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Social Media Trends 2021 for Acupuncturists – Chen Yen



What do I need to do on social media to actually get new patients you been posting? And you’re wondering how come I’m not necessarily getting that many likes or interests and definitely not getting as many new patients from it as I would like.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Do you have a key?

Do you ever wonder, well, do you ever hear, Oh, I need to be on social media, but I ever wonder, what do I need to do on social media to actually get new patients you been posting? And you’re wondering how come I’m not necessarily getting that many likes or interests and definitely not getting as many new patients from it as I would like. So welcome to my show today on the social media trends this year for acupuncturists that you can learn from so that you can, can see where to spend your time and energy and where not to focus your time and energy. So that way you can focus on, on actually helping patients instead of worrying about where to find them. And I am Chen Yen six and seven figure practice make-over mentor@introvertedvisionary.com. So let me share with you a few of the top trends to pay attention to right now.

So you can decide whether to take advantage of them and whether it makes sense for you. So, one thing is that the attention span of people are, is starting to get shorter and shorter, shorter. I remember seeing a statistic. I was like, how, how the attention span is shorter than a goldfish. Can you imagine that? So things like, um, stories that can interest people are more likely to get attention, for example, um, are you doing Facebook stories or Instagram stories or Snapchats and things like that? So that’s one thing too, to consider the, um, second thing in terms of trend wise is that it’s harder to actually get, um, interest and new patients through organic traffic. And why is this? Because a lot of the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and even YouTube is starting to get more this way, but in terms of how do they actually generate revenue it’s through people paying for ads.

So for example, Facebook, back in the day, did you know that back in the day when Facebook was newer, you could pretty much have a business page on there. And pretty much everybody who would like your business page would see your posts, but guess what percentage nowadays actually might see your posts organically? I seen studies as low as it’s like 3.5% of people who actually like your page might actually see your posts. So what does that mean for you? You might spend time posting and then you’re wondering how come, uh, very few people seem to be liking or sharing. Right. Have you noticed that before? And then, um, Instagram is, is a better platform typically right now for organic traffic compared to however guess who bought Instagram, Facebook. So just like how they’ve done with Facebook, it’s typically going to be, I mean, it’s, it’s likely to be where once they get enough interest, then it’s going to turn into even more and more of a pay to play platform.

So, um, there’s also in terms of what can you do to actually get interest on, on social media, if you aren’t planning on paying for ads or even if you are paying for ads, how can you make it more effective? So, um, one thing is to actually incorporate this one hack, which is for example, on Facebook, did you know, like this one hack I’m about to share with you can actually get you 10 times up to 10 times more views from your organic posts than if you just posted a text post, what is it it’s to do a Facebook live? And why is this? Because? So Mark Zuckerberg had come out years ago saying that he wanted to see Facebook take over YouTube for video and video is one of the most, the fastest growing social media platform right now, in terms of sorry, the fastest growing platform among all kinds of platforms and overall online.

Did you know that Cisco said that by, uh, they did a study on this, you know, 82, they were expecting 80. Let’s see it was 80, 82% of all internet traffic by 2021 was expected to be video and a Facebook, uh, high-level executive came out. This, this is a few years back saying, saying that video would be like number one, you know, the main way people would consume content. And, and, um, and then also in, in 2022, um, let, let me just look at this. So 82% of the global and, Oh, sorry, uh, a growing popularity of video internet, did you know that internet users spend six hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online? This was in 2019, according to limelight. And so what does this mean? See, because how can, uh, especially with what’s happened this past year, more people are interested in being online, but what does that also mean? It means that there’s more noise and more, more people trying to get your attention online if you were just posting.

So how long does it actually take for people to actually get to, to know and trust you? Well, it usually takes more than just posting a few text posts, because how much can you actually know of someone just by, by seeing a few texts posts? Right. So, so then just speed up that trust. And, and there, I remember seeing some studies out about this too. I think it was put out as actually brought up by Forbes that more people are, are feeling like they need to have more trust before they are interested in working with anyone. Right. And so, um, nowadays than, than ever before. So this is something that is super important. And if you want to build that connection, um, it faster then being able to educate, because one of the reasons why people are coming to you is because you are, um, they are not educated about how you can help.

They don’t understand acupuncture, they don’t understand Chinese medicine, you might get excited about it, but people don’t really understand. So if they don’t understand, they’re not going to come in and how can you educate them to understand and be able to speed up that process much faster than just, you know, posting on texts on social media. And so, so video is a great way of doing that, whether it is on Facebook lives, uh, whether it is on, for example, you too, or you could put a video on your website to help explain your services so that people, um, understand it faster as well, and, and see being an acupuncturist and seeing your patients and them and your patients, potential patients deciding whether or not to work with you is it’s such a personal relationship with, with you as the, the acupuncturist. And so not only do people feel like they need to understand that it can work, they also need to understand.

I mean, they also need to feel that sense of connection and resonance with you and your energy. So, so then in terms of, of video, let me just give you a couple of quick tips related to this and, um, let me share with you because what if you actually get nervous and, uh, you don’t really like the idea of, of being in front of people, you know, with a camera kind of staring at you. So I’m gonna share with you a couple strategies that can help you overall. Um, and then I’m also gonna share with you strategies that you could do, even if you don’t want to be on video. And even if you feel like I don’t, I don’t think that’s for me. Uh, Jen, I’ll share with you a different strategy where you could just create one thing and use it over and over and over again, to bring in new patients.

So a couple of quick tips, when, when you do things on video, is this, what if you get nervous? So I, um, I used to feel this super performance anxiety when I, when I would be on, on camera or just speak at all when I was little, my dad, um, I grew up in a family, very strict research scientists. My dad was PhD. Um, first-generation immigrants from Taiwan, super strict, you know, when other kids would be, uh, like, um, Sunday morning, this is when I was around eight years old. When we would get the Sunday paper, I used to always feel a little jealous of other kids. Why? Because I imagined that they would, they would open up the paper or they get to, got to check out the comic strips. And what, what happened to me? I had my, my dad had me do current event talks every Sunday and I dreaded it.

I was terrible at it. And I cried all the time because he was very strict. Like he was, he doesn’t speak like my stylist. He’s very analytical and he critiques and stuff to the point where, where I just felt really inadequate. And because of that, I felt so much performance anxiety whenever, whenever I would speak. And I vowed to myself, I will never speak when I, when I grow up in terms of being in front of a girl or even being on camera. Right. And so, so then, but why did I end up deciding to, to actually speak is because I, um, I love teaching when I was little, I would get these kids. My idea of fun was getting the kids in the neighborhood around and then sitting around me and then I would go get my, get these worksheets from my third grade teacher.

And then I would get, I would have these kids, um, you know, do worksheets and everything. That was my idea of fide back then. It still is for me right now. So in any case, um, it was that desire to educate and teach people that led me to learn how to do this, but I will say that, uh, and the reason I bring this up is that if I can do that go from, from being extremely, having this performance anxiety to where, because I literally, uh, I would get so nervous when I first started speaking, uh, what I grew up that I didn’t, I would say something and then I didn’t know what I was talking about. I felt so, like I was sweating inside and my face turn really red and that I literally didn’t make any sense. It was that embarrassed.

I felt like such a fool. Right? So, um, the reason I bring this up is that if I can do it from the place of feeling like a complete fool and I winded a height under a rug, but then now getting to a place where I’m getting invited to speak nationally and more comfortable with it. I can say that if I can do it, then you could totally do it. And one thing, what’s one hot tip that you could use anywhere you go. If you’re, whether you’re at, you’re being asked to share about your practice and you feel really anxious about, um, whether it’s on video and you’re all of a sudden doing a video, or you’re doing some kind of, uh, talking kind of experience is this, you can just stick your tongue out.

So stick your tongue out,

Like the lion’s breath, right. In, in yoga. And, and that could just totally, totally put you in the present moment. So the heart racing starts coming down and your, your, the thoughts in your head about how you don’t know what you’re talking about comes down, and then you end up being more in a complete present moment. So that’s one hot tip. And I second hot tips. So let’s talk a little bit about, uh, a couple of the, um, Oh, the second hot tip is called the action. So, um, this is something that will help you, regardless of what social media platform you use, regardless of whether you do a text post, or if you do a, um, actually do more of a video, right. And, and by the way, a side tip for you, if you’re just doing a text posts, is that doing stories?

Oh, actually. Okay. I, I lost my train of thought for a moment, but we it’s just a reminder for you that remember doing, if you do a text posts doing like Instagram stories or Facebook stories is, will work better because it shows up, for example, Facebook will show up more on the top and people are more interested in hearing about stories as well. So, um, now, as it comes to call the action, one of the biggest mistakes, a lot of practitioners make is not actually give any kind of call to action that, um, that really leads people to, to book with you, or really leads people to take that next step, whatever that next step might be. And so that’s where you might be posting all these pretty close and, and inspirational messages and, uh, and things, and you, and then you’re, you’re still posting you’re, you’re like, hi, I’m here.

And how come nobody’s nobody’s reaching out? Or, or you might just say, Oh, call, call my clinic. And that’s about it. Right. So is there anything that you could vary that with because sometimes people, um, might not feel quite like they’re ready quite yet that way, or maybe they just want a different way of, of actually connecting with you. So, um, one thing that, that, that, that makes it easy and feels like it’s more comfortable. So for example, one hot seat for you is that you can actually, um, for example, if it’s on, on Facebook or if it’s on Instagram, you’ll, you’ll tweak this just a little bit, but it might be PME to get this assessment done so we can find out dot, dot dot, or you could say PME, if you’re dealing with similar health issues, we could discuss your situation, whether it makes sense for you to get it checked out.

Right? So notice that actually helps people think, Oh, maybe I need you to do something about this health issue or, or, or maybe I need to get, get it checked out. So it’s, it’s more of a, kind of, of a call to action that will actually interest people in, in booking with you. And then, um, if you want, if you don’t want people to PMU, you could ask them to click on a link to schedule an appointment, but how can you actually say that, right? In terms of, of whether it’s in a text post, or whether you’re saying it, um, video wise or verbally. So click on this link and book an appointment where we will do a such and such, and I’ve set aside a few spots for you to be able to get in with me week if you’re watching right now. So why is this really effective?

Because notice it gives a little more of a sense of an urgency, because if people feel like they could just do it anytime they might not do it right now, but if you’re actually letting them know that, you know, you’ve set aside spots this week for them, then if they’re watching right now and then to actually take action on that link, then it there’ll be more likely to, to actually do it. And I actually decided to make it easier for you, because these are just, just a couple of sample scripts from our template. That is the number one thing to supercharge, getting new patients from any social media platform, whether it’s a text post or whether it is a, um, a video kind of a post. So you can click on the link below that will be popping in, in the chat for you to actually access it.

And I’ll just give it to you also right now. So it’s introverted visionary.com forward slash C T a Scripps. So introverted, visionary.com forward slash C T a scripts. And then you can click on the link below in the chat and then, um, go there and download. You’re going to get the template in your inbox right away. Um, so go there right now, also, you know, by the way, for those of you who might feel like you’re, you’re in a place where you’re at your, if you’re feeling like you’re being, you’re frustrated with not getting as many new patients as you would like, or, and you just know you’re capable of so much more because you’ve had a dip in your income and also in your practice in terms of patient flow and feel free to also at that link, you’ll have an opportunity to book in for a free double my practice strategy session as well, to see what actually might be the most effective way to grow your practice faster this year, and actually have some help with it to grow, grow faster.

So in terms of, um, another hot tip that I wanted to give you about, about how can you be B uh, reaching where people would actually getting new patients on social media more effectively, for example, through, through video. And then I’m going to wrap up by sharing one hot seat that you can use if you decide, Oh, I don’t know about, you know, having to show up for social media all the time and creating all this content, right? Like I’m gonna share, share with you a hack where you could just create one thing and have it, use it, use it over and over again, to bring in new patients into the practice that our clients are using to do, which, um, when, when you tackle it, it’s like, it’s like it can end up even being on autopilot, which is pretty cool. So in terms of, um, the second, I mean, the, the tip other tip I was going to share with you about, about being more successful on video is that, um, let’s talk about a couple of the pros and cons of some of the platforms.

For example, a Facebook live is nice because you could literally just go live when you, when you feel like it. And, um, and then in terms of, or if you feel like it, right. And the, the thing about, about live, like I mentioned earlier, is that it, it gets sent out to, to up to 10 times more people than if you were to do a text post. Right. But the, um, the disadvantage of it is that if there’s not as much interest in that Facebook live early on in terms of, of for example, right, when you go live and in that timeframe, or at least earlier on within a day or two, then you might not get as much traction with your video, right? So that is a drawback with, with Facebook lives. Um, now in terms of, uh, length of a video, if you do do Facebook lives, it’s great to do over 10 minutes.

And some people say, well, why that long? Why? Because, because people are, um, sometimes they are, they’re coming onto Facebook at different times, but if you just do a video for like 30 seconds, then pretty much it didn’t give, give different people enough time to even hop on at all. And it’s already over. So for Facebook live to get more traction, ideally over 10 minutes is really good. Now another platform that you can use, and actually we’ve had, uh, we’ve had clients who just create one Facebook live, do it really well, and then run ads to it and bring new patients in the door. Right? So you just need to know what to say. That actually brings a new patients, and then you don’t only have to create what you don’t have to create a lot. Um, the other, um, ask the other possibility in terms of, of social media platform, um, for doing video to actually bring in new patients is YouTube.

So why is YouTube really great as a, to consider? So YouTube is people are actually going there to search for answers. They’re not just kind of surfing and then, Oh, they happen to see your Facebook live, right? They they’re actually looking for answers to their problems. So, and more people are actually starting to watch more and more YouTube videos. Um, just think about yourself. Do you ever watch YouTube videos too? Well, even if you don’t other people do as well. So, um, and the nice part about YouTube is that it’s like, it’s essentially a search engine. And, and then did you notice that if you, if you type things into Google, YouTube videos actually end up coming up, but not other kinds of videos come up as, as readily. I mean, Facebook lives do come up also. I’ve seen it, but it’s, but what do you, what do they tend to prefer as putting on top, like the first page?

Usually for people it’s usually YouTube videos. So what are some hot tips about YouTube videos? If you wonder, well, what am I going to actually say, say on YouTube questions and answers like frequently asked kinds of questions are good kinds of questions to, to put up on YouTube. And then, um, the big, and then another hot tip is you could do a video. That’s more about, you know, uh, how to, uh, how to find a good acupuncture, how to find a good acupuncturist, or you could, you could mention how to find a good, um, where to find a good acupuncturist and then put your city and state where you’re located in, because then, then that can also help with the search algorithms to actually help people find you locally. So those are a couple of, of hot tips in terms of length of a video for, for YouTube. Is that it also, it tends to build over time. Like if you, it tends to work better, if there’s a cumulative effect of your videos, if you do more videos versus just like a couple of them, right? Like if you, if you do videos at least once a week, um, over the course of a year, I promise you that you’re going to start getting more organic traffic. It’s definitely more of a long game than a short game. Right.

So Facebook live, it could be more of a short game if you do it well and do it early and do it, just do just one, like do one really well. And then do, you know, run, run ads to it. So now let’s wrap up with what, what is, what can you actually do if you’re feeling like, Oh my gosh, that’s just so not me where I feel like I have to create content all the time. It’s like, I don’t want to feel like I have to create, create new content all the time. I don’t have time for that. I just want to see patients. Um, so what can you do? This is what our clients actually doing. That’s, shortcutting all, this is actually creating just one webinar that converts and then doing it over and over and over again in front of different audiences.

So you could either do it in front of other audiences, or you could even get it automated and then have it bring patients in with just one webinar that, that works great, because then you don’t have to come up with new topic or content or anything like that. You literally just have to create one, that’s it, not 10, not 20, not spend time on social media all the time when you don’t have time, but literally just one webinar that converts. And what does that mean by one webinar that converts, it means that because there’s a difference between just educating people on, on what you have to offer, versus being able to also inspire new patients to come from it. It’s a very different skillset. How can you do both? How can you not only educate, but also inspire new patients come from it. So that’s something that I’m covering in an upcoming free training that I’m doing.

So, um, feel free to, if you have an interest in it, feel free to just type in the chat about it, and then that you’re interested and then I’ll, um, make sure to, to reply to you and send you the link to register for that. So, um, it’s really excited for you and about shortcutting things so that you aren’t feeling like you have to spend all the time on social media when you either don’t already have time for it. Or you’re like me more of introvert where, you know, it’s not like we always want to be displaying or our public lives. I mean, despite this way, everything about our private lives all the time, every single day, like 5 million posted a week or something, you know, in terms of like, Oh, I need to post like twice a day or three times a day, it just feels exhausting.

Right? So let’s simplify things have just few things like, or just even one, like I mentioned, right. Work well for you. So you can focus on seeing patients and doing what you enjoy the most. So with that, I look forward to, uh, Oh, and if you want the templates for the, um, free scripts that can help you with getting more new patients from social media, any social media platform. And the best part is that you can actually use these templates, like literally copy and paste. You can use this in all kinds of situations, even if you’re never on social media, whether it’s on your website, that you actually have an in a way to, to lead interested people into booking an appointment with you. Like what, what could you say that would get them more interested rather than, Oh yeah, just call it car office.

Right? Uh, or if you’re talking to people in, um, you can incorporate some of these things as well. So, so it’s, it’s going to be useful for you across the board and, and you don’t even have to be on social media, or if you want to be on social media, then it’s certainly going to help you instead of feeling like you’re just spending all this time posting. So, but nothing much else is happening for, from it. So go ahead and, and go, go to the link. And then I look forward to look forward to, to, um, you getting the downloads to help you right now, and then also getting you insight into, um, your practice and certainly happy to see if and how we can help you grow faster this year. So, um, yeah. Let’s have your practice take off this year.

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Year of the Ox Thumbnail

The Year of the OX 2021 – Tsao-Lin E. Moy


I want to thank the American Acupuncture Council for having me as their host. My name is Tsao-Lin Moy. I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. I practice in New York city and I am the founder of integrative healing arts, uh, where I’m located in union square. Um, today I’m going to be talking about the Zodiac, uh, as we are going to be entering into the year of the ox and what we can do with that energy to help us be healthy and have an abundant practice. So, um, I’m going to go to a slide presentation, um, to give you some visuals. So this year is the year of the ox and the, it will be starting on February 12th and it will be through January 30th, 2022. And we have been in, uh, for 2020 has been very challenging for a lot of people, I think for the whole world.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

And so it’s important to also look at that with Chinese medicine. The Zodiac is actually a part of, one of the branches of Chinese medicine. It’s the esoteric, um, aspect of Chinese medicine. Now, um, there are 12 Zodiacs, right? And so here we are, uh, the, the year of the arts. So if you’re born in this a year, it’s going to be the metal ox, right? Because there’s also the aspect of the five elements. And as practitioners, we also, we understand the five elements as a cycle, right? A generative cycle, or it could be a control.


With the 12 Zodiacs, we have the, the elements, earth, metal, water wood in fire. And these ODS, the Zodiacs are based on a lunar calendar. So each lunar year, we have also, uh, an elemental cycle. Uh, the 12 year cycle actually follows the Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. And that takes about 12 years for 2021. The Zodiac is the ox, and that is connected to the element of the earth. And as we know, earth, energy is very nurturing. It is yin and the time is more of a winter, but winter has potential, right? And the, uh, the element though for this year is going to be metal. So people born in 2021, the year of the ox are called a metal ox or a golden ox. And the earth element, you know, is part of the nature of the ox. So that aspect always be, will be present.

Um, but metal is going to be influencing it. Um, the animals Zodiac or the animal influence will also depend on the date that you were born. So if you were conceived in February, all the babies being conceived, uh, coming up soon, they will be, uh, conceived in the energy of the ox and when they will be born, they’ll be have more of those, uh, ox attributes. Um, what’s important to know is that we all hold these energies within us and, uh, relate and interact with these influences under the principles of yin and yang. And this is about dynamic balance. Uh, metal, uh, attributes are considered to be from there’s some rigidity, also persistence strength and determination. The metal person can be controlling, ambitious, and forceful and set in their ways as metal is strong. But also if you look at the idea they cut to the chase, they don’t, uh, play around. Right. Um, here we go. And as you can see, here are these two beautiful,


Is, uh, a earth element and is really the art, uh, is down to earth. Their nature is hard working. Um, they have integrity, they’re reliable. Uh, someone who was born under the ox is honest in nature. They’re dependable, they’re strong, very determined. Um, and you can say they’re incorruptible and sometimes they can be inflexible, right? They’re very strong minded, strong, um, oxen, constitutionally, if you are born in that year are physically strong and have robust health. Uh, the Zodiac is related to agriculture and cultivation. So this is going to be a very important theme. When we talk about business and health, uh, doing the hard work to plow the fields and sow the seeds for the future growth and abundance, um, ox have great patients and a much longer view of what’s going to be to come. So who do we know that is born in the year of the off


Mama? Uh, so if you wanna look at, uh, a person as we call a celebrity or someone who is a leader who carefully plans, et cetera, et cetera, uh, Barack Obama is, uh, is an example of that kind of energy, really steady, um, determined and, and not dissuaded from making things happen.

Um, as an aside, our, our new president and vice-president, uh, uh, Joe Biden is a water horse, and Kamala Harris is a wood dragon, right? So we have a great, we’ve got the wood energy, I’ve got the water energy water feeds the wood. So we’re going to look at how the president, the new president is also supporting of, uh, women and in particular, the vice-president really to be a mentor. And also the idea of, you know, how he is nourishing and, and you can see that in his, his energy, right? He’s very, he’s like the grandfather. Um, so I won’t get into politics. Uh, but, uh, what I want to say is like, with this energy coming up, how are we going to use this energy of the Zodiac to bring abundance and prosperity this year? So one of the things is having great patients and a desire to make progress.

So this is really OX energy. Um, ox will have a definite plan and with detail steps to which they apply their strong faith and physical strength. Um, so if you imagine the lines that they plow in the field, uh, is really like slow and steady, uh, and really looking to cultivate for the future. So your health is also important. So this is about being robust. If you want to cultivate robust health, I mean, you want to cultivate more robust health. Otherwise you can get burnt out with overwork, right? And we’ve seen this last year, a lot of scurrying around, you know, trying to be resourceful. That’s the energy of the rat resourceful. Um, but you know, now we’re in a, we’re going to be coming into a space where we really need to look at, we need to get to work. Uh, ox can achieve their goals by consistent persistence, right?

And this means don’t give up. Um, I know that 2020 has been very challenging. Many people have kind of, you know, some people have decided to not practice or their, uh, you know, their, their business has been in flux, a lot of people. So this is really where we need to get back to work. Um, ox are not much influenced by others or the environment, but persist in doing things according to their ideals and capability. Um, so you have to be mindful that you don’t get stuck or mired in your own ways. So this can also be an, if you become too stubborn or you think that this is the way it is, that is what we consider a kind of a mind set, um, versus what we need is a mind shift. So in this case for this year, no shortcuts or quick fixes or magic bullets, it’s really, you know, constant considering, uh, consistent work and planning.

So really looking at, um, looking ahead that there is going to be growth. Uh, we have to plant those seeds, right? We’re in this place now where we’re moving out of, uh, this pandemic energy. Um, the other topic is it’s time to get more visible with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Now, this is kind of a pep talk, you know, for all of you practitioners out there. Um, we have thousands of years of evidential knowledge on how to help people. Right now, we are still in a pandemic. COVID has hit the globe, right? People in the media are looking for natural solutions to heal. A lot of people are suspicious of vaccines. A lot of people are suspicious of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. It would just come off of a lot of that, uh, you know, funny stuff going on with pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine, offer benefits for people to heal and get healthy.

You need to cite research. Um, acupuncture can relieve inflammation, naturally boost the immune system. There are Harvard and NIH studies that actually prove this. And so this is where we’re at a point that there isn’t really anything out there that’s going to help the long haulers in terms of drugs and other therapies. What is really clear is that acupuncture and Chinese medicine, because of the model that it is to help people heal better, to take charge of their health, that we are actually holding this information. It’s really important to get out there. And so, um, what I’m gonna kind of challenge you all is to really look at how you can plant those seeds of information. You want to seed the information. Um, so the people will become aware that there are solutions. I mean, maybe they already are solution aware. They are aware that they have a problem.

That’s not getting fixed, um, by conventional methods, right? And so this is an area where you can shine and where you can offer real help. Uh, with thousands of years of evidence, right? Asia had over 240 some odd, uh, epidemics over the last couple thousand years. And so the, the information that we can provide for people to heal themselves is very important, right? And I hope you recognize that you have a lot of knowledge that can help a lot of people, right? What you do, you want to love what you do and do what you love. Um, I don’t know if anybody has went into, uh, acupuncture and Chinese medicine thinking that they were, you know, their, their first, uh, focus was going to be making millions of dollars, right? You have a servant’s heart. And what’s really important is you also have the knowledge that can really help people, right? And so I want to remind you all that, you have this, you went through the schooling, you went through the training, you are a, uh, you’re practitioners, you’re professionals. You’re not commodities, right. You’re healers.

So this year is also about rebuilding your practice, right? Again, this is this ox energy. We’ve all had to pivot in some form, you know, hands-on, uh, practices. There is no substitute. There really isn’t a substitute. You can’t do virtual acupuncture, right? Um, the, the, uh, relationship between the patient and the practitioner is what makes the difference. It’s the alchemy that pulls it together. We are the guides, they are the Explorer, right? We’re the facilitators. People need us. So this year is going to be about rebuilding, maybe shifting your focus of your practice. And in, in the previous slide, I kind of outlined a few areas to really focus on where people are struggling, loss of smell, and taste, sleep, anxiety, digestive disorders, all of those and pain, a lot of pain. And, uh, there’s a lot of research that shows that acupuncture and Chinese medicine is very effective.

So what we’re looking at is, you know, we want to have our feet on the ground with the earth energy, right? This is nurturing. It’s the time to practice what we preach, right? With yin and yang balance and resilience. We have to model, right? Remember that you have thousands of years of evidential knowledge to help people heal. There’s no substitute for hands-on treatments, right? Everyone might say they do Wausau or cupping or dry needling. But the reality is, is that the knowledge that we hold is what really makes it effective and helps people to heal. So the situation has been, the people are scared and you have those solutions that can help them. What is nearest and dearest, and that is their health. So I want to thank everyone who showed up to listen to this lie. Um, I want to thank the American acupuncture council for having me. And I also

Want to let you know to please join us next week when our host will be, yeah. Mammo, thank you for listening and, uh, have a great new year.

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Dr. Virginia Doran

Using Chinese Herbs in the Various Stages of Toxic-Heat Invasion

Hi, I’m Virginia Doran, your host this week for To The Point, a show very generously produced by the American Acupuncture Council. We had another show scheduled for today, but considering the time that we’re living in right now with COVID-19, we decided to have another guest, and that is someone that many of you will be familiar with, Jake Fratkin. He’s going to talk about Chinese herbal treatment in different stages of the virus and various practical tips of products that are available from various sources. And he’s been an educator, an author in the field for decades, and practices out in Boulder, Colorado.

Many accomplishments, too many to list here, maybe he will enlighten us, or you can see on his website. And because there’s so much information to cover, I want to turn it right over to him. So, Jake, please inform us practitioners of your ideas for Chinese herbal treatment for this virus.

Okay, I’m ready to talk. Am I on? I’m on. You can hear me. Okay, so hi, everybody. I want to thank the American Acupuncture Council for inviting me. It was kind of short notice, but I’m happy to share the information that I’ve been pursuing about how to address the various stages of the virus with Chinese herbal formulas or herbal products. Now some of you out there do raw herb customizing or work with powders and do raw herb customizing, and so about the half the information or more is going to be directed to you, because you have the ability to customize formulas to patients at the various stages.

If you don’t customize formulas, you have two choices, one of them is to get herbal products that are already made and we’re going to talk about, or to ask one of the companies that does make formulas like Crane, and Lotus, and Mayway, that they’ll make the formulas up for you to give to your patients, so that’s one caveat there. We have a lot of groundwork to cover. I am certainly not going to go into detail, but the whole PowerPoint lecture that you’re going to see can be downloaded off my website. You’ll see it. If you go to my website you’ll see it in the lower right-hand corner, the way to download the lecture notes from this lecture. So that’s what we’re going to do.

And that’s called fratkin.com?

No, it’s at the end of the lecture, but it’s drjakefratkin.com.


D-R, no period. Okay, let’s get started.

And you know, we want to just remind our viewers if you don’t have Chinese herbal training then you shouldn’t be doing this. You will want to do everything in accordance with your license in the states where you live or licensed in. And we’re not curing, and we want to be very careful not to state or misinform our patients that we are curing.

Yeah. The COVID-19 virus is very patent-protected by the FDA. You can’t advertise that you’re treating COVID-19. You can’t mention the words, because they will go after you, so I’m just calling it toxic heat invasion and working at it from there. I don’t know if my PowerPoint’s up because on my screen I can’t see what’s exactly up. I don’t see my face yet.

They’re not up yet.

They’re not up yet. And is my face up on the screen, or no?

Allen says they are up, but I don’t see them yet.

Yeah, you have the yellow box around you, but I don’t. So I don’t know if my face-

He says we’re up.

So I want to get my face up. I want to get the PowerPoint up. So let me know when you see the PowerPoint, Virginia.


Do you see it? No.


No. Okay, let’s just start it now.

Allen, you see it, but we don’t.

Okay. In general, the worst is going to come starting in about two weeks. Some of you may be seeing corona patients right now. I am over the phone. Everything I’m doing is by phone, webinar, phone consultation, and then I’m working from the material to send people herbal products. Now the way I work is I combine herbal extract powders. I use extract powders, and when I make a formula I make 100 grams. So I never like to make a formula that has more than 10 or 12 ingredients in it, 12 would be my max just because in 100 gram mix, you just can’t get the strength of enough herbs if you go more than 10 or 12 herbs. In a decoction you can put in 20 or 30 herbs, they don’t care, you just add it to the pot.

Virginia, do you see my face or no?


You do? [inaudible 00:06:30].

He’s saying that the audience can see things that we can’t.

Okay. All right. So I’m working with 100 gram powders and the formulas that I’m going to show are very large, they’re huge formulas, 15, 20 herb formulas, so I really recommend that if you have training in Chinese herbs, don’t give the whole formula unless you’re going to do raw soup decoction, which most of you don’t do. If you’re going to do powder extractions, then you have to whittle down the suggested 15 herbs or so into 10 or 11 herbs or so. So that’s up to you. I would not go the full formulas that they’re recommending unless you’re doing raw herb. If you don’t do powders or custom, then you default to the products.

Now, we’re going to have some products to offer, they’re not going to be as strong as these other formulas. Virginia, do you see my PowerPoint up?


Okay, good. So these things come from two sources from China, one is Guidance for Coronavirus Disease. This is a wonderful, 140-page manual. It’s actually available on eLotus down here. I think they have a download so you can see the whole thing. Which if you’re a raw herb prescriber, there’s a lot of notes in there I’m not including, so you might want to get that document. The other document is what John Chen and Lori Hsu did, which is called, How COVID-19 is Currently Treated in China. So there’s two Chinese sources we’re working with here.

The first group is called Medical Observation Period. There’s been no lab confirmation of COVID. This is where people suspect, they have a couple symptoms, they’re not sure. So we divided those into two groups, not we, the Chinese. One is fatigue with GI upset, so there’ll be some diarrhea, there’ll be some abdominal cramping. There may or may not be fever. There’s fatigue. The formula of choice is Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Pian. These are, if you go to my book, this book which we’ll talk about, it has all the manufacturers of any formula, so it says Huo Xiang, it’ll name every manufacturer that makes it. Another phase will be-

Including American brands?

Yeah. It’s mostly, in this book there’s only GMP formulas.


It’s only products made, pretty much put together in America, or they’re GMP otherwise. So the other one is fatigue with fever. We can’t get any of these recommendations that they’re talking about, but they’re very similar to one of these three, Gan Mao Ling, Zhong Gan Ling, or Yin Qiao. If you are not familiar with those, my book will talk about them in detail. Now for what they call confirmed or highly suspected cases, they throughout, they have this foundation formula so I can’t see… yeah, it’s hard to see the ingredients there, hard to see the ingredients. Can we move the pictures over a little so-

No, we can see.

Oh, okay, okay. So the lung-clearing detox soup is kind of like a foundation formula that they will use in all cases, mild to severe, but this is too many herbs. You have to reduce them according to how much heat you see and how much dampness you see. So this is really going to be an interplay between heat, between dampness, and between toxic heat. So toxic heat are herbs that go after viruses, and regular heat is heat in the qi, so for example Shi Gao is used a lot to bring down fever. So in this stage there’ll be coughs, there’ll be maybe some dampness. And then, of course, kind of a foundation there, Xiao Chai Hu Tang. If you’re going to work with products, probably the best combo here is Xiao Chai Hu Tang, mixing it with something called San Ren Tang, and not a lot of people have San Ren Tang, so I think you can mix it with Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Pian, Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Huo Xiang.

But as you’ll see when I go back to my other references, you always want to give toxic heat herbs, so you can always use these Gan Mao Ling, Zhong Gan Lings as part of it. Yin Qiao’s not strong enough, but it’s helpful in other ways.

I just want to ask a question here. Some people are getting it or at least starting with more of a wind cold damp scenario.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We go into that.


Okay. So now in the early stage where it’s mild, there’s two presentations that I’ll show, cold dampness into the lungs, and the second one is damp heat into the lungs. So for cold damp they’re using this formula. Again, if you’re making it, really reduce it. You can’t put all these into a 100 gram bottle, there’s no way. They recommend Ephedra in all these cases, Ma Huang, which we cannot get in this country, so I’m substituting Cinnamomum, Gui Zhi, instead. This will reduce heat, it’ll dispel wind, and it will clear damp, so it’s a good general formula, cold dampness affecting the lungs. There’s maybe slight fever, it’s not real bad. There’s some cough, the chest is tight. The key symptom is nausea, nausea. So if there’s nausea, we think that there’s a damp accumulation and the stomach qi is not descending, so this formula addresses that.

If you’re going to do it with product, you use Huo Xiang Zheng Qi with something called Jing Fang Bai Du, which is in my book. For the heat stage, still the difference isn’t the fever, but now their body’s very achy. You have headache, you’re achy. There’s a dry cough, maybe a sore throat. The mouth is dry, the chest is tight, again, nausea. The stools could be loose or constipated. So this one is more cooling with herbs like Huang Qin and Lian Qiao, Qing Hao, Ban Lan Gen. So now we’re really starting to address the heat toxins, the viral toxins, Isatis, Ban Lan Gen, Forsythia, Lian Qiao, plus you also have a Xiao Chai Hu Tang basis in there with Chai Hu Huang Qin. For products, can use Xiao Chai Hu Tang with either Gan Mao Ling or Zhong Gan Ling for that stage. This is early, still considered an early stage.

In the general stage, now this is the bigger stage, it’s not hospital-level, but this is where people are sick. So this stage is called damp toxin, stagnating the lung. The fever is now starting to go up. The cough is getting more. There’s difficulty breathing. The abdomen is uncomfortable. The tongue will probably start to be more red with a slight yellow coat, but not always. Tongue doesn’t always, tongue confirms, but it doesn’t rule out. If the tongue is not red or not greasy it doesn’t mean they don’t have this, it just means it hasn’t shown on the tongue yet, so don’t require the tongue to confirm. But if it does confirm, then more power to you. The pulse is more rapid and slippery due to heat. Again, they’re using Ma Huang, again I’m substituting.

Now we’re addressing cough with Xing Ren and getting heat out of the lungs, Shi Gao, so there’s still an attention to dampness. If you have to go with products, you want to use Huo Xiang Zheng Qi, but now we’re going to use Qing Zao Jiu Fei, or things like that. I’ll talk about this stage a little bit in a minute. Cold dampness, no fever or very low fever, but again you have this cough and chest tightness and nausea. But the tongue is not red, the pulse is not rapid. And we give this, which is much more addressing cold and dampness, and again here we can use Ban Xia Hou Po Tang with Ge Gen Tang or Gui Zhi Tang. Ge Gen Tang and Gui Zhi Tang will push out the wind cold, Ban Xia Hou Po will neutralize the phlegm and dampness.

All these are on these notes which you can download from my website. Now when it gets really severe, this is the stage people want to go to the hospital. In two or three or four weeks, the hospitals are not going to take everybody. There’s going to be someone at the door saying, “Okay, you, not you.” It’s because they don’t have the beds. They don’t have the beds. Here the fever is high. This is the lung blocked by epidemic toxin. This is where the viral toxin really cranks, and this is usually seven days after their first symptom, after their first symptom of feeling fatigue and achy. After about seven days it’ll crank, and you’ll get a high fever with redness, a harsh cough because the heat now is going into the lung.

There may be some sticky phlegm, there may not. Very hard to breathe, painful to breathe. Dry mouth, there may be damp symptoms such as nausea. Now a lot of these Chinese formulas come out of Wuhan and Hubei, very damp place. Now if you live in the East Coast, that’s going to relate to you. I live in a very dry area in Colorado. We don’t see that much, we just don’t see that much dampness, but here they’re very sick. Now we have high fever, harsh cough. This is the recommended formula. They’re still trying to get rid of wind cold with Ma Huang and Xing Ren, but they’re moving again to Shi Gao. It’s a very similar formula. If there’s constipation, you work with the Da Huang, and here we can use Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang combined with Bai Hu Tang and Liang Ge San.

I talk about who has these products later. Flaring heat in the qi and yin is beyond just the lungs, this is very high fever. People will be trying to get into the hospital, but there are going to be people turned away from the hospital, and this kind of has a Bai Hu Tang foundation, Shi Gao, Zhi Mu. They’re using Shui Niu Jiao, which you’ll only get if you’re a raw herb herbalist. I think you can get this by powder form. Okay. They have cooling herbs, Xuan Shen, Lian Qiao, and Huang Lian, Lophatherum and Zhu Ye will bring down systemic heat. So if you have fever, this Zhu Ye is an important herb and Shi Gao is an important herb. You’ll see on the raw herbs that they’ll be going 30 to 60 grams in a decoction. That’s a lot. That’s a lot.

We’ll never approximate that in a extract powder, you’ll never get that much. But I would, on an extract powder, do at least 12 grams of Shi Gao. Here we would use Bai Hu Tang with either Gan Mao Ling or Zhong Gan Ling or one of the other anti-viral formulas that I’m going to talk about.

Critical stage, you’re not going to see this. This is where they’ve collapsed, they’ve collapsed. They’re not going to survive without a ventilator. The TCM people are recommending the combination of Ren Shen and Fu Zi for collapsed yang and qi, Shan Zhu Yu to bring it into the body. You won’t be seeing these patients. They’ll be in the hospital or dead.

Now my recommendations for illness with fever, you want to use heat toxin herbs. You want to use Wu Wei Xiao Du, and here’s the availability. This is everybody that carries that product. This is how my yellow book is organized. I’ll take a formula, I’ll say, who’s got it? So an asterisk means it’s based on, it’s a variation on a theme. Chuan Xin Lian is very good anti-viral, it’s a three-herb combo of Isatis, Ban Lan Gen, and Andrographis, Chuan Xin Lian and Tara Xacum, Pu Gong Ying. These are all the people that have it. Gan Mao Ling, here’s who has it. Zhong Gan Ling, here’s who has it. But there are a lot of products that are in my book that people don’t know about. All of these are anti-viral, all of these products.

I put asterisks in the ones that I think are stronger and more appropriate. Okay, Seven Forest has a lot of these products. They have Patrinia 7, Paris 7, so on. But all these companies, and then Golden Flower has Viola Clear Fire, it’s a great, great product. But all these are good, and they’re just heat toxin herbs, so you add this into what you’re doing. Let’s say you’re on a Huo Xiang stage, but you want to get the heat toxins, the virus, you really have to default to one of those or one of these. Those are very important to combine heat toxin herbs with the more classical formulas.

Lung fire, this is a painful, barking, dry, harsh cough. Qing Zao Jiu Fei is helpful, Huang Lian Shang Qing is helpful, and Qing Fei Yi Huo is very helpful. American-made products, Seven Forest has two products, Bellamcanda 15 and Stemona, they’re very good for heat. I have a product called SVP Lung. It’s good, it sort of like medium. And then here’s the codes, if I said GC it means Guang Ci Tang, if I said GF, it means Golden Flower, so on. These products can be found at Crane, Golden Needle will have them, other distributors will have all of them. But-

And what are you hearing about availability with the demand?

Don’t know. It’s not yet running out, but it will be. That’s why if you have a raw herb pharmacy or extract granule pharmacy, you can work with that. I had trouble getting some extract granules from my supplier so I went to another supplier and was able to get what I wanted. You can either stock up, or you’re going to reach a point where you’re just out of herbs. eLotus, that’s John Chen’s and Tina Chen’s group, Evergreen, they translated numerous articles from China for treating COVID-19. This is that link, or you just go to their website, eLotus.

And they have a wonderful hour and a half free presentation about it, when-

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So this sums up their information. So they took a document called How COVID-19 is Currently Treated in China, they translated it. They divided that into four phases, prevention, influenza, pneumonia, and recovery. So I’m just summing up their stuff here because they give a lot more detail, but pneumonia prevention number one, they had this formula. Influenza phase, they said patent medicine you can combine Ge Gen Tang or Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang. I would combine it with one of the anti-viral formulas based around Gan Mao Ling. Flu formula number one with headache, with dry throat. These are not strong enough in my mind. They’re good, but I would combine them with a strong heat toxin formula that we just talked about.

Then toxic heat attacks the lungs, they give a recommended formula. This is a good formula, I like this formula. Damp cold in the lung, it’s not going to be acute. I mean, it might be. It’s a difficult differentiation here, because when they’re feverish, you think everything is heat, but here there’s more of the damp side, the distension, nausea, diarrhea. Remember in China, they have a lot more damp presentations than they have in most places in America, but that’s their recommended formula. With this again, you could default to Huo Xiang Zheng Qi or Ban Xia Hou Po Tang.

I understand that the testing of people’s lungs who had severe cases of it, they found like thick, rubbery, congealed phlegm blocking the airways. So yeah, phlegm is really important to treat.

Pneumonia phase, this is a special phase. It’s kind of a Shaoyang stage with accumulation of damp. Herbal formulas you can use are Xiao Chai Hu Tang, San Ren Tang, or Gan Lu Xiao Du. Pneumonia phase, again it’s Xiao Chai Hu Tang with some, it’s sort of like what you see up here but in a customized formula. Finally, damp heat, another pneumonia formula. You download this, print it out, keep this as your reference. Now these are smaller formulas, so you can just make this just like it is, changing these doses here for soup. You have to adjust that for 100 gram bottle if that’s what you’re doing.

Toxic stagnation, this is where there’s a lot of fever, here’s the formula. You’ll have to look at it and look at it closely. This is the end-stage abandonment. You won’t see this, this is definitely in the hospital or dying. These patent medicines you cannot get anymore in the United States. I had them in my original patent medicine book, An Gong Niu Huang and Zi Xue San for fever that’s killing you. And you can get them in Chinatown, but you’re not going to get them from any of the GMP-type distributors.

This last phase is just collapse. It’s ginseng Ren Shen and Aconiti Fu Zi. There is a recovery phase, and they’re basically recommending Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang as a recovery formula. That’s available. A lot of people have it. Here is if you customize it, that’s how you would do it. All right. So all those products that I mentioned, they’re in my book. You can see who’s got it, you can see what’s the applications, what are the contraindications, what’s the historical origins, and so on. I guess that’s about it.

The handout notes are available from that link, which is drjakefratkin.com/toxic-heat-invasion/. But if you go to my site, it’ll be on there. All right. Virginia, any questions?

I really want to thank you for putting this together on such short notice and bringing your expertise. Your original patent book was the first book I read on Chinese herbs in the early ’90s before I studied it in-depth and it was really invaluable, and now I’m glad to see that you have another, more in-depth version. You really contributed a lot to the field, so I want to thank you for that, as well as what you’ve done for the show and what you’re doing right now.

Only one thing I want to say about this book. I made the mistake of not calling it essential Chinese patent medicines because it’s just about products that are available in our country, so there’s 133 classical formulas, and 83 modern formulas. These modern formulas, people who just study the classics have missed out on what China’s been doing since 1950, which is developing a lot of new products. The best ones have come out as patent medicines, so there’s 83 of them in this book that are GMP. Everything in this book is GMP. They’re GMP in China, but then usually a lot of them are tested when they come to this country. I can guarantee you they’re clean. There’s no heavy metals, there’s no pharmaceuticals, and so on.

And a lot of companies sell these, and so you want to look at this document and stock up on what you think you’re going to need, okay? All right. Thanks for your time. I hope this was helpful, and I want to really thank American Acupuncture Council for sponsoring these shows and for giving me an opportunity to talk and share my information. And it’s not mine, I just compiled it, I just compiled what’s out there.

And for people who do have an hour and a half to watch John Chen’s webinar, it’s really useful, and he gives some research studies behind things. And he talks about how, for practitioners, it’s really early-stage and recovery that we are probably best apt to treat and most likely to be treating. But it’s good to know this, because as you say, if the hospitals are full, people will be desperate for something. So I’m grateful, and thank you again to the American Acupuncture Council, and we will see you again soon.

Slides: https://aacttp.click/ov7

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