Same in the . But here, the surface is not so cold. There’s a formula family of the maid servant w way formulas where you can add a bite, you, if there’s more dampness and a thicker coating on the tongue, you can add on Shaw, if there’s vomiting and then there’s a formula. That’s a very small doses called wager R UAB E.

Two times grade your tongue with one part two parts, grades, your tongue, and one part UAV. But the main point I wanted to make here for this lecture about using Mojang safely is that this is the main servants of your way are known for their consideration and gentleness. And we can know that Mojang with sure gal without wager is very gentle.

So you don’t have to be worried here about agitating, somebody or creating too much of a sweat when you have this sure. Gout without the wager, just like in marching shirt on. So this is basically saying what I just said. Okay. So would the UAB tongue, the surfaces lightly closed? And it’s made there be water swelling, and actually it’s the combination of the Gonzo.

And the mama also treats the water swelling, and then it also starts to get hot because it’s not moving once that blocked surface starts to get hot. And we say, oh, it’s moving into young name. And so you get not only water swelling, but it starts to. Red and the water swelling is painful and we’re also, you can see where replenishing the fluids from the fluids and the young from the inside.

So we add the blue, green dragon mama shown tongue and the white tiger. And. It opens things up and clears the heat. So the water swelling goes away and the heat is clear to the person is comfortable. Again, an amazing formula when it’s given at the right moment. Okay. So thank you. Just to end with a few little farm pictures.

We had three pregnant goats and every one of them had triplets. This is a couple of. And so now we have nine baby goats. So that’s Elm and Jasmine with their babies. And that’s my daughter, the farmer with our puppy that was born New Year’s Eve here. Okay. Thank you very much, everybody.


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Using Ma Huang in Formulas



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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

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What Happens when you put Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together?



today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common.

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Hi, this is Sharon Weizenbaum. I’m really happy to be here this month and I want to thank the American Acupuncture Council for hosting me to give this series of talks. I hope it’s been educational and enjoyable for you. So today I’m going to keep on growing from what we talked about before.

So we started just talking about why classical formulas, and then we looked last time at. And today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common. So I’m ready for the slides. So when we combine wager and pooling, you might remember from last time, if you were here that oops, back again.

When we were here last time we looked at the fact that wager treats upsurge that’s the first thing that the Shannon bonds have Jane mentioned about what wagers function is that he treats upsurge. And this is upsurge of young that loses its relationship with the. So when we combined greater and who’s playing, there is often an upsurge of pathological fluids.

So when we put greater and pooling together, we are bringing the warmth back in and transforming pathological fluids. So we’re going to look at how that works in a few different formulas. We’re going to, if you could change the slide. Yeah. So here’s a formulas that include wager and fooling. We’re not going to be able to go over all of these formulas today.

I’d like to just look at willing son and link way juke on tongue and mentioned the pooling Gunza tongue as a comparison. I think next time we’ll really go into glacier fooling one. Such an amazing formula. So useful clinically. They all are, but it deserves a lecture of its own. But all of these formulas have in common that they use Granger and fooling together.

And so they all have something in common and that’s transforming fluids and treating upsurge. Okay.

So here in my own words, since Granger is pungent and warm, it moves from inside towards the exterior. So punching flavor goes up and out in the body. We can see that a pattern that uses great jurors. One in which this function has not occurred. Glacier keeps the incoming young on the inside. So we’ve got young, that’s floating out, going upward, flushing up pathologically.

And when we take wager the new young that’s coming in is kept inside. And when it’s combined with Hulu and we can see that this as fluid accumulation due to failure of the young to steam, that yin upwards. And so the yen sinks into. Instead by giving glacier and pooling we’re reestablishing the warming upward and outward from within, in order to turn the pathological fluids into the life.

Giving steam. Okay.

Okay, so fooling is bland and it’s chalky. It means it’s a percolating earth. That means that actually strengthens earth, w if you’ve ever worked in a garden, like having really good soil rather than sand or clay means that the soil absorbs water and it drains really well. So we have a farm here and as working on our farm, we want this soil to be really good.

Absorptive. Soil because it holds water and it percolates watering. It helps drain water at the same time. So fooling really works that way in the body, increasing the absorptive capacity of the spleen so that it drains better. So this formula, which is a. The willing son is got a really high dose of fooling.

And actually it’s got a high dose of too much. Yeah. Also, so treats water causing Polis in the Abbey, gastric, just an art area. So in the water is really severe. You might even have pulsations as the water restricts the movement of the main artery. I’m also vomiting and retching dizziness, palpitations, inhibited, urine.


So here’s a picture of our union symbol that I love so much. And we can see that the young is actually going down on the right. No, my hand is going down on my right, which looks like your left, but just imagine the union symbol that, that orange side is the fire that’s going down and the inside is going up, and this is what we would call young and right.

Relations. So in the, oh no, this slide has an animation. I hope that works here. Yeah. So in the pathology, the young is actually going up. It’s not rooting underneath the yen. And then what happens is there’s this accumulation of fluids. The youngest, not underneath the yen in order to transform it.

So gets swampy in the lower body and swampy in the middle,

and it can be swampy in the upper warmer. So different formulas that include quite you’re improving are going to treat water in different places.

So looking at willing son, when you combine this combination of plagiarism, pooling with Xhosa, jeweling and bite you, then you’re really working on water that has sunk down mostly into the lower body. To the extent that let’s say. There is thirst. And so when we give wager, we’re bringing that young back into right relationship and it steams that upward like that.

So the pathological fluid becomes this physiological mist. It spreads in the body. And with this formula, a key symptom for this formula. Thirst. And the reason why it’s thirst is because when that water is pooling down below, it’s failing to steam upward into the stomach and moisten the tongue. So it’s all puddled downward and not.

Physiologically moistening upward. So thirst is really a key symptom and it’s a bit hard to understand, isn’t it? Like you have all this pathological water. Why is the person thirsty? And it’s because it’s sunk down into the lower body. So when the wager comes in with the fooling, it brings that young into yen.

That’s being now absorbed into the body, steaming that upward all the way to the total. And you’re also able to pee out pathological. Okay.

So if we look at a formula here where we have more great. Like a really strong dose in Williamson. The glacier is actually quite low. We’ll look at the ingredients in a moment, but in this formula language, Yukon, tongue wager is a lot more and there’s a bunch of fooling and then it’s combined with guns and bite you.

Now, if we remember from last time that flushing up of grader can really affect the heart. And This formula language you gone, tongue is for water. That’s more in the middle warmer. We can see that with the gun sound bite. You instead of Xhosa Ling, so more in the middle warmer. So I put the cloud in the middle, but also the flushing up is going to really easily affect the upper body.

So there’ll be flushing up, not just a beyond, but a flu. They’re going to, that young that’s out of right relationship is going to act on the pathological fluids and make that flush up. So you get upper warmer symptoms of even more pulsations, palpitations, dizziness, nausea. Meniere’s syndrome.

This formula can be really good for many years syndrome, if there’s this water pathology. So that’s the picture of how that language you’re going to tongue works.

Young comes back into right relationship, and now let’s see.

There we go. So the water disappears and instead there’s that life-giving steam instead. Okay.

And of course it enables normal urination.

Okay. So now if we take out that bite, you and we add Shung Jong instead. Now, what does shone John do so good dose of Schunk Jong with great germ pooling. So we still have flushing up. We have flushing up a pathological fluids, but now we take out the bite you in. Sean, John. And really what this is for flushing up.

That’s really effecting the stomach. Showing John is really a stomach herb and it it kind of warms and steams fluids that are inside the stomach. So this formula is going to be more for vomiting up fluids, coughing, or vomiting up fluids. And it’s actually a much more Physical formula where the very physical in terms of affecting those stomach, particularly where as the language you’ve gotten, Tom by Jew is a deeper herb and a more dense, urban, a slower herbs, it’s what I mean by slower is that dog acts very rapidly to just evaporate the fluids in the stomach.

But I do works in a slower way and in a more it’s a denser verb. So it works in a more physical way. I, and I, that’s not exactly what I mean, a physical way that affects the psyche and more internal Functions in the body. So things like dizziness and spirit disorders where the water flushes up and affects the Shen.

So even like panic attacks for the language going Tong, whereas this formula would just fooling guys out on these worms as much more about just vomiting and you’ll be vomiting, fluids.

So great. Jeremy will bring that young right back into right relationship. And then there’s that nice standing up and warmth. And then the natural movement of the stomach can be restored, which is to go down. The stomach is meant to go down.

So here’s, we’re going to go back over each of these. Here’s the rulings. So you can see that the that the wager is actually small compared to the herbs for water. And really what this means is that the flushing up symptoms on so much, when you look at formulas this way you can see from the dosages in the way that they’re combined.

What the pathology is going to be, that there’s not as much flushing up of water at the same time. There’s pooling up a water and it’s sinking lower in the body. Okay. Slide.

So again, here, because the fluids are sinking down. You are thirsty and not often, this is called mouth thirst because your mouth is dry. But since there’s a lot of fluid there, they, you often don’t want to drink a lot. You want to sip and moist in your mouth. And even if there’s a lot of fluids that drinking could.

Cause if you guys are water, it could cause upstairs. And it could cause vomiting. And the key signs for Wilmington is also a floating posts. And that’s because the young has so left the year and there’s this separation of young Indian, up here, it’s dry and down below it’s wet. So we think of where the pulse is as where the young are, where the life force is floating up in the book.

Often, what I find is that in the Guan and triple says, it’s wiring. Why are you? It’s really a water poles because the water. Constricts the flow of the life force. And then there’s abnormal urination. Cause there’s a cooling up of water down below, and that could be frequent urination in continents or inhibited your nation where there’s a stopping and starting.

And I really suggest you ask your patients about this. So a lot of times, so you ask like, how’s your urination and they’ll say, oh fine. And. It’s normal. It’s normal for me, but if you ask a little bit more deeply, do you ever sit down and you’d have to wait a little while before you be, or it stops and starts?

A lot of people will say, oh yeah, a lot of men will say, oh yeah, it’s just my prostate. And and that you want to take that as that means there’s water stagnation down in the lower body. So all of these things that urination can be Abnormal urination as well. So the agitation is because up here in the upper body is dry and that dryness and warps agitate the heart.

There may be vomiting. There might even be a slight fever, richness, and even sweating with that feverish madness. So the young is leaving the yen. The yen is staying in play in non distribution of fluids. Okay.

So here we have a picture of the pot biology. You can see the young is leaving. And so there’s dryness, especially above the heat could be agitating. It’s going to be flushing up heat and there’s all this fluid that’s causing abnormal urination. So I have that, that lower dry there, because it’s very common with a willing sun pattern to actually have dry constipation because the fluids are leaving and cooling up, leaving the intestine dry.

And what I do in clinic is if there’s this pattern of water with a dry stool, Then I really increase the Baidu by about three times the normal nine grams, because Baidu is really excellent for helping water go backwards, supposed to go, getting water out of the earth, into the large intestine.

So we don’t necessarily know you think of bite. You he’s been more as a diarrhea or however, it’s good for diarrhea for the same reason, because it helps water go where it’s supposed to go. So it’s an excellent constipation or been John dome. Jamie even talks about that. So that’s why I have that lower dry there.

Cause it’s not always just in the. That you feel the dryness, it can also be in the margin testing. Okay.

Okay. Now we’re going to look at the language you’re going to talk, and this is more, we don’t have so shell, we don’t have jeweling. So that tells us that it’s more in the, it’s not as much in the lower warmer we have Baidu and Gunza instead. So it’s more related to the middle of. And so you have the flushing up and we have a lot more water.

And actually the dose of wager and fooling are relatively high compared to wooing sun. So there’s lots of water and lots of flushing up. So compared to Wilmington, flushing up is a really important symptom for language event. So let’s take a look at. Physiology of it. You bring wage or back inside with fooling and bite you, and it just transforms those fluids and young gets in right relationship, so we really want to think of Granger as an urban gets young back inside where it’s meant to be.

And when it’s combined with fooling, it gets it back inside. So it can transform both.

And of course functional urination.

And you can see the happy days because now that upsurge is going down just a little side on how to diagnose the water. What you’re really going to be looking for is water sounds in the abdomen. This might be subjective for the patient, but you can also put your hand on the person’s belly, especially around their stomach, middle warmer, and stretch it and tap on it and see if you hear sloshing water sounds.

So that’s looking for water slashing sounds in the back. But again, the tongue could be really wet, possibly a thicker white coating, but more often a watery slippery coding or this formula and the pulses will be wiring for this. And if it’s cold or they could be also Tight, but definitely wiring because there’s this fluid accumulation and, Leo do, Joe says that the wiring pulse is the fluid accumulation pulse.

And when we think of the winery pulse, we usually think of liver cheese, stagnation or something, but here. It may also be submerged because the water is submerging the life force, but it’s also constraining it. So the wiring POS is really just saying the lifeforce is constrained in some way. It may be constrained by blocked emotions.

It may be constrained by really tight muscles, but it could also be constrained by fluids. So we want to think of the wiring pulses, also a pulse we can explain by the accumulation. Fluids in the body. Okay.

So inside this formula is the formula

which is a teeny tiny formula. Which includes teeny tiny for me means that it only has two. Of course, if it only has one or it’s teensy tiny, which is one or teeny tiny is two herbs and tiny is three herbs, just so you know, my nomenclature, but this is a teeny tiny formula wager and gun cell. And the Grainger’s in a two to one ratio with gone south and this nourishes and warms the heart and treats palpitations.

So the fact that this formula is inside language, tells you that. We’re really at the same time, bringing. Physiological nourishment back to the heart, so instead of the heart being flooded with water surging up on it, it’s being nourished by this warm nourishment with wager and gone sell.

And also, I just want to mention something. I said that this formula language you got is really good for panic attacks and. And part of what happens is, the life force is warm. And really, if you think about the fact that when we’re dead, we’re cold, then the idea of cold is the opposite of life.

And so when we have water in our body, that’s pathological water, meaning it’s not water, that’s infused with warm it’s cold water. And that starts encroaching on our heart. It can feel like death is encroaching on the heart. We associate cold with dead. Then this cold water is coming up into this space of the Shen the space of the heart.

And it can feel like death. And that’s why a lot of panic attacks are feeling. That you’re going to die. Like you’re driving down the highway, you get scared, you think something terrible is going to happen. Even though everything is fine notes, this feeling of impending death. So not all panic attacks are due to water or a language you’ve gone.

Tongue pattern. There are other reasons why panic attacks can manage. Energetically in the body, but definitely water is one of them. And water often comes with this feeling of I want to die or I’m going to die. So just something to keep in mind.

Okay. Now I just want to compare the language Uganda Ugandan. , for me looking at these formulas as a younger herbalist, I would just get dizzy oh my God, they all have almost identical ingredients. Like how do I ever remember what the. Subtle differences are about. And so one thing to look at is, the herbs that are similar and then the herbs that them are different.

And we already did this looking at language. You’re going to talk including by June. How that kind of goes deeper into the body where Shung Jong is really about the stomach transforms fluids, rapid way inside the stomach. And so the fooling guns, her tongue is, by having Shandong, instead of bite you, it really treats the stomach.

But also look at the dosages. The fooling gods have taught me is a really small dose. And it’s used for a relatively light problem. It’s an excellent pediatric formula for vomiting in children. And also it’s used just lightly for a very short period of time. Had an episode of vomiting.

I can take Boolean guns. So Tom, where language you got to talk, we can see altogether, the dose is much higher and here we have this really high dose of pooling compared to, and fooling Gunsight tongue and a high dose of Granger. So it’s much more flushing up and where the fooling concept time is more for water in the stomach itself.


So the line for liquid you’ve on tongue, it says line 28. If after vomiting or purging there’s reversal fullness below the heart with cheese surging up into the chest, dizziness upon standing a deep, tight pulse. So again, it’s like submerge and it’s submerged by cold waters. Tight and the more cold it is, the more tight, the less cold, the more wirey the promotion of sweat will lead to move into the channels.

So this is not a pattern where you want to just give grades your tongue or my long tongue. And that, that will further deplete the young and the yen. Okay. Then the jink way, it repeats the. Same idea of language of on Tom

and there’s a picture of the four ingredients.

So here’s the middle warmer and it’s all wet.

And there’s this flushing up into. The heart caused vomiting and retching palpitations, chest depression. I’ve used this for people who have been diagnosed with CLPD or have really bad breathing problems that are due to water stagnation in the middle chronic cough.

And it can go into the head. Dizziness, blocked, nose rhinitis impaired sense of taste. You’ve got this water coming up. Meniere’s syndrome, plum pitchy. Headaches hypertension, even epilepsy, I can really block the channels. Benton is this running piglet, which is often like a panic attack and acid regurgitation, making the stomach go up.

But it can also those fluids in the middle can cause constipation. And again, you’d want to really increase the Baidu. If it’s causing constipation, if it’s diarrhea you probably want to use child by June, the stir fry find you, but that water can even cause a Minnery I’ve seen it cause amenorrhea and language you got Anton can.

By clearing the water, it can help to clear the water in the womb. And often I use it in combination with other, I know we’re going going beyond our time, but I’ll just finish. Okay. So here are just some things where it can affect the language you can. Tongue pattern can cause these different kinds of symptoms in the box.

It can not the cheese, so it can, cause if it’s in the middle of warmer, it can make you feel distended and, full in your epi, gastric region or in your bowels.

Okay. I think we’ve gone over that email. So we’ll just go through this, the fooling concept more in the middle warmer. And. Here for the fooling concept, talking again, just comparing these because they’re so much alike. This is a pattern of stomach, young deficiency with water stopping in the epigastric area.

It can cause epic gastric palpitations. This method warms the stomach and scatters water. This is why the dosage of Schengen must be relatively large. Lots of formulas. We see just a little in here. It’s relatively large because we are transforming fluids in this. Combining this with cooling and wager assist the function of opening the yarn transformation of the G.

And I would add the down bearing of the stomach.

So thank you. I really I love talking about classic formulas and how they work. And so it’s really nice that the American Acupuncture Council has given me this opportunity. And I want to also, if you’re interested in more educational opportunities, the white pine circle is an incredible. Get all kinds of amazing teachings along this line.

If it resonates with you to think about herbs and formulas this way. So you can go to white pine circle.org. And and I also teach it to your program called the graduate mentorship program, where we go through everything having to do with diagnosis and herbal formulas over a two-year period with a lot of close contact with.

So anyway thank you again to the American Acupuncture Council, and I will see you next month.


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The Many Uses of Gui Zhi Tang


So first I’d like to describe how I see Gui Zhi Tang working and. Last time. I talked about the physiology of the shell hung lawn that I think is encoded into the Shang online.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hi, everyone. I’m so happy to be here. And I want to first thank the American Acupuncture Council for inviting me to do this series on Chinese herbal medicine. And last time I spoke about why I’m so sold on classical Chinese medicine in herbal medicine and defined that to mean working with the formulas from the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. And today I would like to express some of the principles that I talked about last time with focusing on the formula. And this is such a useful formula. It’s an inexpensive formula easy to take formula and the way we learned about it in our kind of typical TCM education is as a formula that will dispel wind. And we usually think of it as a formula to use for coming down with a cold or what we might call an external influence or an epi. And what I’d like to do is describe how useful it is beyond just a common cold, because quit your tongue is a formula that I use all the time in my practice for a wide variety of disorders. It’s also a very small formula, so it’s easily modifiable. And actually there are many formulas in the Shang Han Lun that are based on grade your tongue. So hopefully besides my main goal is to get people excited about studying classical formulas and working with them. But I also have a goal today of having the listener. Be able to go home and think oh, I can use this formula that you could use it next week for something you may not have thought to use it for. So first I’d like to describe how I see Gui Zhi Tang working and. Last time. I talked about the physiology of the shell hung lawn that I think is encoded into the Shang online. And that it’s really about being right with time. And there’s this kind of circular movement of heaven going around us while we’re here on the earth. And this same circular movement is going on in our bodies. And so great. Your tongue is, one of the first formulas. So I think the first formula would be mentioned in the Shang Han Lun in the Taiyang section. So understanding a little bit about Taiyang it’s this steaming up movement that goes from the middle warmer up to the surface of the body. And right after the tie young movement, it’s. Going up like the sun rising, it hits noon and now it starts going down. And the downward movement is the beginning of the Yangming Conformation. So when we’re, when our Taiyang is functioning it has this really nice steaming up. And if you think about what steam is, it’s young within yen. So when you have steam. You have this kind of fire that’s inside of water and that fire and water are so mixed that it’s actually steam. It’s this water that rises up because of the fire that’s inside of it. And that’s what Taiyang does is the, has a steam that goes up and how all the way to the surface of our body and that steam creates a nice ozone layer of warmth and protection. And when it functions well, we sweat. Normally we have a nice, comfortable body temperature. And what happens in a greater tongue pattern is you usually think of it as like an invasion of wind cold or an invasion of wind. I’d like to suggest thinking of it a little bit differently, that what happens in a Taiyang pattern is that movement of stinks. Going up to the surface of the body. It resolves too quickly. And so that fire and water separate before they’ve really reached all the way to. Surface of our body. So what do you get from this separation that we also would call a Ying Wei Disharmony, meaning the way that’s the warmth inside should be nice and inside the yang so that it brings it all the way up to the surface, but instead they separate. So you get sweating as the yang droplets lose their relationship with the. They come out as sweating and the young that’s lost its relationship with the yang. We get feverishness or flushing up. That’s what the yang way disharmony is in a way it’s like a premature ejaculation, that you want it to take as long as this, before it results, but instead it resolves too quickly and that becomes pathological. So when we give Gui Zhi Tang, we are supplementing the warmth and the fluid in the middle warmer, and we’re slowing down that process. So the steam rises and makes it all the way. To the surface of the body. And in fact, a Gui Zhi Tang pattern can actually treat premature ejaculation. Know we can explain premature ejaculation with the Gui Zhi Tang pattern because it’s a leaking pattern it’s coming out of relationship. So I said that the Gui Zhi Tang comes from the middle warmer, and you look at the ingredients of Gui Zhi Tang. We have gone. So Sheng Jiang and Gan Cao These supplement and warm the spleen we have Da Zao, which replenishes the nutrition in the spleen. So we’ve got this kind of fire inside of a nice juicy herbs. And that starts that steaming process in the spleen and stomach. Now Da Zao also enriches the blood. And so does Shao Yao. So what I’d like to show is that the Gui Zhi Tang formula, supplements the middle in a warm way, and it also supplements the blood and that the warmth in the middle and the good quality warm blood is what then is the foundation for the harmonized Ying and Wei to come all the way up and out to the surface. So really the Gui Zhi Tang is a supplementing formula, supplementing the spleen and also supplementing the blood. And from that replenishment, it then supports that consolidation of the exterior of the body. So by giving wager tone, we’re not just getting rid of a wind pathogen. Really it’s a healthy body, knows how to get rid of a wind path. Rather than just getting rid of the wind pathogen, we’re restoring this function of the body, the function of the body to have really nice harmonized Ying and Wei. So I want to talk first about this flushing up, that happens in a Gui Zhi Tang pattern and what that can look like. It can look like nausea and vomiting. If the flushing up affects the stomach. Then you can have nausea and retching. And that’s why Zhang Zhongjing put Gui Zhi Tang as the first formula in the pregnancy chapter of the Jin Gui Yao Lue for Pregnancy. In early pregnancy. So that’s one little gem I would like to give you is to really think about grade your tongue as a formula that can treat nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. And it does it, that the reason that there’s the vomiting is because of the Ying Wei Disharmony and it, by putting that way back into the. It then it’s not flushing up anymore. It’s physiologically rising to the top of the body. So that’s one thing that we can treat with Gui Zhi Tang and it’s right in there in the Jin Gui Yao Lue. The other thing I want to mention is When the Ying and Wei separate from each other. It really means that the surface of our body, instead of getting that nice from ozone layer, that separation means that the surface of our body is too open in the Shang Han Lun. It says aversion to wind. And in my opinion the symptoms that are mentioned in the Shang Han Lun are both literal and symbolic. So the wind can mean that you have an aversion to just too much going on. In other words, you get overwhelmed really easily and you feel really hypersensitive. So imagine a patient who comes in and let’s say, it’s a woman and she’s, you can see that she has blood deficiency. You can see from her complexion, from our. Maybe from your abdominal diagnosis and, she’s got blood deficiency and at the same time, she tends to be a little bit cold and then premenstrually, she becomes very sensitive. We usually think of pre-menstrual syndrome as wanting to move the liver cheese. But many of our patients don’t actually fit that pattern and they don’t benefit from formulas like or something like that. There are many of our patients who come in and they experienced, they have premenstrually is they become hypersensitive. They feel very vulnerable. And if you question them one thing I like to ask is. Do you generally flush when you have emotions, like if you’d get embarrassed or if you have to speak in front of a crowd, do you flush easily? Do you sweat easily? In other words, that kind of person, their Ying and Wei tends to separate. And there, many of my patients have been really helped with Gui zhi Tang for PMS. Because of this. So what the Gui zhi Tang then does is it supplements the blood, it nourishes the spleen and it harmonizes the Ying and Wei. And it really creates a sort of ozone layer of protection on the exterior of the body. So people don’t feel so open and so vulnerable and they can handle more. Knowing that pre-menstrual time. Many women just feel like I can’t handle anything. Someone looks at me the wrong way and I just start crying. And Gui zhi Tang is really good for that. We can think of that also for peri-menopause or menopausal types of symptoms, which. The same kind of experience for people. So we can see that this range of grades, your tongue is really is really broad. There are also lots of modifications of Gui zhi Tang. Expand its usefulness in the clinic. A lot of these modifications are mentioned in the Shang Han Lun. So for example, a really favorite modification for me is a formula that’s called Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang, but the Shao Yao is doubled, so Zhang Zhongjing is telling us you can actually use more Shao Yao if you want to, and so it’s just great. You’re talking about you’re using more Shao Yao. So what happens to this formula that harmonizes the Ying and Wei? If you add. and there’s a couple of things that this formula is so useful for. Not so often I’m increasing the shadow. So what does the show do? And I, here, I’m talking about by shell. So the Shao Yao is a blood nourishing or, and one of the main indicators for me that I might want to double the Shao Yao is. Abdominal diagnosis. So with abdominal diagnosis, if I find that the rectus abdominis from under the ribs down to the navel are very tight for me, that’s almost always a by shout indication. And so in that case, I will have more by show. The other thing that often goes along with this abdominal finding is so common and it will go with a lot of these PMs kinds of women that I was talking about is neck and shoulder tension. We know that the bladder channel and the small intestine in general, they are on the trapezius and. And by show really nourishes the muscles, especially when we have Bai Shao, like we do in your, that becomes , which is for relaxing spastic muscles. And where are those muscles most likely to get really tense in the Gui Zhi Tang pattern. It’s going to be the tie on channels and the upper body, because there’s. Flushing up called? Nobose in Japanese this, when we talk about it in terms of abdominal diagnosis, so there’s flushing up, so it’s going to affect the upper body and then it’s affecting the Taiyang channels of the trapezius and neck. So very often people will say, yes, I, I carry so much tension in my neck and upper back. It’s always tight and painful for me. That’s an indicator for adding increased Bai Shao to Gui Zhi Tang. Very common. The other indicator for increasing the Bai Shao is related to the fact that Bai Shao is also bitter and it’s. And Bai Shao when it hit like bitter, because I’m putting my hand down this way because the bitter flavor descends in the body and by show is cool. So it’s very good for opening up the Yangming and treating constipation. So it treats constipation both because it’s very lightly purging. But also because it relaxes muscles, one muscles, relax. It’s not just that. It’s not like a muscle relaxer that makes all the muscles all Saudi ends up the way that by Bai Shao works to help the muscles. It helps muscles do what they’re supposed to do. So actually helps normal pair of spouses while stopping cramping. So another indication for adding by show is. Person that you’re seeing that feels so vulnerable and sweats easily and flushes. If they also tend to get constipation, you can increase the by show or abdominal pain. No. So in the Shang Han Lun, that’s what it’s for. ? is for abdominal pain. So that kind of cramping can cause constipation. It can also cause abdominal pain. So that’s a modification of Gui Zhi Tang, so easy and easy to remember because it just makes so much sense. Another modification that’s really listed just right after this Gui Zhi Jia Da Huang. Is if the constipation has gone on for more than three days, so it’s really blocked in there, so what happens when you’re constipated is that it sits in there and gets drier and drier, and then it just makes the constipation worse. So if you want to get. Flush just to break that cycle. In other words, it’s a short-term treatment, but you want that flush to be gentle. You want it to be body temperature, Gui Zhi Tang is body temperature. Then you have Gui zhi Tang plus the little bit of the Da huang And it’s a short term just to give the body an enema, except that it’s going in from the other direction, just to flush that out. And often that formula would be followed by Gui zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang. So I hope this is just a little 20 minute talk and there are lots of other modifications of greater time that are equally as elegant. And useful. My hope is that in this short little talk that at least I’ve given you a sense of how great your tongue can work for chronic illnesses and illnesses that have nothing to do with catching a cold just maybe inspired some people to get excited about classical formulas and studying them. Cause it’s such a beautiful way to work with our patients. And it’s beautiful in large part because it’s so effective. So I would like to also let people know that I’m the founder of the whitepinecircle.org. Which is an organization that promotes teaching such as these, and it’s a really, just a wonderful membership organization. So I’d just like to encourage you to check that out whitepinecircle.org. where there’s lots of teachings, just like this. If this excited you. I also teach a. Graduate mentorship program, where we just go through all of these formulas in a way that discusses them relative to these principles of classical formulas. You can find out about whitepineinstitute.org that’s listed right here. And then finally, I would like to, again, really thank the American acupuncture council. This is such a cool thing. They do. I’m offering short teachings just for us to get to know each other in all the wonderful things that are happening in the world of Chinese medicine. And I really appreciate their service to acupuncturists. And I’d also just like to mention that the next talk is going to be Matt Callison and Brian law. So I hope that you are able to attend that one as well. And I just really appreciate your attention to the things that I love so much. So thank you very much.

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Why Classic Herbal Formulas?


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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hi. I’m Sharon Weizenbaum and I’m so happy to be there in this first episode of a year long series of short talks. And I want to heartily thank the American Acupuncture Council for hosting me to do this lecture. And let’s go to the slides and I’ll tell you more about myself when we get there.

Okay. So why classic formulas is the title of this lecture. And then we’ll go deeper throughout the whole year. And I personally have a dedication to and fascination with classic formulas, and I hope to inspire practitioners to delve into this more. So why classic formula. So what we’re going to do in this short lecture is first a little bit about me and then answer the question.

What does classical mean in terms of Chinese medicine and what doesn’t it mean? And what’s special about being a classical herbalists. And we’ll look at it as a way of seeing and also the formulas. So first a little bit about me. I live on a farm in Western, Massachusetts with a bunch of horses and dogs and goats and chickens and sheep.

And and I am also the director of the White Pine Institute, which is an educational organization through which I teach the graduate mentorship program a two year herbal training program that has a focus on classical herbal medicine. And I’m also the founder of, and on the advisory board of an organization called the White Pine Circle, which is an educational, a membership organization that develops a lot of community around Chinese medicine, east Asian medicine.

So I’ve been practicing for about 40 years now. I was in my early twenties when I graduated from acupuncture school, which was the New England School of Acupuncture in Massachusetts, long time ago. Okay. And here’s just a, some of my. Influences. And I lived in mainland China for a little while and studied with Joe show me and her main disciple of Dr.

And then these other doctors. All classic formula doctors, there’s a puncture line and all of these I’ve invited to teach here at the white pine Institute. In fact Dr. Foo young laying there with a couple of our dogs is in front of our clinic and Institute. , Dr. Hong Kong has come so.

Study with him. And I’m below some of my other deep influences. Andy Ellis, Eric brand, your onside men. So that’s a little bit of background about my training, my teachers it’s very broad. Okay, so this idea of the classics, I’m going to look at this character DJing a little bit, and that’s the character for.

The word classical. And so let’s look at this character and get an idea of what does classical. Actually mean, what does this character Jim mean? We know there’s the nature being the Nanjing, the eating the Shannon Bonzo soldiering, and it’s all this character that we translate usually as classical.

So this character is made up of the silk radicle and the silk radicle has to do with. Threads. And we have here, these silkworms that are exuding these threads. And so here are some characters below that all have to do with thread, like things. So whenever you see the silk radical, which is in the character DJing, it has to do with lines and threads of things.

And just to mention that the character Jane is also the character for. Channel like in the channels, in our bodies, the meridians. And so these, lines, these threads like patternings. So this character has the silk radicle in it. And the other part of the character is this character Jean and. Jim, he refers to the water rivers that flow beneath the earth.

It is the water that flows in the dark underworld. So that’s a quote from the show in Janesville, which is a hun dynasty dictionary. So you have this idea of these threads that are flowing underground, like the meridians of our body, that that are invisible to us. And yet they also give rise to the life that is visible, so we can think of the channels as under neath the skin, but also invisible.

But the channel, the health of the channels has everything to do. What goes on the surface of the body that we can see, we’ll bring this back to these classical texts here. This gene also has to do with the longitudal longitudinal, which is these vertical lines on the planet. So we have some sense of these lines being vertical.

So we have, the human body and the channels run off. Exclusively vertically, not totally because we have the channel of the diversity, but so we have some sense of this idea of vertical. Also the character DJing, it refers to the warp of a weaving. We want to understand that the war of the weaving is these lines that are there.

That then when we go back and forth, the weft, that’s where again, the visible is and the warp ends up being invisible. So we could say the name aging is this DJing, this war. This invisible, these invisible lines that these, this gene, this classic is connected to this tapestry of Chinese medicine that we understand today.

There’s so much that comes out of the classics and the classics are this underlying wisdom. That perhaps was even received vertically from heaven and this underlying visit, intelligence that is, that informs everything we know about Chinese medicine, so we talk about all kinds of acupuncture techniques and things like that, but it all goes back to the classics.

So everything that I’ve studied, it was connected to the classics, everything we’ve, all studies is connected to the closet. Some way. So there this uniting thread, so we could say that this character Jane is an information pathway that’s coming vertically back and forth from, and back to heaven.

It’s invisible, but it’s the foundation for all that’s visible. So I think that’s very beautiful and here are some other. Uses of the word, like the nature thing, the Tanya eating the, my DJing, the pulse classic, and some other meanings of words that include the character. Jane. We even have the six confirmations, the Leo Jean, the warp of a weaving and.

So I’m going to go on. We don’t have a lot of time, so I’m going to just run through. So here’s some of these classics, what I consider classics. So the is the classic that tells us all about the individual herbs, the mythical Tanya. Is about the formulas potentially that’s booked that doesn’t exist.

So we don’t really know, but it’s the decoction classic, the emerging and the nation are talking about the principles, underlying the message. The principles that underlie the method of acupuncture and the method of acupuncture is expressed in the Nanjing. The method relating to herbs is in the Shanghai sobbing.

And so the being one of course is made up of the and the . And these are all from. Around the Han dynasty or earlier, all of these books are, 1800 years old or more. These, I consider classical texts. And so in general, when we’re talking about classics, we’re talking about things that came from about 2000 years ago as the foundation for what doing.

What is not classical are things that came much later. And, I know when I went to school that the idea of classics, it was very vague. And so you could consider anyone else. School of the spleen and stomach that’s classical, but actually that was so much later the, when being texts weren’t until the 15 hundreds, John Janua is modern compared to the classics and so all of that.

Things came much later and they’re all built off of the classics and all of these texts when being texts that are written by a variety of people judging you age, you done, she leaned on you and they all they all knew the classics very well and they extrapolated from them and even things, that.

That we think of as like using the master a couple points for the teaching, the extraordinary channels of the eight vessels. Even those are, the master couple points weren’t associated with the Bama until about the 15 hundreds, so a lot of these things are talked about as classical and it’s important, I think to recognize.

That a lot of these are not classical, so for me, I don’t consider the wending texts as classical texts. They’re rooted in the classical texts, but they really were not written about until much, much later. So what is it about the classics that I love so much? For me the nature itself, wasn’t very accessible until I started to realize that it’s about being right with sick with time, that the whole idea of the honky nature.

The whole book is telling us how to be right with time, and there’s getting up in the morning and going to sleep, following the movement of the road, the apparent movement of the sun around the earth know this, that it’s talking about, these various expressions of time in relation to space and that health is being right with that.

And what happens when you’re not right with it? You know what happens if. The sun comes up it’s seven in the morning, but I wake up at three o’clock. In other words, my body is going too fast for time, or, I am meant to poop every day, but it takes me three days to book like my body’s going too slow for time.

So health is always seen as what is our relationship to these rhythms in time, everything from the pulse to the breath, to the digestion to waking and sleeping are all. About being right with time. Illness is about not being right with time. So this is a view of the body and unhealth of illness and also of what to do about illness.

And so when you start looking through things from the classical perspective, this is what I really love so much is looking at my patients, looking at the world through this perspective of being right with time. And Here’s a nice picture of this like rotation of union, which is about all of the ways that time is moving inside of our bodies.

And we have this relationship with nature and that health is about being right with those rhythms and that our healing gestures are about helping people align with the natural world around them. If you ha, if you start with this perspective, then you look at the Hong Dean aging, which is our foundational, theoretical texts, all kinds of things.

Start to make sense about that text. What it’s actually talking about. That sounds jibberish, if you don’t have this perspective. So once you have this perspective, it starts to be like, wow, what they’re talking about is so profound. And so time is something we attuned to and aligned with.

It’s always cycling and managing everything. How do we attune to it first by orienting ourselves with time and space within the center of our own bodies, our own beings, all we then can we feel this great turning, how it’s working in our bodies and we can start to see it in other people. This is the perspective that working from the class.

Offers us for me. And here’s a picture of this is the yellow emperor in the middle, and you can see that the yellow emperor is facing south as cheapo, instructs us. He says the siege faces south. And what that means is that if you want to be a C. You should pay self and once you face self, you can see here’s.

How long do you facing south? And that means he’s facing the red Phoenix here. And look at what’s on Hong D’s right? Is the white time. And so if you’re facing south, you might notice that the white tiger is going to be the west direction. And the green dragon is going to be in the Eastern direction. And what is going to be behind you is the north, which is the black turtle.

Now you might notice. These white tiger and green dragon are the names of herbal formulas. And so if you take this perspective and start reading the Shanghai lawn through this perspective, you start seeing that these formulas are designed to establish right relationship with the directions, so I’ll give you an example.

We have this blue, green dragon decoction, shouting long term. And what is the direction of the east? The direction of the east is too. It’s Ty young, the great young it’s supposed to bring the young up and out. So what if you don’t have a good relationship with the Eastern direction? You’re not going to go up and out and bring all this warmth up and out in your mind.

So your relationship would be Eastern direction is your body is actually going to slow. And what do you get? You get cold because that young isn’t rising in you. So what do you do about it? You bring in the punch in heart. Ingredients of the minor blue-green dragon decoction and that pungent warmth. It’s not just that it expels cold from your body, which it does, but it also reestablishes your right relationship with the movement of the east.

So that’s just an example then you can, for me, when I discovered this cyclical relationship, With the Shanghai online, it was like a domino effect. Like all of the ideas about the confirmation started to fall into place like boom. Now I understand what these formulas are doing.

I want to really offer this beautiful perspective and that when we start seeing in this way, we’re using formulas to reestablish the person’s right relationship with nature. So this is the world view of the classics. Later texts do not have this worldview very much at all. What happened was we started to be very separate from the university.

We started to have the inside and the outside, like where pathogens are outside of me and they can get in me and I have to get them out of me. That view took much more precedence over time. So from a classical perspective, we don’t exactly get rid of pathogens. It’s our body’s job to get rid of pathogens and what we do with.

Herbs and the classical formulas express this beautifully is we re-establish the person’s body function. So when I give shouting tongue I’m reestablishing a function, and the result of that is that the cold pathogen is resolved. So from a classical perspective, we’re never going around and trying to.

Get rid of, or kill any pathogens. We’re reestablishing the body’s function to do that for itself. And it’s very powerful. So another aspect, I’m not sure where we are in time. I think we’re just coming towards the end and I’m open to any questions, but the other reason for why classical formulas, I hope I’ve inspired you a little bit with my enthusiasm for it.

But another Another reason for it is that all of the formulas, the architecture of the formulas are designed to reestablish this body function. And there they work in a sort of lock and key kind of way. So what you find when you start looking at the body through this perspective and seeing the formulas is when you get it right.

When you see it correctly and you reestablish the function with the formula, that all kinds of things start to resolve automatically, and I’m going to stop my sharing here. And so rather than just going into build G or. Move cheesy or supplement the kidney. Your. Going a step deeper into this invisible realm and reestablishing the function so that those organs started functioning well on their own.

So there’s often a rather miraculous untiring or resolving of issues beyond just going directly for the organ or directly going through. What I hope to do in this series is go into some of these formulas and how they work. And and each time discussing this particular worldview and how the formulas fit in with that.

And this is also, I want to mention the White Pine Circle or membership organization, because there are many practitioners there that are teaching. Once you’re a member, you so many wonderful. Little resources and workshops that also elaborate on some of these ideas. So I want to invite you guys to check that out.

All so that’s it for my talk. And if there’s anybody who would like to ask a question, I’m really happy to answer.

Okay. I don’t see any questions, but I will be back in a month and we’ll probably be looking at that one of my favorite formulas, which is great. Your tongue in that. Okay, thank you.