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Treatment of Radiation Side Effects in Cancer Patients



Hi today we are going to talk about the treatment of radiation in TCM and this is quite an unusual topic, but we are, it’s one of the topics that we are getting a really great results, both in the treatment.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hello, everybody. And welcome. I would first like to think the American Acupuncture Council to put up this presentation for all of you. And I would like to start with the presentation. I hope you’re all. Hi today we are going to talk about the treatment of radiation in TCM and this is quite an unusual topic, but we are, it’s one of the topics that we are getting a really great results, both in the treatment. And also even in the research that we are following up. Radiation therapy also known as radiotherapy is one of the most common treatments.

In cancer. Almost half of the cancer patients will get radiation therapy. Although, there’s so many advancement in the treatment of cancer, different drugs, et cetera, radiation therapy is just continuing to develop and be there as the, one of the major modalities that are used the cancer care.

And how does it work? Basically radiation is a very high frequency of radiation, which is used and it works in two ways. One, it has a direct effect and direct effect of radiation. It damages the DNA in the cell by producing more and more free radicals, but it is also a. Eh, a larger indirect action by producing the whole area of more free radicals, which are damaging more cancer cells and much less healthy cells.

So this can also give some kind of additional effect to the radiation. When we look at the radiation, we are actually looking at the very high frequency res. If you look here, you see the size of J regular Ray radio radiation. And as we move along, you can see the side that the radiation that we are using in x-rays is here.

And in gamma rays, we are even going to a much smaller size, but x-ray the size. And the frequency of radiation is extremely high, and this will help to understand the effect in Chinese medicine. And one of the side effects of radiation is here. As you can see here in the picture, like a person that is radiated for neck, a very common area for neck cancers or for women with breast cancer.

So you can see the redness appearing there, and this will help us also later to understand the effect of radiation in Chinese medicine. And the side effects of radiation are very much dependent on the doses. The area of which is radiated and also the sensitivity of the surrounding tissues or organs.

And today, the radiation is very exact. So there is less damage to surrounding tissues in the past, there was much greater damage and the radiation side effects, first of all, the main one is really this heat, but there’s also fatigue. And there is some diffused feeling of not of being ill, not being yourself.

Sometimes headaches obviously on the skin, they can be in DEMA inflammation, like in his trunk. So sander. And if the radiation is like to the throat, to the mucus area, then there can be mucositis or dry mouth or dry dryness, wherever the radiation is directed at, the radiation can be directed to any place in the.

The very common thing we see in the clinic is radiation to an in throat, in their throat cancers, but also to the head and to the breast, obviously for breast cancer. But radiation can be done to any tumor. The side effects let’s look at them for a minute from the Chinese medical point of view, the way we view them.

So as you can see, it’s a very stressful. And small frequency of a phrase that penetrates deeply and they’re causing dryness. First of all, dryness to the fluids and dryness to the fluids over a long period of time in Chinese medicine, we’ll create in deficiency, which means a long-term thirst and a longterm inflammation, either the local or even more general.

Radiation in itself is toxic heat. And I think this is one of the key issues when we are teaching oncology acupuncture now to treat and diagnose patient with a TCM in oncology. Toxins is one of the main things we have to consider, because this is a new parameter, a new pathogenic factor, which is not very much obviously mentioned and then aging and the classical Chinese medicine.

So to understand toxins and its effect is one of the key factors. We have a combination of toxins and. And toxins and heat. We’ll also create some cheat deficiency. And if after a long period of time, even Jing deficiency, this deep penetration of the Ray goes deep inside the cell. And obviously also to the DNA of the cell.

But if Chinese medicine we’ll talk about this going deep into the gene level. And so this is the main factors that we are seeing in the. And this is the pathology in Chinese medicine. So first of all, it’s toxic. It is the nature of the x-ray. We see the dryness in many different area. It can be either superficial to.

Dryness or can be deeper. And then we’ll talk about the fluid and fluid production, like on the land, in this and the stomach, which are involved in Flint production. If it’s a very strong radiation, we’ll see in the efficiency, as we talked before, especially if it’s for a larger area, Xi deficiency is a classic and the two deficiency can also extend even four months after the treatments and locally we can see.

And which can affect like the tender masculine Meridian in the area that is being radiated. And we look at the supply of the tender muscular Meridian to the area, the classical combination of points, which are addressing this pathology. So large intestine elect will help to take the heat and it’s a young midpoint, so it will also help to cool.

And also GB 14 is actually for head radiation or neck radiation. It’s when they all the young meridians are joining will help to take the heat out. The excess young for drugs. Again, we’ll use points on the young meaning stomach for the foreign, large intestine. Two, both of them are water points and they’re in reaching back the fluids for inefficiency.

We can add kidney the six and if the radiation is over a long period of time or area with many bones, then we can add gallbladder 13. Which is the viewpoints and for bone marrow and some other kidney points depends on the radiation area. If there’s a general chief efficiency, we’ll do stomach 36. If it’s deeper, we’ll go to the seas and use stomach 30 and, or Lang nine, the gain to help to rebuild back the cheap.

For local area, we’ll use more local effected points, team end points. So let’s give you a kind of a general idea how I will treat the radiation and how we are treating radiation. And when we are teaching them college acupuncture, we start with some general prescription and go into many other options of treating.

One of the very interesting research that was done because there’s many high quality research, which are showing that acupuncture is good, especially for dryness of the mouth of the radiation for patients with head and neck cancers and this dryness. Extreme, and it’s very debilitating and it really create a extreme suffering to this patients.

Imagine that on top of having radiation and having a throat cancer or mouth. Your mouth feels like it’s desert, there’s no saliva or free for the production and because there’s been many evidence that acupuncture is good for it. There was one really interesting research that they want to share with you.

And it’s, they looked in functional MRI on patient. It’s actually not patients. There were just volunteers. I know Gary Dan from Memorial Sloan Kettering, he did this research, so we took volunteer. And punctured them a large intestine to, and looked in functional MRI and the amount of saliva produced and and the real comparing to placebo.

So this was the use of the occupancy was at the large intestine to comparing to a non occupant tree point, just on the side of. And this design is quite a interesting, because they did this time acupuncture, some got the real acupuncture, some got the sham acupuncture. Actually they did the crossover. So this.

People who were in the research in the beginning either got real or shy and then crossed over. And what was compelling was the mechanism, the functional MRI, and also the amount of saliva, the results were quite unusual. And you can see that the patient, whenever they are this, in this respect, the people who are examined when the large intestine two was punctured the area in the.

Which is to do with the saliva production was got more blood and you could see it in there. It was activated, comparing to the placebo point where there was no specific area in the head, in the factional MRI. And as far as salivation, they put the cotton ball in the mouth of this patient. And. Wait it before and after the puncturing of either the real large intestine two or the placebo, and this was very significant higher amount of saliva where large intestine two was punctured.

So it’s one of these beautiful research which shows you how a point. Both has a physical effect and potentially some mechanism of action, how it is working. So the conclusion of the study was that acupuncture in large intestine, two was associated with neuroma activation in the brain, but also was correlated to more saliva production.

I love this research because a lot of time, even as an acupuncturist, we would laugh to see this correlation between the city. What we know and the real finding, and that’s the beauty of research that you can actually look at it finding. Cause what it means. It has a lot of other ramifications than just supporting people with.

And dryness in the mouth due to radiation. It also means that this point is effective to many other conditions of dryness in the mouth. For instance, your grin, which is an auto immune disease, which the mucous membranes that had drying up any other dryness of the mouth which is stemming from different disease or even from in the efficient.

That we see, like for women, with menopausal people who get up at night and have to drink water. So we can use this point in additionally, maybe to kidney six and other points that they discussed to help with this dryness. And why is it working? And that’s, to me, the beauty, and as I say, I teach a lot. I am cology acupuncture.

You’re all welcome. If you’re interested in this field to do join us teaching and. It’s one of the things that we see this strong effect of acupuncture on different side effects in cancer patients. And we can understand why when we look both into research and we look into the Chinese understanding of the point.

So a lot of interesting people, too. And always been a water point and the large intestine Meridian goes to the mouth, as we know, and it’s a young Ming Meridian, and it was indicated for dryness in the mouth, but also for two sakes and for throat pain 2000 years ago. Now we can see the evidence, how it works and we can utilize it also with more confidence, looking at the risks.

But also understanding more how occupant you can help for patients with cancer. I’m on this beautiful project. When we draw the points with my two colleagues about the human needs, key from Poland, Dr. Babish Kaminski and Annie yell from Israel. And this is just an example of the drawing of the large intestine in Meridian and large intestine two.

And this is just to add to the beauty and understanding of the water production. Eh, around this point, another optional points actually see between 83 and another point, which helps in producing saliva and generally enrich the body fluids in the body. So as we know, large, interesting too, is both a water point is in spring point.

So it has a lot of different Chinese, eh, indication. So both reduce here. Young meaning points like large intestine in stomach of both helping to reduce it, helping to replenish fluids and in a deep way, even to strengthen the kidney and through the internal docs of the same chow. So despite, as you can see as a very large options in helping patients with dryness, But specifically also to treat radiation other points because we are on the treatments of radiation, which are very good for the neck and the patients who have neck and throat cancers is also maybe Lang 11, the Firebird.

And you can use lung five or alleged. This 18 is a local point again, to gain back this Floyd and reduce the heat and the toxic heat, even bleeding a point like large intestine 11, if there is a very stubborn and acute throat pain and a pain in the throat after a day. This was a little bit about acupuncture and the use of acupuncture and the, also the proof for acupuncture points and why acupuncture works so well for ideation, I did also more than 15 years of research into one formula.

And one of the things that we tried this formula, and when we combine it with radiation there is always a few. That herbal medicine, especially willingly they’re fear with radiation. And what we know from this formula, it’s called LCS. One, one is that it’s not that it’s not interfering, but it’s actually working through the same mechanism of actually producing more free radicals.

And also we have proven how it’s kills cancer cells. And does it affect. When we tried it with radiation, and this is a publication that we publish this in one of the very reputable journal. With my colleagues here. And my last colleagues is professor Berger, who is the head of the oncology services in the hospital that just to work Sheba hospital.

So it’s a very interesting publications, which is showing actually the twin. We take this formula here. We showed it the different cancers here. It’s for example, breast cancer in prostate cancer. Because if you actually have a look, you can see the blue line is just radiation alone. And on the side you see the amount of cancer and that is killed.

So the lower you go is the hundred percent of cancers are killed. So this is the, just the radiation. It’s. That the amount that we are using here is killing around 50% of the cancer cells. When we are adding the formula in small dose, it kills much better when we are adding it in higher doses, it much better, but even five.

So this isn’t for example, for breast cancer cells, and this is for prostate cancer cells. So what we see actually in this experiment that we published it, the formula is not just helping him killing cancer cells, but it’s actually even having a synergic effect. Definitely not interrupting. And there’s the whole debate of using herbal medicine together with radiation.

Definitely anything which reduce the amount of free radicals you shouldn’t use with radiation vitamin E for example, vitamin a. But actually it was this herbal formula. This we’ve been researching, we’ve shown not just that it’s not interfering, but it’s actually potentially adding to the radiation effect.

And that’s what we see because it’s similar. We know that the mechanism of action, so we can explain even why. So I’m advocating for people who are using radiation also to use this formula. So we have that. We have acupuncture, we have herbal medicine. All helping patients, oncology patients. So in this presentation, I talked about acupuncture stressing about the, also the mechanism of flagging this thing, do it, how it helps in radiation and other points.

You have quite a nice selection of points that you can use for patients in radiation and the herbal medicine LCS 1 0 1 or protective veil. Is it called? So you have already, I think even from this way, Some key component in ideas of how to help patients with the radiation, especially for the, they can throat.

But generally, if you’re interested in courses, you can look at it the same academy, there is much more information and quite a lot of free information about it. So I hope you enjoy this presentation and I’m wishing you all the best of. And from Shane to Shen thank you. On Friday, we’ll be Tsao-Lin Moy presenting on this channel.

So you will come to watch it. So keep healthy and safe and all the very best buy for me.


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Alchemical Chinese Medicine: Entering the Mystery



And in terms of saying that alchemy in Chinese medicine, Is this idea that we’re all perfect. We just don’t know it.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of, To The Point. Very generously produced by the American Acupuncture. Today on this cold spring day, I am really excited to have a guest. Leta Herman is now chemical healer and a TCM teacher. She has a podcast called the Inspired Action and she’s an author of several books.

One is through the mystery. Also the energy of love, connecting your circle and the big little guash of book. And she’s just a delight. She has a training center for her El chemical work called the alchemy learning center. And we had a nice long discussion by phone about her work. And I think you’re really going to be interested.

Many of you are really going to be interested in this. We’re calling this entering the mystery of alchemy with Chinese medicine and Leta. Please, introduce yourself, say hello.

Thank you. Thank you so much for inviting me, Virginia. And thank you to the American Acupuncture Council for having me here.

I’m thrilled to share this information with you in any way I can.

Yeah. Now we hear the word outcome. He tossed around. And some of us have studied it with Jeffrey UN for example. And it’s, and it really transcends just Taoism. And but how do you define alchemy or how are you looking at and trying to practice alchemy?

Yeah. So I think about, for me as a very generic word, and as there’s alchemy in the west as well as the east. So it’s a very broad word that generally means transformation, but because of the studies that I’m doing in alchemical Chinese medicine, I would like to define it a little bit more narrowly.

And in terms of saying that alchemy in Chinese medicine, Is this idea that we’re all perfect. We just don’t know it. And we need to like, as human beings, we’re here to evolve. We’re here to have experiences and we’re here to maybe even the Dallas would say fulfill a curriculum of this lifetime. And alchemy is about transformation in a big scale, on a big scale.

And it’s about how can we ask ourselves better questions about who we are? How can we take a journey along in our lives so that we can continuously evolve. And I think it’s equivalent somewhat to the Buddhist enlightenment idea where Buddhists are trying to achieve something in called enlightenment and in Daoism, we’re trying to achieve something that would be called a realized human being.

Jen Ren and and that’s a person that’s like a Sage or a wise person who basically is approaching life very differently than the average person. And there’s a long tradition in China of Chinese medicine, healers who have done this, like since they Meow and go home, but others as well, who were the ADA mortals, for example, that a group of people and there were others.

That group of alchemists who got together and they were working on their own evolution.

Yeah. And that’s solid bet.

So I, I know that we both not only studied with Jeffrey Ewen, we both studied plant spirit medicine. That’s a rather rare, esoteric subject. How do you bring that into this work? Or do you, or are you doing it more in a Dallas way? Is it a fusion of things?

It’s funny because I studied plant spirit medicine, which is truly a shamonic technique, even though it came out of the five element acupuncture tradition it basically incorporated the shamonic traditions with acupuncture and came up with a new and new kind of medicine.

From that perspective, of course, plant spirit medicine has been a native man medicine. Eons, but, so I studied that first and then I went on to study with Jeffrey Yuen and really delve deeper into the alchemy concepts. And then much later Jeffrey Yuen started teaching shamanism as well, which was just very interesting to me because I’ve obviously been attracted to the esoteric.

Day one. And I’ve always been working with people where I felt like I really wanted to get to the root of their problems. It’s like they, they didn’t feel well or they had emotional issues and I always wanted to find what is that root of the problem? What is that? Psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual root of those problems and both plant spirit medicine and alchemy are about that.

So I, I think that’s why I’ve been attracted to those different approaches.

Yeah. Yeah. I know the work that I did with plant spirit medicine was really, probably the most perfect. Lead transformative work that I did, despite a lot of meditation and other kind of traditions and practices.

And I had done shamonic work as well, but it was something It was from me. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak on certain issues and traumas that I have. And so I’m really, eager and curious to see how you work and whether it doesn’t matter whether or not you bring that into it, because I know from reading, your book, the which is the entering the, what is it?

Which one is it? The through the mystery gate that. You have had amazing results with patients, very transformative, not just getting rid of just physical pain, but getting at the root of very deep issues and Yeah, excited to, to learn more about that. And so actually, since we’re talking about treatments, how, what is your treatment like?

Okay. Okay. I have two kinds of treatments. One is a set of treatments that are just ours. Two-hour long treatments that people do over a very long period of time. It’s called the nine stages of alchemy. And that’s really about cultivating your passion in life, your full potential in life.

I say it, the goal is to really get you to fly in your life. So that’s all of the kind of forward-looking. This is where I’m headed work. But before we do that, There’s a lot of the past. And we say a lot of skeletons in our closet, a lot of things that haunt us from the past or that are hooked into us and won’t let go.

And so that’s where we do longer sessions. We do a, basically we devote a whole day to someone’s healing in that perspective and the most common one we do in that case, it’s the 13 ghost points and the 13th ghost points is about those hooks. They use the word ghost. Which it doesn’t mean you’re haunted by an entity.

It could just be you’re haunted by the past. It could be that, someone did something to you or you had an accident, or you just had a really difficult childhood or some kind of abuse scenario and those things they, you’re not free in your life because those are hooked into. And so we basically have a whole day where we do the 13 goes points.

It usually takes somewhere between four to six hours. And we just give someone the time and the space and the honoring of what they need. To let it go to really, truly let it go. And it is a transformational, like I’ve had

phenomenal and also your head is not into the mentality of oh, keeping on the clock and the next patient.

And then, you can really dive in very deeply with people. That’s beautiful.

Beautiful work. And people always say, aren’t you more tired after you do a long day like this? And I say, no, actually I’m less tired because I’m not switching eight times in the day changing, getting people in and out of the room, et cetera.

I’m just devoted to that person for the day.

Yeah. That’s one of the things I like about the facial rejuvenation acupuncture that I do because I try to make it a transformative treatment. But it’s I’m just with someone for a couple of hours. And you can just slow down and just you, I don’t know, you just, for me, I need that time to go more deeply with someone than, maybe some people could just go in and give them a look and change their life.

But yeah I think also for the patient, they feel more cared for and can really open up and relax into the. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Wonderful.

And the changes are pretty dramatic. Sometimes it’s right in the treatment room, where someone will say, oh my God, the monkey’s off my back.

Like I feel it. Or and they truly mean it. Like they come back in after that and they’re like, my life has completely changed. Sometimes someone’s voice will literally completely change. They might have a really high voice and suddenly. Lower voice or I’ve had people who that goes points are really interesting where I didn’t even know they smoked.

And that was an issue for them, but like a month or so later, they’re like, I don’t know why, but I just stopped smoking and I wasn’t even trying. And it was like maybe that’s because he were smoking. Because of this thing that basically were carrying around, it was latent in your body and now it’s gone and you don’t need that habit anymore.

You don’t need to smoke to deal with it, that pain.

Do you work with any prenatal trauma or.

Oh, absolutely. There’s another treatment that I do call the nine heart pains and then the nine heart pains treatment we begin with utmost source heart one, and that is supposed to be related to pre.

So in terms of just what you’re coming in with, what we’re basically a human being that’s incarnating. And that point is representing this, the start of a new ARN incarnation. And what’s all the baggage that might be there in the very beginning in utero. Wow.

Can you talk about the, so when somebody comes in how does the treatment.

I like to start with a little kind of ritual that I do with people, which is just talking and then having them pick a poem out of a book, having them pick a card out of a deck of cards, just to break the ice and get, even if I know them well, it’s just, they might be nervous. They might be anxious about getting there.

They just settle into something very simple. And then they get up on the table and. I take pulses and we, we do something really unusual in these treatments. We have an iPod or some kind of playlist with 20,000 songs on. And we shuffle it and they’re of all genres. And the idea is we’re trying to simulate how things were done in the ancient times where they had live musicians which I was really fortunate to see a similar type of event at mouth Shaun in China.

When we went there with Jeffrey Yuen, where these musicians were just playing. This live improvisational music and, there were symbols and all kinds of instruments. I don’t even know the names of, but that music was very. Emotional. It emoted things from people like people had tears running needed down their face.

And we’re here where, we don’t really know Chinese music as much. I have Chinese music on my playlist, but it’s more than that. It’s we need music that we can identify with. So I put every genre I could think of good, bad, whatever. You’re. Opinion is about music.

We have it all and we don’t segregate, we don’t we don’t try to limit it in any way. And so what we’re doing is just allowing the music to vibrationally. Move the treatment along. And the treatment itself is a vibrational technique. It’s about shaking up stuck patterns.

All alchemy is vibrational in the technique. And so it’s really about stimulating something that is been stuck and trying to really evoke more than just transformation. I like to say transmutation something really. Stronger than a slow evolutionary change.

And are you using needles or is it more energetic or.


am feeling I have, I, you can do needles or not needles. And I personally do not use needles for alchemy. I use my finger as a needle, and the idea is, I don’t want the separation of between me and the person of the needle. So energetically, my finger becomes the needle. So I just call it non needle needling.

And I always recommend my acupuncture students attempt to do some of these treatments with needles and without, and then they can choose how they want to do. It’s a little more challenging to do some of these treatments with needles, because some, in some of the treatments, the needles are retained and there are needles on the front and the back.

So it’s a logistical issue and it has been done. It’s not that it can’t be done, but there is an issue of, if you’re. Four to six hours on the table, the person’s going to have to go to the bathroom. What are you going to do about the knee? So there’s a lot of complexity that gets removed.

If you do the non needle technique,

and then you’re probably more apt to use your intention and transmit your G then just relying on the needles to do the.

Exactly. Exactly. And I really don’t recommend in general, I’ve had people who have gone to acupuncturists and receive the ghosts points and the, they did it like in a traditional stick, the needles and leave the room.

I don’t really ever recommend that because it’s such a powerful, emotional shift that it really needs to be. The, what I talked to people about is becoming an alchemical. Healer is really walking the walk with the client. So you have to be in the room. You have to be not only just not sticking the needles in and leaving the room, but each needle could take an hour to insert if that would be extreme, but it could because.

It’s takes that long for that person to allow the shift to happen. So you have to think of it in a totally different way. Becoming an alchemical healer is really different than just, how we’ve been taught Chinese medicine in general.

Now I understand even, even better why you’re doing it without needles.

Yeah. That makes sense. And can you talk a little bit more in detail about the nine stages of that? Yeah. So treatment approaches.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s actually my favorite work. The ghost points are very dramatic and they really shift people in huge way and it feels like a miracle often every day in my clinic, when I watch people walk out the door completely transformed.

That’s beautiful and I love that work, but that’s trying to get rid of something. That has been that package for them, that they that’s not about them, that they’re just trying to unload and. And then when you do the nine stages of alchemy, it’s like, how can you almost become more precious, like a metal that’s being polished and polished until it’s, beautiful.

And I feel we’re all a little bit tarnished and we need a lot of polishing. But in, there is something really precious. And so the nine stages of Alchemy’s. Just taking one step at a time. And I like to say that you can invent your own alchemy. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. I just like to say there’s some really.

A wise old ancient Chinese people that said, Hey, if you do it in this order, it works really well. So stage one is a treatment that we do. That’s just about E. It’s about creating more ease in your life. And so you do this treatment, maybe quite a number of times, you might do it over a whole year with someone where they’re just getting to a state of ease.

Now, imagine you might have someone who already has their. So you don’t need to do a lot in that stage. Maybe you do it once or twice or three times. And then it’s there’s not much happening here because you’re already there. You’ve done that work. So then you move on to the next stage. And the next stage is about I call it the best protections, no protection.

It’s about all the armor we wear and we don’t ever want that bad thing to happen again. And so we’re always on the lookout for it. We’re always checking for it and it’s tiring. It’s exhausting to live that way. And so what would happen if we removed that protection? Because we’re so good in ourselves and some of them throws a dart at you.

You just Dodge it. It’s not about you. It’s about them. They’re having a bad day and you can see that. And so once you start to step into stage two, you’re no longer protected. And then stage three is about all that prenatal stuff. It’s about the ancestors stuff. It’s about your past lives. So we need to unload that and then stage four, five, and six are where all the fun begins because you get to be, you get to be free of all that stuff and you literally start to shine.

You start to look like a light. And stage four is about being like a child. Stage five is about channeling and listening to the world and being like a wise person. And stage six is about really, truly flying in your life. Some of the immortals were purported to fly. And as late as in the 1950s people send, they saw them flying.

The movie, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, that’s not supposed to be just fictitious it’s supposed to be real. And what I like to say is I haven’t seen anyone levitate off my table yet, but I expect them to do it at some point, but they start to fly in their lives, and that’s really magical to see.

It’s yes, like taking off on a runway, it’s maybe some people have been taxing a long time, but they just haven’t been able to get liftoff. And a lot of this work is about that. And it’s about. Living what we call in our podcast, the inspired action podcast. We talk a lot about Wu Wei and stage six is about what is sometimes translated as non-action, but I like to call it inspired action.

How do you live that kind of spontaneity in your life, where you’re just free and easy and just, basically looking at the footsteps in front of you that are already there. And all you have to do is put your foot in there and put your foot in there and put your foot in there. You’re good to go.

So that’s on me.

I like that, flying in your life because that’s really more important than, developing some yoga city, some power You know it, I know I had a teacher who used to say, these people that spent all this time and energy, trying to levitate, even if it’s just a few inches or a foot off the ground.

And if they use that for, more of their inner development or for helping, world peace or something, how much more useful that would be. And yeah. I like that idea of people flying in their life. It doesn’t have to be something literal, and that it doesn’t even have to be that doesn’t even have to be the goal.

Any literal flying. It probably would just happen if somebody reached a certain stage. Yeah. Yeah.

Yes. That’s how I look at it. Exactly. And like I said I would love to see it literally, but I just like to see it as someone living their full potential and. It just really not held back by all the things that hold us back.

Yeah. And so what about 7, 8, 9.

Yeah interesting that you ask. So I decided a long time ago that I can only go as far as how far I’ve gone. And so I’m working on stage seven and I. I believe that in stage seven, you have to really go into the case. So to speak, you have to retreat from the world to do that level of work.

And it’s really about morphine. It’s really transforming in a big way. And in ancient times, in, for example, when I went to , there are caves, there were people. Basically living inside the cave for many months at a time, people bring them some water through a hole or maybe a little cracker too, but they’re basically in there until they figure their stuff out.

And so the idea is, I have. Been, I’m still very much in the world and I’m still like living a stage six life. And I want to keep working on my stage seven. And so therefore I don’t really want to take anyone else through stage seven, eight and nine. So seven is about this idea that you can morph.

You could completely transform yourself. Stage eight is that you can become like a ninja. You can become an. And stage nine is that if you become invisible, you need to learn how to reappear, if you want to. And there, there is a story of go hung when we went to gongs mountain where, he basically was surrounded by all his apprentices and he suddenly vanished and his clothes fell to in a pile on the ground.

And so he never came back that we, that I am aware. Or that I’ve been told. He obviously could still be a mortal walking this plane, but but the, his idea of immortality wasn’t necessarily that you had to come back that you just needed to transform into some other dimension.

Yeah. Also the, in India they say, if you reach a certain stage. Enlightenment or development that you have a choice, whether or not you come back to incarnate. And then


answer is you do come back to.

Yes. And that they not talked

about needs and desires and unfinished biz. Yeah.

Yeah. And we say that it’s stage nine is like being a Bodhi. PSAT’s a bodhisattva, you come back for the benefit of all and you’re coming back to help.

I’m going to bring you. Okay, here we go.

Okay. I’m back.

Yeah actually, maybe because of the tech issue, it’s a time to maybe it’s a sign to conclude this, but I would like to have you back and have you talk about the starry sky points and the nine heart pains and, there’s so much more we could talk about, unless there’s anything you want to say in conclusion,

Okay. All right. I was thinking that in terms of alchemy and just Al chemical healing in terms of like people who are doing acupuncture that are interested in delving into these concepts, it is it is like a a different roadmap for people it’s really about.

Am I interested in cultivating myself in terms of my own alchemy? Am I interested in becoming an alchemical healer because I want to transform as much as I want my clients to transform. And so I really look at this as like first, what about me? The practitioner? And I really came to that conclusion because in the beginning, I didn’t really think of it that way.

And it took me a while to understand a lot of that. Through my own cultivation. So as I did more and more work with this, I transformed much more quickly than I think I would have on my own. So I say to practitioners that every single time you do like a ghost point treatment or one of these treatments, the sign that you’re actually doing it well is that you transform as much as the client.

And I know that all of us have that experience of that big aha moment when the client shifts and then you shift as a result. But it’s way more apparent in alchemy. It’s really about not only the client, but the practitioner themselves. And I don’t mean that in a selfish way at all.

You’re not doing it so that you can transform but that’s one of the things that happens.

That’s, I always say that, people can memorize the classics and Chinese and what have you, but if they have. Cultivated themselves, spiritually and psycho spiritually. And if they haven’t learned to cultivate their cheek, then if there’s limitations on what you can do for people.

But if you’ve done those other things, it can transcend anything that you can find written, modern origin.

Yes. And so that’s why one of the things that we are doing is we have a website called the learning center and there’s an app as well called the alchemy learning center. And what we’re doing is we’re putting a lot of these.

Genes into a format that people can do on their own. So there’s things for both lay people and acupuncturists, and there’s this, just very simple cheek gung as an example of things that you can do to build your cheek, but there’s also, things about a deeper level of the five elements and how to understand ourselves on a very deep level, because if you’re doing alchemy, you really need.

Who is my authentic self, energetically, but also, in all different ways. And we talked a lot about the nine palaces, which we also, did a lot of teaching in that’s available there. And then we have something called the master outcome program. And that is for apprentices.

We have two programs now. We’ve. People coming from all over the world. So we have a virtual one and then we have an in-person option where you can come to the clinic and get supervision to do some of these treatments on your own. So when I did it, I had a teacher who really, mentored me.

Much many years later. Now I want to offer that to people as well, because it is work that is really hard to embark on your own.

Yeah. And it’s very hard to find an apprenticeship, people get out of school and they’re they’re not totally on their own, but th it’s not, there’s a reason that the traditional way was, a continued apprenticeship because that’s how you got.


Yeah. Yeah. And I like to say, we go to a lot of CU classes, and we get a lot of download of information, and I just took this one piece and I did it in the clinic over and over again. And now 20 years later, it’s I want to share that with others so that it doesn’t take you as long as it took.

To figure this stuff out. So I think in practice it’s much different than in theory. And so the theory is great and it’s great to get CS is about theory, but we all know we have to somehow translate that into practice. And I always feel like my gift is that I used to be a tech writer before I went into Chinese medicine.

And so I like to take something super technical and then bring it into something that is. Easy for us to learn and utilize. And that’s, that is the same as tech writing. Really. That’s really what it’s about. It’s a health

teacher. Yeah.

Yeah. So that’s what I’m doing at the alchemy learning center. We have ongoing programs that start every every six months or so.

And. And so we will take a new group through starting in September. So yeah, so we, and we have a clinic in north Hampton, Massachusetts, that’s called the alchemy healing center. And if you want to actually get the supervision and you want to shadow, for example, a ghost point treatment, Just be able to observe me doing the work.

You can come to the alchemy healing center and do that as an apprenticeship program. So that’s what we’re offering in terms of that. So again, it’s just, it’s really about you can go and do it on your own. Everyone knows what the ghost points are there they’re online. Like anyone could use them, but, are you going to just stick the needles in and leave the room?


do you use them? I taught school for years and all the beautiful, poetic spiritual sounding names and qualities attributes that are, attributed to them. But it’s how, you’re actually. Helping people to achieve those kinds of results that you can’t do from just reading the description, really it has to be an alchemical process for the practitioner.

Absolutely. And just, when I started out, I actually started from more of the five element tradition. My, my mentor was a part of the Worsley school in England. And so I came at it from more doing internal devil’s IDs and EDS, internal dragons and external dragons treatments, and then started incorporating the ghost points as another option.

And then I started learning more and more. But going back to those days, I remember feeling terrified about doing my first IDs treatment. I imagine that a lot of people are scared in the beginning. We don’t really understand it. We don’t know what it’s about, so we need a lot of handholding

and also you’re entering into territory of somebody’s psyche that you really don’t know what to expect.

And. You shouldn’t just go charging in there. I know, you know that.

Absolutely. And I think that the important thing is to remember too, in the beginning interestingly, you don’t want to, you think you want to do the ghost points with the people that have the most obvious, disruptive. Things going on in their lives either mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

But when you train, I’m really looking for people that are a little bit, Pretty doing pretty well in their lives. They’re not in deep crisis because we don’t want you to train with someone who’s, everything is just so tumultuous in their lives. That’s a very advanced, case.

And you don’t want someone new in that level of work quite quite at the beginning. So a lot of times when people take a class with me, they’re like, oh, I’m going to go do this. And I’m like, okay. But pick someone. Might just want to unload a little bit, if a few skeletons in their closet, not a whole closet full of skeletons that are going to bust out and remember it is a Pandora’s box for some people and there’s no closing that box back up once it opens.

And you have to think about these. There’s a lot of ethical issues to think about in terms of when you’re doing this level of work, how do you feel about it? What do you think is right and what is really going to be best for the client? So there’s a

lot of, we spoke about that on the phone. If somebody comes to you for.

10 of the muscular pain and you sense that it’s something deeper, I’m thinking of that story. You can tell them from the book. But do you have to ask permission or in, in your way of looking at things as opposed to just treating what you’re seeing if you see that there’s something much deeper than.

I use, I tell the story of my golfer person who came in and I said, this elbow pain you’re having go, this golfer’s elbow. I, is it possible? It’s emotionally based. And he kept saying no, there’s not. I, my life is great. There’s nothing wrong. I just have this pain. It’s my.

It’s my elbow. I just have this pain and he kept pointing to one of the coast points, large and test at 11. So we went round and we did a lot of treatments and we did . We did cupping. We did all kinds of points. He did everything you can imagine. And even he bless his heart. He came back, he kept coming back and no change, which is usually a good indicator that you need to do this work.

So finally I said to him, look, why don’t we just try. Emotional treatment. Let’s just try it. I didn’t talk to them about the ghost points, cause that’s a little odd and I knew it was a little bit out of his sort of frame of reference in the world, but I didn’t want to throw him off that way.

And honestly it’s just large intestine 11. It’s just another point. So I said, but this point, this point might really help you. And in fact, I think we should do a series of the points I did all of the ghost points with him and I said, let’s do a series of points and just see, okay.

We haven’t gotten it yet and you’re still covered. So let’s try this. So I did. And as soon as I got to large intestine 11, in which I did it over, you can do the points over many treatments if you want. So the day that I got to large intestine. He suddenly out of the blue started telling me about the fact that his secretary who was a longterm, many generational friend of the family embezzled like a hundred thousand dollars or something like that from him.

And it was. And that she was currently in court to be tried and go to jail about it. And so he said, yeah, I guess that is an emotional thing. And the next day he came back, the next day he came back, the pain was. So he became a convert obviously, and we did all of the stages of alchemy together.

And by the time he got to stage six, like all of the money concerns went by the wayside. He did, he got like a million dollar contract. He sold this house. Like all these things were happening and he just couldn’t believe it. It was just like, my lucky stars or something, yeah.

I think that, when you look at, how people are unaware of these things that are lurking deep down and they just think, oh, my wife’s good. My job’s good. They just don’t necessarily think about it, but sometimes there’s a lot there. And so do you have to say I’m doing this like really esoteric ghost point treatment?

No, you don’t want to lie to them. It’s more about what’s the language that they use. So I don’t try to shock people into thinking they’re doing like really weird stuff. I’m just like, what’s the language that helps them understand what you’re going to do. And in fact, there’s a ghost point called ghost market rent 24 and rent 24 is the fact that there’s a gift that you have that needs to get to only certain people in the world.

You don’t want it to go to the people who don’t. You only want it to go to the people who need it. What are the words that are going to best express in a way that person can receive the. If you say a bunch of things that are very alarming to the person who needs the gift, they’re going to be like no.

So you know how I look at it is how about, just using words that the person can take in and can help them understand that. Yes, I need Barden tested 11, I, it doesn’t need to be some big, scary thing. For some people, yeah. Some people come into my clinic and say, I’m feeling. I have a possession and I know it.

And then it’s okay, so we need to use that language. I need to be able to express to them. Yeah, we can work with possession. That’s okay. That’s what these treatments were traditionally for. So of course,

like a literal, energetic. Just that people get so obsessive that it becomes like a possession of thoughts, both versus an entity,


Both. So the ghost points are wonderful for obsessed. In fact, that’s my favorite way to use them is there’s so many of us right now who need ghost points. Pretty much all of us. If you’ve been on this planet for like more than 20 years, it’s pretty likely that you’ve had some events in your life that are continue from the past.

So we that’s obsession. Like we can’t let that. And so that’s what the ghost points for really miraculous for. In addition, if you actually have an entity which is called a gateway to you, I just ghost a good way is a person that maybe died at some point and their spirit didn’t go home, to, to heaven or wherever you want to think.

And it stayed around and then potentially got into someone else. That is the Chinese medicine belief that can happen. And, whether you believe in it or not, doesn’t matter. The fact is that the person exhibits certain qualities that we would associate with that kind of possession.

And so we say there’s emotional possessions, and then there’s these entity possessions. And then we would do different treatments depending on which one you might have. And that’s really something that I. Developed through practice. For example, I still use Worsley’s IDs and EDS treatments, and I love them for particular cases.

And then I like the ghost points for other cases. And they’re all in the same realm, they’re all in this realm of, you’re not totally in charge of yourself, whether you’re obsessed or possessed, you’re not really running the show. And that’s the level of that.

I’ve heard alcoholism described as people especially for people whose personality changes when they drink that they, it’s almost there’s an entity that wants to experience that sensation of drinking or drunkenness.

And so they keep Eh, they exert this control over the person. It’s like somebody sitting on your shoulder and that you really have to, for some people with ringing problems, you have to, do, if it’s not a formal exorcism, somehow you have to deal with that energy.

Yeah. And for alcoholism or any kind of drug problem, I would say that there’s two parts to it.

There’s probably something that is like a ghost, again, it may just be. The drugs influence on you, but something taken over like a possession or an obsession. So there’s that. So I might do the ghost points, but then there’s more to it with any kind of addiction, because there’s often a reason why we got addicted.

And that is where I would do something called the nine heart pains. And the nine heart pains treatment is about loving yourself. And usually what’s behind an addiction is some kind of self-hatred or self-loathing or dissatisfaction with who you are. And so that treatment is usually also necessary and really important.

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Cause that’s getting it, and maybe in this case it could be a two-pronged route to the cost, but yeah. To get to the root cause, no matter what.

And a lot of people when they’re just learning about alchemy, they don’t understand. So we can talk about the points.

The points are fascinating. They’re interesting. But to do that treatment, that loving yourself treatment, for example, which I call the nine heart pains treatment, you have to be so present. And so unprotected yourself, vulnerable yourself. So that person. I can now take that in and start to love themselves so that’s a deeper level of motivation.

Like we got through that. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh that’s great. I want to thank you so much. I know, taking time out of your day for this and do it with hard energy and humility. So I’m looking forward, maybe we can do this again in June and. Looking forward to doing more things with you, so fantastic.

Yeah. Anyway, thank you very much everybody. Next week. It’s Matt Callison and Brian Lau talking about they have great things. But we will see you soon and thanks again, the American Acupuncture Council and for all you listening. And I hope you’ll look into this because I think it’s going to make you a better practitioner and a better person, no matter what you’re doing.

So I’m signing out Virginia Doran of luminousbeauty.com.


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Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Theory and Treatment for Enhancing Dermal Collagen



And today we will be talking about cosmetic facial acupuncture theory and the treatment for enhancing dermal collagen.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining us today and thank you to the American Acupuncture Council for producing and hosting this presentation. My name is Dr. Shellie Goldstein. And today we will be talking about cosmetic facial acupuncture theory and the treatment for enhancing dermal collagen. So let’s go to the slide.

Great. Okay. When we talk about enhancing collagen, and then we talk about cosmetic facial acupuncture, if this is really not a new topic, it’s based on the principles of my run, my. Rung needs beautiful appearance. And it is a holistic regime that was practiced throughout Asia for centuries. It was designed to promote systemic health and wellbeing delay, the visible signs of aging.

And it was a combination of acupuncture and herbs that were either topically applied or ingested. And that as the story goes, it was designed for emperors to keep their concubines looking beautiful and health. And for emphasis to maintain their youthful and raving appearance. But honestly, I believe that there were variations of this service of my wrong regimes utilized in most households throughout Eastern.

The today’s modern application of ancient. My rung is similar and slightly different. We generally use it today as an alternative or an adjunct to patient neurotoxins, volumizer, or other enhancing appearance enhancing services that are mostly familiar in our Western culture. I call what we do. Modern application, a tight, healthier, tighter, brighter, natural look, and feel.

And that is truly what it is when we, as a cosmetic facial acupuncturist, that one of the advantages of specializing in any type of profession is that our patients come in with a certain subset of complaints. They’re fairly common and throughout there’s, there are certainly some changes, but for the most part, Our patients come in and they talk about wrinkles increasing across their forehead, around their eyes.

They talk about eyelid ptosis, which is that drooping of the upper lid onto the eye itself, swelling or darkness under the eyes, possibly wrinkling or creasing between the brows and around the. And then in the cheek area, they talk about wrinkling in the cheek area, skin laxity, which is a loose pitted appearance, a nasal labial fold.

That’s the fold between the corner of the nose and the corner of the mouth. And then around the mouth and along the jaw. And they complain or talk about wrinkling or creasing around the mouth. Particularly the smokers creases above the lips and creasing horizontal creasing below the lips, marionette lines. Marionette lines are the lines that form between the corner of the mouth and the edge of the jaw area.

It’s a perpendicular line. And then the horizontal line is called the mental crease and it’s right underneath the lower lip. And then loss of definition along the jaw area. And then in the net, patients will talk about their skin being lax or platysma abandoned collectivism, abandoning, or these little bands that you see running in a vertical fashion along the neck area.

And then from a dermatology perspective, acne, rosacea, hyper dyschromia, which we often hear of is sunspots. When we treat with facial acupuncture, cosmetic facial acupuncture, there are both visible changes that we see and then internal changes so visibly. And this is our topic for today is toning skin laxity.

And we’ll talk about these more throughout the year, but today we’re going to focus on skin laxity. Other changes that you can see with cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment are saw. Softening of deeper wrinkles, eliminating of fine wines improvement in muscle tone, correcting and healing skin problems that we discussed, even in skin, texture, color, and luster and enhancing the overall appearance and vitality of the.

And then internally, because we are working from the inside out as facial acupuncturist will see an improvement in muscle integrity, a thickening of finning, a trophic tissue, which will ties in today’s presentation and improvement and the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the individual themselves.

As we are adjusting channels, organs and other systemic impacts. When we talk about facial aging in our Western culture, we are often times used to immediate gratification. So when we are talking with our patients and working with our patients, we need to be really honest about what it is that we can actually do.

And I speak to my patients like this. I say, although the. Aging as part of the aging process, you’re not going to stop aging. It’s normal. It’s part of the intrinsic and extrinsic mosaic of aging itself. But what we can do is we can delay those signs of aging. And when we treat you with one treatment, we can see short term benefits lasting maybe three to seven days, and then generally.

When we perform this in a series of treatments, averaging 10 to 12 times per once a week, we can see longer benefits lasting between four and 16 weeks. And then we’re going to maintain the results or the benefits of your treatment with monthly maintenance treatments. And that’s approximately one time a month.

Now they may be a little bit confused as to why they’re not getting longer treatments or longer. Longer effects from our treatments because we are used to immediate gratification with longer term, say three months to six months with neurotoxins and maybe even longer with volumizes or filler. So I explain it to them as what we’re doing is we’re taking your face to the gym.

And we talk about going to the gym and the benefits of going to the gym as a cumulative effect. So you can’t go to the gym. And pump up and then expect to see large muscles, right? What you get is tired and a little bit sore. You’re not going to get tired or sore from facial acupuncture, but the concept is we are treating a giving a series of treatment to make an internal change that will last throughout time.

And ultimately you feel healthy and you feel better as well. In 1996, the first landmark study for facial acupuncture, measuring the efficacy. Yeah. Was in the international journal of clinical acupuncture. They took 300 cases. This wasn’t treated in China, that it gave them patient will acupuncture 10 treatments, one time a week.

And the patients noted a 90% market effect in terms of their subjective experience of the treatments. The benefits it’s said was there was an improvement in skin texture, stint, color, skin elasticity. Wrinkle reduction and overall rejuvenation. And also they noted that these results were not just confined to the face, but also included work from the practitioner’s point of view to address the entire body, the organ system, as well as the face.

So ultimately what we’re doing is Chinese medicine. We’re treating the body to sustain the changes on the face for appearance. And the reason why we are working in that vein is because we are traditional Chinese, Eastern medicine practitioners. And it’s because we still are applying the concepts of channel theory.

We are looking at cosmetic facial acupuncture as a whole systems approach towards diminishing the signs and symptoms of. This means that we, when we are support, when we are treating with facial acupuncture, we are treating and supporting the entire patient. That’s foundational because even though the wrinkles and the other facial concerns are the chief complaints, we are looking at it from a holistic perspective, and we know that the conditions on one’s face, the conditions that they’re talking about.

Skin laxity muscle tone. And that type of thing is really directly related to their internal health and overall well. When we treat with facial acupuncture, we’re not just working with the face as practitioners of Chinese medicine. We know that we need to consider and address all of them, energetic Meridian pathways and all of their corresponding organ systems.

And we treat them in the same way that we’re treating other conditions with acupuncture. We address those imbalances in those internal systems, digestive, circulatory, reproductive, neuromuscular, whatever it is and in doing so we are from the inside helping to diminish those visible signs of things. When we talk about these concerns, skin, laxity, wrinkles, muscle Capone, skin, dyschromia, et cetera.

We call those the symptoms. Those are just the symptoms of that underlying pattern is disharmony. And when we treat, we’re going to treat the root cause first with body points, and then we’re going to treat the symptoms. So we. Points on the extremities. And then, and along the torso, first, we do our diagnostics.

We treat the patient for their underlying condition. We apply acupuncture points on the legs, the arms torso, and then we address the symptoms or the facial concerns with points on the face. And then we take them out those needles out in the opposite direction. And that point selection on. Body is specifically related to the underlying pattern disharmony and the points selection on the face can be either on the Meridian, off the Meridian or around the associated channels.

And this is what we’re going to address today. When we think about acupuncture points, we know that acupuncture points are located in areas with higher concentration of superficial nerves. We know that there are a higher concentration of blood vessels around those points. And we know that there are neuromuscular attachments where those vessels and nerves penetrate the deep of the muscle fascia.

What we also know about points, acupuncture points in the body is that when we stimulate the acupuncture points, that sensation is transmit mid. From the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system by the dorsal root ganglion. We also know that due to Nur, or when we look at neuro imaging, we know that there are acupoint stimulation is activity in the brain areas that is associated with that local area that we actually put the needle in.

But it also transmits into more distal areas, not on the knee, the point of needle insertion. This is important because when recently we’ve discovered that we have interstition when we first were looking at bodies and we would dissect cadavers and we would open them up and we would pull out this sheet of sticky film.

Substance and we would throw it away. Guess what we’ve been throwing away has recently been discovered as a very important structure in our body. It’s called interstitium and it is a fluid filled cavity that contains connective tissue, fascia, and fluid. And you can see this in the demonstration.

This is an, a. This top area is a microscopic expansion of what’s underneath and you can actually see that there, this whole area is the interstitium. So it’s made up of fluid fill barriers, and then it’s made up of these little structures that are more split support structures called connective tissue and fat.

Guess what? Within that fascia, we have college and college in is the primary fascial component of that connective tissue or on the face. We’re going to call it fascia. And that college in actually has an electric. Signaling component to it. It’s called college and Paz electricity, collagen fibers have this mechanical or electric property.

And it’s actually the basis for communication from the insertion of the needle throughout the fascia and into the, not just the local areas, but more general areas as well. And when we alter that college in, when something happens like aging and that college and those college and fibers get altered, it’s going to change the physiological response as that stimulation moves out into other areas of the face.

And in fact, what we’ve been looking at recently is that therapeutic efficacy of acupuncture, why acupuncture works may be linked to this, maybe linked to the ability of needle insertion in an acupuncture point to radiate outside of that local area and flow through the interstitial tissue, into other areas or other neighboring structures of the face or in the two.

Here’s what fascia looks like. You can look at the bottom, it looks like sticky film or some type of saran wrap that actually does two purposes. Either wraps around substances to protect them or connects them such as on the face from say the muscles to the upper layers of the skin and under repeated or intense stress that fascial tissue changes.

And it becomes disorganized and it decreases in flexibility and it loses its ability to signal. And if you look at this image right here, this is what college in stress looks like. This is how it changes from a more. Area, if you think of your face and you think of this area of the face and a younger person, it’s much more plump, but this is what that disorganization of college in fibers decrease in flexibility, decrease in an electric signaling and ultimately tissue breakdown.

So we’re going to look at how to change that. Here’s what it looks like in an image. And here is the superficial area or this top of the skin. On the top of our face. And as we age, it moves from the bottom, which is nice, organized, thick banding of co of college and tissue to disorganize broken down college and fibers that then create a pitting area in the surface of this.

When you think about a mattress, you think about a brand new mattress. It’s nice and full it’s, nice and plump. And as we sleep in that mattress in the same position over and over years and years later, it starts to form a little pit. That’s the same thing as the pitting effect that happens in our skin, that little dumpling or the little.

Drop in the mattress is what we see on the skin. And we start, we call that college in breakdown. And when that happens, skin has no place to go. So for the purpose of this today’s lecture, the loss of college and underneath the surfaces of skin causes that pinning and causes that skin to dry.

Now with an acupuncture needle, we can actually make a change. So when you know that acupuncture needle and creates a natural wound healing cascade to release growth factors to stimulate the production in deposition of college men in the dermal layer skin, what is that? When you look at the skin, there are the very top layer is called the epidermis and the very, very top layer.

What you look at when you look in the mirror or you look at somebody else’s called the stratum corneum and then underneath the epidermis is the dermis. And the dermis is actually the integrity or the health of that, of our skin tissue, a healthy cell. Start at the bottom of the dermis and make their way up to the top and float up to the top.

As the cells float through this tissue, the integrity or the volume of this dermal layer is supported by colleagues. And collagen and another T is elastin, but we’re not going to talk about that right now. So you can see this thick area in the top corner. There is our college and fibers and the very, very thin ones are called elastin.

And the little dots that you see are called fiberblast fiber blast. Are actually what needs to be stimulated in order to make collagen in the skin tissue and there’s research, particularly by a man named does Fernandez who has done a lot of work with Derma rolling or skin piercing with acupuncture needles.

And what he’s found is that when you place a needle into the skin you create a microtrauma in the tissue and that might . In this cascade of information to fibroblasts, I’d say, make college and into the fibroblasts, just make as much healthy colleges as they can possibly make. So it changes it from being that on uniform clumped appearance of college and underneath the tissue to lay a Ficker, as you can see a thicker line.

Of college and in the upper dermal layer and throughout the dermal layer as well, to support the upper layer of the epidermis. And we do this with needles. We do this with short needles because let me go back remembering the different layers of tissue and layers of tissue in the body. This layer, this dermis epidermis dermal layer is really the very, very surface.

Of the skin of the face. Because if you think about the pace and you just take your finger and touch your face well, before you know it your own, do you feel that before it, between the skin, the upper layer of skin and bone, you have muscles, you have connective tissue, you have nerves, you have. Your circulatory system, you have fat, there are so many layers that are between the surface of the skin and the bone.

So when we are treating this dermal layer, we actually have to have very shallow insertion. And we do that challenge insertion with small short needle. My favorite. And and also the favorite of many of the other practitioners that treat with facial acupuncture for appearance enhancement are serum.

Serums are always great needles. They, and what I like about them is the safety quality about them. Their medical grade stainless steel used around the needle shaft. They’re triple polished and clean cleansed with ultrasound and. Alkaline acid or water to remove foreign substances, and then they sterilize them.

And then the honing of them they’re specifically rounded to reduce damage in the skin tissue, because remember we’re working on paced people’s faces. There are a lot of nerve endings. There are a lot of capillaries and vessels. And so we want to use the best calling the needles that we can possibly use in order to get maximum results.

And Siron also has a line called J 15 that are specifically designed for cosmetic patient acupuncture. And on the other side I tend to use the 40 twos and 40 fours. Although some people use forties, this in this area, the one set up about, I liked. Another great line is called dong Bancorp.

Their DVCS are made specifically for low loss of LMS. This is another option. They are also well-made and compliance with the world health, our organization in the U S and then FDA approved and throughout Europe in England. Because they are the largest manufacturer of acupuncture needles in the world.

They’re much more economically priced. They’re basically a fifth of the cost of this here and needles. Many practitioners will use these needles on the body and then they’ll use the on. There’s another company that I really like in use in that called Acue fast. And what I like about them is they’re environmentally friendly.

Their packaging is biodegradable and the plastic material is recyclable. Again, they are Korean made spring handled with surgical stainless steel, their machine sharpen. There’s another, they’re just another great needle. In order to eliminate some AQI trash, they come 10 needles in a package and a bliss and a vacuum seal pouch, and they sell the tube separately.

So in some of these treatments with that, I’m going to show you or the system, you may not need a tube. And so that book, optional tubes are different. And then the other types of needles that we use to penetrate the very surface of the skin, it is the intradermal needles, either the straight intradermal needles that run in a horizontal position for insertion and a horizontal manner.

These were invented in Japan and then the press needles, go in vertically. Those were come from. There are many types of intradermals. This is a really good line. It’s called thrive. Great needle. Hard to get because they come from England. They’re triple Pall, double polished, and there’s three.

Different sizes, the gold, the copper, and the silver again, just another example of a really good line. So those in you who are from the UK are watching from another country. This, you can see I’ve put on. Bottom the links in order to purchase them, or cammo here in the U S CRN has another, the spine next intradermal needles, I think is acupuncture.

We’ve used these most of the time. And again there, what’s interesting about them is that heat sealed blister pack. And then the little ring holder, you definitely need to use tweezers with them and they make them in certain different sizes with the. PO box of a hundred needles. DBC has started to make another intradermal needle.

That’s interesting as well. Again, five needles in a foam pack, and there’s a new one coming out. This is not on the market yet, but it seemed to be there in their first line of production this year. Ella piss. I liked them a lot. But they come in there again, the high, same quality at that as serum upholds their integrity of their production, of their needles.

They come in five needles in a blister pack. What I like about them is that they’re short. But they also have handles so that you don’t need to use tweezers. For those of you like me who are somewhat uneasy, need a tweezer compromised. And then there’s always the pie. Next introduce dermal is a single press tax press tax are great.

Not all states will let you leave a needle in there, patient. So you need to make sure to contact her, find out what your regulations are. Within your state to see if you can actually leave these in your patient when they’re not in the office. And again, they come in different diameters as well. So let’s get to the treatment.

When we are treating our patients, this is what we’re looking at here. You can see in the, before, this is the image that we were looking at before you take any of those needles that you want to use, and you can treat them either on the acupuncture point S either The point rate lateral to the corner of the mouth stomach for depending upon how you can see the skin pitting, you may want to go a little bit higher, but just remember that in order to get the beneficial effects, you don’t need to be on the point.

Exactly. So what I might suggest is say, needling stomach for me again. You’re going to do your normal intakes and discover your patterns of disharmony. So if you look at this, you’ll find most people who have this pitting that have some type of a spleen deficiency. Either. We explained us digestive disorder or something like that, because if you’re looking at the stomach Meridian, it runs right through this area.

And how many people as we’re aging, don’t have some type of digestive. Disorder. So remember your spleen, remember your stomach, treat the underlying pattern of disharmony and then come back and we’re going to go back and treat this spleen area. So say stomach for, and then take your smaller needles and you can slide the.

At a 10 to 15 degree angle. Now that’s very superficial. That’s almost like Japanese acupuncture where you’re actually angling them almost parallel to the surface of the skin. So you can take those needles either the intradermals or the the half inch, and just slide them into the area of deepest pitting.

You can also write in here in the integral. And the nasal labial fold, just slide them right in there. And then that’s and then this is what I did. And then after treatment 10 treatments, you can actually see. A much bigger difference. If you have other questions about those, you can certainly let me know.

I know these are are these recordings are available and you can always contact me just to let you know that I have partnered with the Pacific college of health sciences. We offer a program called facial applications for cosmetic, and he has met, which is a much more in-depth program that you can access in the way to.

Contact us is this phone number and email below, and it’s not, we’ll be learning my techniques. We’ll be learning other techniques with other leaders in the field, such as Matt Callison, Mary Elizabeth, Wakefield, Michelle Gellis Deandra Courtney, Carrie Hart. A lot more. This program allows financial aid will be as available classes begin January of 2023.

And then again, if you have other questions, you can follow me on Instagram. Or Ann or contact me@infoathamptonsacupuncture.com. So thank you again. Thank you for the American Acupuncture Council for allowing me to present today and also please join in next Wednesday too. With Chen Yen. She’ll be presenting at the American Acupuncture Council and hope to see you again.

Thank you. Goodbye.

I do have a question. Is it there is one question, Elizabeth, thank you. The, yes the course that is being offered as a hybrid program. So the didactic component of it is online. And then there five days of hands-on clinical learning offered once or twice a year.

Do I recommend patients take college and it really depends upon the college in remembering that college in is a large protein. And it may, or if you are explained to you deficient with terrible gut problems, you may or may not be able to absorb it. That’s the clinical and the written information or that, or the more.

Therapeutic information. However, that being said, I take collagen in every day. I use a company called Vital Proteins and honestly, I see a difference in my skin. Yes and no, I hope that answers your question.



Treating Neuromuscular Facial Conditions




So today’s presentation is an overview of a multifaceted approach to treating neuromuscular facial conditions.

Click here to download the transcript.

Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hi, everyone. I want to thank you. And the American Acupuncture Council for hosting me. Thank you for coming today. And if we can go to the first slide, I’m going to go ahead and hop. So today’s presentation is an overview of a multifaceted approach to treating neuromuscular facial conditions. My name’s Michelle Gellis and I teach facial and cosmetic acupuncture classes internationally.

And one of the. Things that I do in addition to just the cosmetic is I treat individuals that have various neuromuscular facial conditions that are affecting them in some way. So what exactly is a neuromuscular facial condition? Essentially a neuromuscular facial condition is any condition that affects the face, either the facial movements or any sort of sensory issues such as if someone has neuropathy or pain and some examples of neuromuscular facial conditions.

And certainly some of these are not. Just, they don’t just affect the face, but for many of these conditions, the most noticeable or troublesome part of the condition can be the part that affects the face. So Bell’s palsy, Ramsay hunt syndrome. Synkinesis stroke, Tam J trigeminal neuralgia. My esteem, gravitas, ptosis, Ms.

Shingles, and hemifacial spasm.

When I approach treating and the, of these conditions, the part that affects the Fest. I, what I have learned over the years in practice is that using a multi-faceted approach. Which I will describe is the best way to really take care of the issues and especially issues that have been around for a long time and to make your treatment long lasting.

These conditions such as Bell’s palsy and. TMJ can have a major impact on the face. And so there are again conditions that have to do with more muscular movement. And then there are ones like trigeminal neuralgia, which have pain. So the modalities that I use in order to. Treat. When I say a multi-faceted approach, I will use scalp acupuncture, facial motor points, submuscular and intramuscular, needling, facial cupping, and Derma rolling.

And some of these modalities can be used in conjunction and some are better for certain conditions and some are better for other condition. Scalp acupuncture is a fairly new series of techniques that we use in our practice. It’s only been around since the 1950s and it became popular in the 1970s and essentially you’re stimulating areas of the brain that correspond to.

Functions, whether they’re sensory functions or motor functions and it’s based, it’s not based on acupuncture points, it’s based on neuroanatomy. And it is really fabulous for treating any sort of neuromuscular condition, but specifically for neuromuscular facial conditions. And if you look at the homonculus if this is a cross section of the brain and you look at the homonculus, you can see the area for the face takes up the bottom two fifths.

If you were to break it up into two feds, two fifths, and one fifth, the face takes up a huge area of. The brain and the way scalp acupuncture works is you take a needle and you insert it into the loose connective tissue and you thread it into the new loose connective tissue corresponding to the area of the scalp that you would be working on.

So here is a map. Of a couple of the different areas. So we have the motor and sensory area of the scalp on one side of the head. And then this bottom two fifths here is where you would be needling in order to affect the face.

And I’m just going to talk through this video. Let me get it going. So this is me demonstrating how to put the needle into the scalp. First, you have to measure the scalp and the bottom two fifths is what you’re going to be needling until.

So this so the motor areas in front, the sensory area is behind it. And this part of the scalp can be sensitive. So you have to be careful when you’re needling and it’s helpful if your patient is sitting up and then you want to work very quickly. You don’t want to be too tentative when you’re going in.

And I’ll, you can either use a one handed method or a two handed method. I use a one hand for the insertion in the beginning, and then sometimes I’ll use two hands to push it down. And then once the needles and you’re going to stimulate it and For that, there are a lot of contraindications and precautions and scalp acupuncture is a very wide field.

It requires specialized training, but it went, especially when combined with some of these other modalities can really affect a tremendous change for some of these neuromuscular facial cues. So the next is our official motor points. So motor points are something that have been used. Actually I found some information back in the late 18 hundreds in a medical book.

A medical doctor had mapped out some of the motor points, but most recently people like Matt Callison and other researchers have really. Built on this foundation and have used motor points on the body, especially to restore muscle from.

So what exactly is a motor point? A motor point is essentially in a nutshell, the most electrically excitable, part of the muscle where the motor nerve bundle is attached, but it’s not a trigger point trigger points or something different, but it’s And frequently, many of the motor points that we’ll use on the face are also acupuncture points.

So it makes it easy for us to feel. And if a facial muscle is in spasm, if it isn’t moving properly, if it’s overly tense or overly relaxed, then by needling the motor point, it will cause it’s like a reset switch and it will cause it to get back into its normal functioning. As I mentioned, motor points are not trigger points, or.

Typically areas along the muscle that can be sensitive when you push on them. But motor points are something entirely different. And as I said many motor points are also acupuncture points, which is great for us. So here’s an example of a motor point, and this is the motor point for the frontalis muscle.

And. Coincidentally. It is also gallbladder 14. And by putting a needle into gallbladder 14 and stimulating it, it can help. If someone has ptosis, if they can’t raise their eyebrows, it can also help if they’re having some eyelid drooping. And another motor point. This is a quick video of a motor point for the mentality, and this was I’m going to play it and talk at the same time.

So this was a student of mine in. Class I was teaching, she had Bell’s palsy many years ago and she still was missing some muscle movement in her chin. So I went ahead and I needle the motor point for the mentality muscle. And try it one more time. You can see the needle. It when I stimulated.

The her chin started to move and Twitch, and I have a lot of these videos. You can see it moving right there. I have a lot of these videos. On my Facebook group, it’s called facial acupuncture. And on my Instagram page, I have a lot of, I do a facial acupuncture tip of the week and some of them are cosmetic and some of them are neuro.

That’s a good place if you want to see a bunch more of this stuff. So some examples of motor points. For example, if a person cannot smile, there are four main muscles that are affected the zygomaticus major, which draws the angle of the mouth upward and outward. This Acumatic is minor, which elevates the upper lip.

The LaVey levator labii superioris, which elevates the upper corner of the mouth and the resource, which retracts the angle of the mouth laterally. So by knowing which motor points to use, you can help someone who has lost their ability to smile.

The next thing is submuscular needling and. This is something that is uniquely suited to help with a lot of different disharmonies of facial and neck muscles. And essentially if a muscle, much like motor points, if a muscle is not functioning properly, that. You can needle either underneath the muscle or through the muscle and it will help to bring blood and she back to the muscle.

And it’s great for people who have had long-term paralysis. And when I teach my class, I go through all the different facial muscles. The big few are the corrugators, the frontallis, the temporalities and the massive tier. And you would needle from the origin to the insertion. So for example, this is the frontallis muscle.

You would thread needles on either side, just like this. Underneath the edges of the frontallis muscle. And you just put them in, you can stimulate them a little if you want, but you want to try to get underneath the muscle. It is a lot less painful if you do, if you’re working with a bigger muscle, like the massive tear, you might not be able to get underneath it.

So you would be needling through. But the, this is how you would needle. So underneath the muscle on either side, and this is what this would look like. And again, I’m going to talk through this. The first thing you have to do is measure the muscle. And the best way to do that is Asher patient to raise their eyebrows because the muscle is on either side of the eyebrow and when they raise their eyebrows, you can see the skin right over the muscle will wrinkle, and then you are just going to needle, right?

Underneath the edge of the muscle

are you usually use to. And that helps get my angle of insertion. Correct. And then I will press down on the skin to get it way underneath the muscle. Again, I’m not treating wrinkles. This is not cosmetic. This is a way of bringing muscle function back into the muscle.

And then I’m going to. Once I’ve done one side. So here I’m showing if you angle to date, you’re not going to be able to get underneath the muscle. If you go to superficially, you won’t be able, you’ll just be hitting this.

So once you’ve done the lateral side, then you’re going to come in and you would do the medial side

and I’ll do, depending on their forehead, I’ll either do two or three on each.

This is just for one, our brow or one side of the frontallis. If you were treating Bell’s palsy, then you would just treat the effected side.

And if you were needling the temporary Ellis, this is what that would look like.

The next thing is facial cupping and guash Shaw and facial cupping and gua SHA is designed to bring blood and treat cheese circulation to the skin and the muscles. It helps to relax tight facial muscles. And facial tissue, it can move out stagnant, lymph and toxins. It helps the lymphatic system to function better and that the lymphatic system is functioning better than the whole face will function better.

It helps with inflammation and it will help to strengthen the vascular integrity of the face. And it can help with any sort of nerve entrapment, especially if facial fascia has trapped some facial nerves. So here’s a cross-section of the face and the face is the only part of our body where our skin is attached to muscle.

And so the functioning of the muscles and the nerves that. Make the muscles work is very important because if the muscles not functioning properly because of nervous and trapped, then the skin is not going to move and you won’t be able to fully smile. So here’s a picture of that bone, muscle skin on the face.

And this is a picture of fascial adhesions. So the fascia is this stuff it’s like when you have chicken. Pull the scan off that stuff that looks like spiderwebs. So it really helps to release a lot of that in the face. And facial cupping is not like cupping on the body. You don’t leave the cups. You Stimulate different acupuncture points on the face and the cups are meant to move.

And this is just a slide from one of my classes where I’m showing gliding and then suction and releasing down the neck into the lymphatic drainage area. And. Also Derma rolling is something that can help to stimulate the channels. Like our channel rollers that we might use on the body. Derma rollers have these tiny little needles on them and.

You can stimulate the channels on the face, stimulate the cheap and your patients can buy a Derma roller from you and you can teach them how to use it. And then it will stimulate they can do this at home in between treatments. So what are some of the. Neuromuscular facial conditions that that we’ve, we can work with that I’ve worked with.

I mentioned in the beginning Bell’s palsy, stroke, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, Ms. Ptosis hemifacial spasm. And I have enough time to just talk about one and I’m just going to talk about Bell’s policy, which is the most common form of facial paralysis. And typically it just affects one side of the face.

Usually it’s temporary, but. The people that come to see me have had Bell’s palsy frequently. It’s been years. They still don’t have complete movement of their face. They’ve tried everything and then they come for acupuncture. It can affect blinking opening and closing the eyes, facial expressions, hearing taste, the salivary glands.

And that I say hearing it can affect their hearing. So I use a multifaceted approach. I’m going to do my body points. I’m going to do face points and depending on their underlying conditions, what’s going on with them, of course, I’ll treat them constitutionally and then bringing the multi-faceted approach in I’m going to do.

Motor points on the scalp. So the lower two fifths on the opposite side, I might use your Shan, men and face points just to calm the patient, treat their face, and then have them do some exercises. Look at their face, have them try to move different parts of their face, figure out where the paralysis is.

And then do facial motor point. And possibly some submuscular needling to get these parts of the face, moving cupping and wash eyes. Great. Derma rolling is gray. And you’re going to want to see the person two to three times a week until they get the movement back in their face. So I. Teach a cosmetic and neuromuscular.

Acupuncture facial acupuncture classes. My website is facial acupuncture, classes.com and some of the products that I was showing the cups, the washout tools at Derma rollers microneedling devices are@akeelaskincare.com. And these are my social media links. I do have a bunch of live classes coming up and all of my classes are also recorded.

That is the end of my slides. And I, again, I want to thank the American acupuncture council for giving me this opportunity. Next time is Sam Collins. And I believe he’s next Wednesday. I can’t see that right there, but it is next week. So you want to check in with that he’ll be streaming live and do we have time for Q and a or.

People on that we can open it up to where there any questions,

crickets. Okay. I’m not seeing any questions in that chat box, so I am.

Not now, I guess there’s no questions now. Okay. Thanks again to the American Acupuncture Council. And if you need to reach me, you can just drop me a line at visual acupuncture classes.


AACTTPMoyHD03182022 Thumb

Spring & Liver Detox



And today it’s very exciting because I’m going to be talking about the spring time and the liver detox.

Click here to download the transcript.

Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hello and welcome. My name is Tsao-Lin Moy. I’m a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a brick and mortar practice in union square in New York city. And I’d like to thank the American Acupuncture Council for providing this platform where we are able to share information and knowledge. For our community, both the patients we serve and also the professional community to keep dialogue open about how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help people make informed decisions about their health.

And today it’s very exciting because I’m going to be talking about the spring time and the liver detox. Okay. So we’ll, let’s go to this slide. So springtime as a. You practitioners know is considered the time of the liver. It coincides with wood and the emotions are anger. The energy is moving up. We have this energy of pushing through the earth.

So during the winter months, which is the kidney time, is this a time of hibernation and also the energy. The emotion can be a lot of fear. And we have been experiencing a lot of that because we’ve got these news cycles and if we don’t release and detox from that, we end up getting. A lot of built up frustration and anger and you can, you see how it will affect our emotions and our patients.

And important that we are with the season, we look to move with the season and that actually makes it a lot easier for healing to happen. Okay. So spring element is, would also relating to the liver and gallbladder. We’ve got the energy of movement and also. The warmer weather and increased sunlight, which is great because that means we can get some vitamin D and that is also a metabolized and made through the liver.

So when you have good liver function, you are actually able to produce enough vitamin D emergence from the cold again, hibernation, and really from, as we’re moving out of the pandemic. We have a lot of stress hormones, a lot of people, maybe your patients were self-medicating with alcohol. People are on a lot of like multiple or poly farm, a lot of medication like anti-anxiety blood pressure, cholesterol, and not sleeping well, not exercising.

And so as the weather gets warmer, we’re going to start to have this movement and I want to be able to help our liver detox. So the, if we work with the energy of the season, which is now the liver energy, it’s a lot easier because we’re going with the flow. We’re not going against nature. We’re actually using the rhythm of the seasons and aligning our biological clock.

To heal right. Facilitate healing and yes, if anybody has questions, please drop them in the chat. Let me know. If you have something that you want to ask me let me know if this is interesting for you. If you have Some comments. And yeah, let me know where you are.

If you’re in New York or California or Australia just give us let us know in the chat. So in Chinese medicine, the liver is role is to, is the smooth flow of cheat. Also the emotions and the blood liver stores, the blood. And also filters and detoxifies. So at nighttime, if you’re not sleeping well, then you’re also, your liver is not processing.

Now the interesting thing about the liver, it is the only visceral Oregon that possesses the ability to regenerate. And interestingly that if somebody 50 to 60% of the liver cells can actually be. Killed let’s say for example, in a, someone overdoses on Tylenol, that can happen.

You have a lot of, if you have patients that have pain in their medicating with Tylenol, it is possible. Hey Alan, in the Berkshire it is possible to really kill, like really destroy your liver. And the thing is that the liver can actually completely repair in 30 days. If there are no other complications, meaning they don’t have other problems going on in their system.

So let’s go. Oops. Okay. So here we’ve got a. The anatomy of the liver. And if you can take a look at where it is. It literally crosses over the entire midsection and really like stips right under the diaphragm. So things like, with liver, it’s like the sighing, the feeling you can’t take a deep breath.

And the reason is because the liver, if it gets swollen and irritated, it’s right up against the diaphragm and with. Make it very difficult to breathe and then also can actually affect the stomach, right? Because the it’s continues to cause contractions in the the diaphragm and that’s where we get the flank pain, difficulty breathing.

And then the referral pattern of, feeling the throat is clearing up is clogging up the plumping. So here oh, we’ll go to the next slide. We’ll talk a little bit more. So the major, the five major functions of the liver, and this is according to Western medicine is. Digestion metabolism and detoxification protein synthesis, and actually storage of vitamins and minerals, which I think is probably in Chinese medicine.

When they talk about the liver, storing the blood maybe really meaning nutrition or neutral. Nutrients for the blood, right? So blood has to have a lot of oxygen nutrients for it to bring to all the other organs and the different parts of your body. Also as an aside, recent studies actually show that the liver has a regulatory function in the central nervous system.

And is innervated by both the sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers, which really does mean, it is responsible for the smooth flow of emotion, right? So there’s a feedback loop that actually happens and comes together. When we’re feeling either in a place of fear or also facilitating a place of rest.

And just another, for all you acupuncture people out there, practitioners to really take a look of the picture on the right, gives you an overview of where the liver is. And then on the left. We’re looking at, Hey, look at where all these points are. And in particular, you look at a CD, 12 moot point of the stomach.

It will really land right where that ligament is for the liver and just surrounds it. So it’s really between the liver and the. Great. And see B12 is a point for making blood. It’s a blood point. It’s a very important point. And then the other points that are on the abdomen, but the different move points, you start to look at where they are in terms of surrounding the liver and the gallbladder, and actually how that helps to increase circulation and lymph flow and really functionality.

So liver patterns I made a list here. I’m not going to go over the patterns because that is as entire modules in the foundations of Chinese medicine for the most part as a refresher like liver cheese stagnate. Really any kind of liver issue is most there’s stagnation involved.

Of course, blood led deficiency. We’ve got energy, the young rising, a lot of wind, when we see wind, we know that liver is involved. A lot of digestive it’s always, liver is involved in that to gallbladder the dam, Pete, and any kind of blood deficiency. And for sure, a women’s health and reproductive health.

So one of the things that I would say is, especially around this time in the spring also allergies, we’re getting allergies and you get itchy. That’s a liver thing to really take a look at your patients and whatever their you have as their diagnostic, just to look at it from a perspective of liver oh, how is the liver involved in this?

And I think that is a, a very interesting angle to look at. You can actually do it for other organs too, but really what role does liver play in this? And if we do a detox and I’ll talk a little bit more about detox what does that mean for the outcome? And especially you want to do it now cause springtime, right?

Okay. So liver congestion, we have in this country, a lot of liver congestion and fatty liver stress hormones, they increase the enzymes in the liver and cause inflammation, toxins, chemicals, antibiotics, medication, plastics are huge. Apparently a lot of microscopic particles we consume about credit cards worth of plastic per week.

And our body has to. Process that or not. It’s also all over the environment. So even when you’re having the healthiest diet it you’re, we’re still being influenced by the things that we don’t have control over. We see in the U S a lot of metabolic syndromes, like diabetes, pre-diabetes insulin resistance.

Especially with polycystic ovary syndrome, a huge, more than 50% of our population is. And then what follows is, cholesterol, triglycerides, and high blood pressure. Like these become the that’s the triple where we see then the next thing is heart disease. A lot of people will have their.

Gallbladder removed a li like cirrhosis, all of like alcohol, a lot of the problems are not necessarily coming from a consumption of only alcohol, but it’s the, it’s all of it. Know our lifestyle, the foods, a lot of things that are called food are not really food, their product. And they lack so much nutrition that they actually have to add in vitamins and stuff.

And we’ve got a lot of endocrine disease and disruption and allergies, a lot of allergies and sensitivity. So that gives us a clue that the liver is getting overwhelmed and is not able to filter.

Statistics. And this is an old statistic. About 20% of adults have fatty liver, 5% of children, and this is really linked to obesity. And then again, two thirds of obese adults and half of the children that are obese have fatty liver, which is pretty scary because that is going to. Predict, with an actuary, how many people are going to end up on medications if they don’t do something right.

And a lot is this non-alcoholic fatty liver, right? So this comes from a lot of food relief. And also what I want to say is menopausal women post men in their fifties, the lower estrogen also increases things like fatty liver and metabolic changes. Pros and cons of detoxing. The pros are a liver detox program.

And what w what a program looks like is going to help the organ itself work as efficiently as possible. And this is because the liver organ that’s its job is to detox and to filter. So we’re looking at. If you have a healthy liver, you want to help it along. It’s going to relieve inflammation and toxicity in the body.

It also will help to lose weight because a lot of toxins are things like chemicals and pesticides are in a steroid type. I guess form. And what they do is that toxicity will then bond with fat cells. So if you’re trying to lose weight, what happens is you have to detox your body. So then the fat can actually metabolize.

And again, that reduce can reduce cholesterol and it’s sport it, supporting the liver, doing its job. And we’re really looking at balance and harmony, right? The cons of it. And this is really. Based on a Western model. There’s no evidence that we need to detox. And actually, obviously that’s not true.

But it’s really gonna come down to how are we going to detox? Certain programs increased that we don’t really know, they, they’re not really measured, but for our purposes in Chinese medicine, we actually look at a lot of other things, we look, is your skin getting better, if it’s working, are you having better? Bowel moves? How about are you have better sleep, also, on the market. And this is really more of the Western stuff. That’s out there with supplements. They’re, they’re very extreme and anything that’s extreme is gonna put a stress on the body and then actually have the opposite effect.

Also a lot of the detox supplements. There’s no. It, unless you’re able to really have a good digestive system and absorb. And that’s the idea of like detoxing or digestion is that your digestive system is working so that you’re actually able to absorb and process nutrients. And if that’s not happening then all these like supplements and things that are being marketed.

Are really going to just clog up your system. You’ll get minimum benefit from it. So really have to look at what does, when we say detoxing things like maybe fasting for a little while and just having fluids. So allow your your body to get a break that is also a way of helping to detox, and eating better foods. Simple steps to guide your patients. Definitely food diet there. Herbal teas, exercise, breath, work, massage acupuncture. So next. Okay. So it within the diet and you might already know. Of course of food. Food is one form of Chinese medicine, one of the eight branches and really eating within season, looking at the five elements.

What are the flavors? What are the the meridians and the organs that they help? So food as medicine for the liver and to actually lower, let’s say, lower cholesterol, or try to get glycerides, eating things. Green vegetables, steamed roasted, right? Not fried, using less of those oils.

You want it to be very easy to break down garlic and onions. Research shows that actually improves Habad hepatic function. So you start to look at. Adding certain kinds of foods into what you’re eating, and also the way that you cook the food sour and fermented foods like coleslaw pickles kimchi are also probiotic and prebiotic interesting lemon, lemon with water, they say, wake up in the morning, have a little lemon with water.

That it actually helps the liver to produce more of those enzymes to start metabolizing mushrooms. They’re very high in nutrient dense, low in calorie, and also have many antioxidants and anti-microbial properties immune function, they are a food. They also can boost the levels of leptin and leptin is that the hormone that tells you’re full and also helps to metabolize.

Coffee so recent I didn’t have a chance to put it in to the slide, to actually be in the slide. But like a new study is found that, coffee all kinds lowers the risk of liver disease and fatty liver cancer and death from liver disease. And really the benefit comes from drinking three to four cups of coffee, even de.

So they say and we’re looking at, it’s not about the caffeine. It is about what is the bean itself, if you’re going to have decaf, you need to make sure that it is the way that it’s processed. All of those things. So not just any coffee, like w you really want to take a look if you’re gonna drink coffee and coffee is a very strong has a strong psycho effects in the brain, neuro psycho effects in the brain.

It’s extremely strong, right? The also caffeine, has a big effect. The other thing you want to do is avoid animal proteins. You want to steer clear of a lot of. Meet a better to go with a fish something clean, like I wanna say cleaner, but easier to digest. Also dairies, very hard. A lot of people can not digest dairy and cheeses.

The other thing too is we’re looking at most of the dairy that we have is very, it comes from two cows or two to two genetically I would say modified but really bread. So they maximize output of milk. And so what happens is we don’t have a lot of variety and interestingly enough, that a lot more people are showing up as having a lactose intolerance again, avoiding processed foods because they add lots of chemicals and again, they may not even be food.

They may be products, that have little bits of food in it. Sugar is like a killer. You want to not have sugar? There’s plenty of things that you can have in fruits and vegetables, et cetera, et cetera, which your body will break down into the sugars that it needs again, alcohol. And if you are smoking really important to not smoke cigarettes, right?

Lots of chemicals and things your body has to process. So this is a, this is what detox would look like. Healthy living, herbal teas, and herbs. So dandelion, I put in dandelion, right? It’s poo gonging. It’s a. Antidiabetic antioxidative anti-inflammatory studies show that it ha acts on inhibiting oxidative stress in the liver reduces cholesterol and even reverses the streptozotocin induced diabetes, which is coming from taking a chemo drug.

So it’s really interesting that what I like about this is that you can actually buy. Dandelion tea over the counter. You can just tell your patients, go to traditional medicinals or you can buy, the dandelion and make it right. So very easy to do with not complicated.

Again. Chuck who Sao that’s more of an urban clear as in purge is heat a lot of like swamp swellings. It’s a summer drink. You can bring. Chrysanthemum again, milk fissile as well, and interesting Allo, it actually helps to clear the liver and constipation and kills parasites. A lot of people are, have parasites and a lot of digestive problems, and this is one way like clearing out toxins.

We’re looking at, okay, you’re activating this process and then you need to make sure that. And then again looking for drinking more like black tea or green tea, right? Because of its antioxidant effects.

Exercise stretching movement in particular like twisting movements, because that will actually massage the liver and also the organs. And so this is an opportunity like why exercise actually helps because as you’re moving, you’re also breathing and that will push down the diaphragm. And that actually helps to massage and milk, the organs to get their The blood and the lymph and the circulation

breathwork. And here just as an example of actually from the sod, you look at, it actually regulates the nervous system. And it also will help with the restorative sleep physically. You start to look at how the movement of the diaphragm and again, where the liver is seated will actually help to increase the limp flow and circulation.

And also you’re increasing oxygen into your body, which then you also, as you exhale, you are exhaling any of the Toxins. So you’re helping to filter out of the body in the system, giving it the oxygen it needs. And these are all free. You can do this on your own. It’s also just a great practice, especially if you feel like you’re sighing that’s a good sign that you need to do something.

Massage and lymph drainage. So the liver is the largest contributor of limb production. It accounts for up to one half of the body’s lymph fluid and, working with a massage therapist or actually certain kinds of movements are going to help to clear lymph and waste and swelling. And you can actually see, with patients have a little puffy phase puffy legs.

Poor circulation. We really want to help to. Drain the lymph. And most 70% of lymph vessels are just right under the surface of the skin. So things like skin brushing or gently, you could even probably do some lymph massage on yourself to help the flow. And also, people who have experienced a R serve up, have survived from cancer.

They have a, they really need to repair their liver, acupuncture and acupressure. You guys know all about acupuncture. And again at the beginning I said, the strategy and maybe think about how the liver is going to play a role in your patient’s health, especially now to shift from, okay, I’m going to do what I’m going to do.

My patient center. Custom radically customized treatment. And then I’ve got to see oh, from this angle, maybe liver is a big, like it is a big thing, but it really like slight shift of let me go with the season. Acupressure and Meridian massage, especially along the inner, the inner thigh, the legs, the liver spleen and kidney channels, really helping to move all of that up to, towards the big lymph area of.

The inner thigh and go to the next slide, I guess we’re done with that. So really I have to say very exciting is doing, the research right. To prepare for, Hey, what w what am I going to talk about? And the more that you dig in and research, especially if you suspect as a practitioner that there’s something connected to something else, you can actually go down a rabbit hole and find a lot of information.

And I, when it back in and I was looking at aloe, I was like, wow, aloe. Yeah, it’s good for digestion. But then I said, Hey, it, it actually relieves parasites too. And. And worms, and we never know we’re, where our food comes from. And so a very gentle and easy way for someone to drink a little bit of aloe juice and just help to gently move things.

And I think it’s a lot easier for your patients to incorporate yes. Drinking more water. I didn’t put that down, but it’s pretty obvious. If they can just add in some lemon to their water. It’s going to actually help them if they are thinking about when they’re moving or the movement to incorporate some kind of body twisting and moving and breathing, as a kind of meditative form, of course, we have to detox ourselves from social media, right? That’s a form of consumption, which really causes a lot of stress hormones. And that actually we see probably a lot of that, with irritability. And anger. And then of course, I talked about last time, a amygdala takeover and more inflammation.

And that would be really, a big area to really look at. Of course you need the social media because we’re doing this with the American Acupuncture Council. The but to really think about doing that just like a spring fast or something to take a break from some of the news that you’re reading and really like clear, clear out.

And again, also, in your home when to clear out the thoughts in your mind, but also, spring detox is also spring cleaning and maybe start to just really. Some of the attachment and also the fear that we’ve been, really take a look at that and how that’s been affecting our life.

So please comment and you want to join us next week with Poney Chiang he is going to be doing a fantastic presentation and please comments and messages. And also if there’s something that you really want to, some topics. That you were finding. Interesting. There’s always more so just know that this is all very much on the surface just to spark your curiosity and keep everything fresh.

WeizenbaumAACTTPHD03162022 Thumb

What Happens when you put Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together?



today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common.

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  Due to the unique language of acupuncture, there will be many errors, so we suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hi, this is Sharon Weizenbaum. I’m really happy to be here this month and I want to thank the American Acupuncture Council for hosting me to give this series of talks. I hope it’s been educational and enjoyable for you. So today I’m going to keep on growing from what we talked about before.

So we started just talking about why classical formulas, and then we looked last time at. And today we’re going to be looking at formulas that include both Gui Zhi and Fu Ling together and what they all have in common. So I’m ready for the slides. So when we combine wager and pooling, you might remember from last time, if you were here that oops, back again.

When we were here last time we looked at the fact that wager treats upsurge that’s the first thing that the Shannon bonds have Jane mentioned about what wagers function is that he treats upsurge. And this is upsurge of young that loses its relationship with the. So when we combined greater and who’s playing, there is often an upsurge of pathological fluids.

So when we put greater and pooling together, we are bringing the warmth back in and transforming pathological fluids. So we’re going to look at how that works in a few different formulas. We’re going to, if you could change the slide. Yeah. So here’s a formulas that include wager and fooling. We’re not going to be able to go over all of these formulas today.

I’d like to just look at willing son and link way juke on tongue and mentioned the pooling Gunza tongue as a comparison. I think next time we’ll really go into glacier fooling one. Such an amazing formula. So useful clinically. They all are, but it deserves a lecture of its own. But all of these formulas have in common that they use Granger and fooling together.

And so they all have something in common and that’s transforming fluids and treating upsurge. Okay.

So here in my own words, since Granger is pungent and warm, it moves from inside towards the exterior. So punching flavor goes up and out in the body. We can see that a pattern that uses great jurors. One in which this function has not occurred. Glacier keeps the incoming young on the inside. So we’ve got young, that’s floating out, going upward, flushing up pathologically.

And when we take wager the new young that’s coming in is kept inside. And when it’s combined with Hulu and we can see that this as fluid accumulation due to failure of the young to steam, that yin upwards. And so the yen sinks into. Instead by giving glacier and pooling we’re reestablishing the warming upward and outward from within, in order to turn the pathological fluids into the life.

Giving steam. Okay.

Okay, so fooling is bland and it’s chalky. It means it’s a percolating earth. That means that actually strengthens earth, w if you’ve ever worked in a garden, like having really good soil rather than sand or clay means that the soil absorbs water and it drains really well. So we have a farm here and as working on our farm, we want this soil to be really good.

Absorptive. Soil because it holds water and it percolates watering. It helps drain water at the same time. So fooling really works that way in the body, increasing the absorptive capacity of the spleen so that it drains better. So this formula, which is a. The willing son is got a really high dose of fooling.

And actually it’s got a high dose of too much. Yeah. Also, so treats water causing Polis in the Abbey, gastric, just an art area. So in the water is really severe. You might even have pulsations as the water restricts the movement of the main artery. I’m also vomiting and retching dizziness, palpitations, inhibited, urine.


So here’s a picture of our union symbol that I love so much. And we can see that the young is actually going down on the right. No, my hand is going down on my right, which looks like your left, but just imagine the union symbol that, that orange side is the fire that’s going down and the inside is going up, and this is what we would call young and right.

Relations. So in the, oh no, this slide has an animation. I hope that works here. Yeah. So in the pathology, the young is actually going up. It’s not rooting underneath the yen. And then what happens is there’s this accumulation of fluids. The youngest, not underneath the yen in order to transform it.

So gets swampy in the lower body and swampy in the middle,

and it can be swampy in the upper warmer. So different formulas that include quite you’re improving are going to treat water in different places.

So looking at willing son, when you combine this combination of plagiarism, pooling with Xhosa, jeweling and bite you, then you’re really working on water that has sunk down mostly into the lower body. To the extent that let’s say. There is thirst. And so when we give wager, we’re bringing that young back into right relationship and it steams that upward like that.

So the pathological fluid becomes this physiological mist. It spreads in the body. And with this formula, a key symptom for this formula. Thirst. And the reason why it’s thirst is because when that water is pooling down below, it’s failing to steam upward into the stomach and moisten the tongue. So it’s all puddled downward and not.

Physiologically moistening upward. So thirst is really a key symptom and it’s a bit hard to understand, isn’t it? Like you have all this pathological water. Why is the person thirsty? And it’s because it’s sunk down into the lower body. So when the wager comes in with the fooling, it brings that young into yen.

That’s being now absorbed into the body, steaming that upward all the way to the total. And you’re also able to pee out pathological. Okay.

So if we look at a formula here where we have more great. Like a really strong dose in Williamson. The glacier is actually quite low. We’ll look at the ingredients in a moment, but in this formula language, Yukon, tongue wager is a lot more and there’s a bunch of fooling and then it’s combined with guns and bite you.

Now, if we remember from last time that flushing up of grader can really affect the heart. And This formula language you gone, tongue is for water. That’s more in the middle warmer. We can see that with the gun sound bite. You instead of Xhosa Ling, so more in the middle warmer. So I put the cloud in the middle, but also the flushing up is going to really easily affect the upper body.

So there’ll be flushing up, not just a beyond, but a flu. They’re going to, that young that’s out of right relationship is going to act on the pathological fluids and make that flush up. So you get upper warmer symptoms of even more pulsations, palpitations, dizziness, nausea. Meniere’s syndrome.

This formula can be really good for many years syndrome, if there’s this water pathology. So that’s the picture of how that language you’re going to tongue works.

Young comes back into right relationship, and now let’s see.

There we go. So the water disappears and instead there’s that life-giving steam instead. Okay.

And of course it enables normal urination.

Okay. So now if we take out that bite, you and we add Shung Jong instead. Now, what does shone John do so good dose of Schunk Jong with great germ pooling. So we still have flushing up. We have flushing up a pathological fluids, but now we take out the bite you in. Sean, John. And really what this is for flushing up.

That’s really effecting the stomach. Showing John is really a stomach herb and it it kind of warms and steams fluids that are inside the stomach. So this formula is going to be more for vomiting up fluids, coughing, or vomiting up fluids. And it’s actually a much more Physical formula where the very physical in terms of affecting those stomach, particularly where as the language you’ve gotten, Tom by Jew is a deeper herb and a more dense, urban, a slower herbs, it’s what I mean by slower is that dog acts very rapidly to just evaporate the fluids in the stomach.

But I do works in a slower way and in a more it’s a denser verb. So it works in a more physical way. I, and I, that’s not exactly what I mean, a physical way that affects the psyche and more internal Functions in the body. So things like dizziness and spirit disorders where the water flushes up and affects the Shen.

So even like panic attacks for the language going Tong, whereas this formula would just fooling guys out on these worms as much more about just vomiting and you’ll be vomiting, fluids.

So great. Jeremy will bring that young right back into right relationship. And then there’s that nice standing up and warmth. And then the natural movement of the stomach can be restored, which is to go down. The stomach is meant to go down.

So here’s, we’re going to go back over each of these. Here’s the rulings. So you can see that the that the wager is actually small compared to the herbs for water. And really what this means is that the flushing up symptoms on so much, when you look at formulas this way you can see from the dosages in the way that they’re combined.

What the pathology is going to be, that there’s not as much flushing up of water at the same time. There’s pooling up a water and it’s sinking lower in the body. Okay. Slide.

So again, here, because the fluids are sinking down. You are thirsty and not often, this is called mouth thirst because your mouth is dry. But since there’s a lot of fluid there, they, you often don’t want to drink a lot. You want to sip and moist in your mouth. And even if there’s a lot of fluids that drinking could.

Cause if you guys are water, it could cause upstairs. And it could cause vomiting. And the key signs for Wilmington is also a floating posts. And that’s because the young has so left the year and there’s this separation of young Indian, up here, it’s dry and down below it’s wet. So we think of where the pulse is as where the young are, where the life force is floating up in the book.

Often, what I find is that in the Guan and triple says, it’s wiring. Why are you? It’s really a water poles because the water. Constricts the flow of the life force. And then there’s abnormal urination. Cause there’s a cooling up of water down below, and that could be frequent urination in continents or inhibited your nation where there’s a stopping and starting.

And I really suggest you ask your patients about this. So a lot of times, so you ask like, how’s your urination and they’ll say, oh fine. And. It’s normal. It’s normal for me, but if you ask a little bit more deeply, do you ever sit down and you’d have to wait a little while before you be, or it stops and starts?

A lot of people will say, oh yeah, a lot of men will say, oh yeah, it’s just my prostate. And and that you want to take that as that means there’s water stagnation down in the lower body. So all of these things that urination can be Abnormal urination as well. So the agitation is because up here in the upper body is dry and that dryness and warps agitate the heart.

There may be vomiting. There might even be a slight fever, richness, and even sweating with that feverish madness. So the young is leaving the yen. The yen is staying in play in non distribution of fluids. Okay.

So here we have a picture of the pot biology. You can see the young is leaving. And so there’s dryness, especially above the heat could be agitating. It’s going to be flushing up heat and there’s all this fluid that’s causing abnormal urination. So I have that, that lower dry there, because it’s very common with a willing sun pattern to actually have dry constipation because the fluids are leaving and cooling up, leaving the intestine dry.

And what I do in clinic is if there’s this pattern of water with a dry stool, Then I really increase the Baidu by about three times the normal nine grams, because Baidu is really excellent for helping water go backwards, supposed to go, getting water out of the earth, into the large intestine.

So we don’t necessarily know you think of bite. You he’s been more as a diarrhea or however, it’s good for diarrhea for the same reason, because it helps water go where it’s supposed to go. So it’s an excellent constipation or been John dome. Jamie even talks about that. So that’s why I have that lower dry there.

Cause it’s not always just in the. That you feel the dryness, it can also be in the margin testing. Okay.

Okay. Now we’re going to look at the language you’re going to talk, and this is more, we don’t have so shell, we don’t have jeweling. So that tells us that it’s more in the, it’s not as much in the lower warmer we have Baidu and Gunza instead. So it’s more related to the middle of. And so you have the flushing up and we have a lot more water.

And actually the dose of wager and fooling are relatively high compared to wooing sun. So there’s lots of water and lots of flushing up. So compared to Wilmington, flushing up is a really important symptom for language event. So let’s take a look at. Physiology of it. You bring wage or back inside with fooling and bite you, and it just transforms those fluids and young gets in right relationship, so we really want to think of Granger as an urban gets young back inside where it’s meant to be.

And when it’s combined with fooling, it gets it back inside. So it can transform both.

And of course functional urination.

And you can see the happy days because now that upsurge is going down just a little side on how to diagnose the water. What you’re really going to be looking for is water sounds in the abdomen. This might be subjective for the patient, but you can also put your hand on the person’s belly, especially around their stomach, middle warmer, and stretch it and tap on it and see if you hear sloshing water sounds.

So that’s looking for water slashing sounds in the back. But again, the tongue could be really wet, possibly a thicker white coating, but more often a watery slippery coding or this formula and the pulses will be wiring for this. And if it’s cold or they could be also Tight, but definitely wiring because there’s this fluid accumulation and, Leo do, Joe says that the wiring pulse is the fluid accumulation pulse.

And when we think of the winery pulse, we usually think of liver cheese, stagnation or something, but here. It may also be submerged because the water is submerging the life force, but it’s also constraining it. So the wiring POS is really just saying the lifeforce is constrained in some way. It may be constrained by blocked emotions.

It may be constrained by really tight muscles, but it could also be constrained by fluids. So we want to think of the wiring pulses, also a pulse we can explain by the accumulation. Fluids in the body. Okay.

So inside this formula is the formula

which is a teeny tiny formula. Which includes teeny tiny for me means that it only has two. Of course, if it only has one or it’s teensy tiny, which is one or teeny tiny is two herbs and tiny is three herbs, just so you know, my nomenclature, but this is a teeny tiny formula wager and gun cell. And the Grainger’s in a two to one ratio with gone south and this nourishes and warms the heart and treats palpitations.

So the fact that this formula is inside language, tells you that. We’re really at the same time, bringing. Physiological nourishment back to the heart, so instead of the heart being flooded with water surging up on it, it’s being nourished by this warm nourishment with wager and gone sell.

And also, I just want to mention something. I said that this formula language you got is really good for panic attacks and. And part of what happens is, the life force is warm. And really, if you think about the fact that when we’re dead, we’re cold, then the idea of cold is the opposite of life.

And so when we have water in our body, that’s pathological water, meaning it’s not water, that’s infused with warm it’s cold water. And that starts encroaching on our heart. It can feel like death is encroaching on the heart. We associate cold with dead. Then this cold water is coming up into this space of the Shen the space of the heart.

And it can feel like death. And that’s why a lot of panic attacks are feeling. That you’re going to die. Like you’re driving down the highway, you get scared, you think something terrible is going to happen. Even though everything is fine notes, this feeling of impending death. So not all panic attacks are due to water or a language you’ve gone.

Tongue pattern. There are other reasons why panic attacks can manage. Energetically in the body, but definitely water is one of them. And water often comes with this feeling of I want to die or I’m going to die. So just something to keep in mind.

Okay. Now I just want to compare the language Uganda Ugandan. , for me looking at these formulas as a younger herbalist, I would just get dizzy oh my God, they all have almost identical ingredients. Like how do I ever remember what the. Subtle differences are about. And so one thing to look at is, the herbs that are similar and then the herbs that them are different.

And we already did this looking at language. You’re going to talk including by June. How that kind of goes deeper into the body where Shung Jong is really about the stomach transforms fluids, rapid way inside the stomach. And so the fooling guns, her tongue is, by having Shandong, instead of bite you, it really treats the stomach.

But also look at the dosages. The fooling gods have taught me is a really small dose. And it’s used for a relatively light problem. It’s an excellent pediatric formula for vomiting in children. And also it’s used just lightly for a very short period of time. Had an episode of vomiting.

I can take Boolean guns. So Tom, where language you got to talk, we can see altogether, the dose is much higher and here we have this really high dose of pooling compared to, and fooling Gunsight tongue and a high dose of Granger. So it’s much more flushing up and where the fooling concept time is more for water in the stomach itself.


So the line for liquid you’ve on tongue, it says line 28. If after vomiting or purging there’s reversal fullness below the heart with cheese surging up into the chest, dizziness upon standing a deep, tight pulse. So again, it’s like submerge and it’s submerged by cold waters. Tight and the more cold it is, the more tight, the less cold, the more wirey the promotion of sweat will lead to move into the channels.

So this is not a pattern where you want to just give grades your tongue or my long tongue. And that, that will further deplete the young and the yen. Okay. Then the jink way, it repeats the. Same idea of language of on Tom

and there’s a picture of the four ingredients.

So here’s the middle warmer and it’s all wet.

And there’s this flushing up into. The heart caused vomiting and retching palpitations, chest depression. I’ve used this for people who have been diagnosed with CLPD or have really bad breathing problems that are due to water stagnation in the middle chronic cough.

And it can go into the head. Dizziness, blocked, nose rhinitis impaired sense of taste. You’ve got this water coming up. Meniere’s syndrome, plum pitchy. Headaches hypertension, even epilepsy, I can really block the channels. Benton is this running piglet, which is often like a panic attack and acid regurgitation, making the stomach go up.

But it can also those fluids in the middle can cause constipation. And again, you’d want to really increase the Baidu. If it’s causing constipation, if it’s diarrhea you probably want to use child by June, the stir fry find you, but that water can even cause a Minnery I’ve seen it cause amenorrhea and language you got Anton can.

By clearing the water, it can help to clear the water in the womb. And often I use it in combination with other, I know we’re going going beyond our time, but I’ll just finish. Okay. So here are just some things where it can affect the language you can. Tongue pattern can cause these different kinds of symptoms in the box.

It can not the cheese, so it can, cause if it’s in the middle of warmer, it can make you feel distended and, full in your epi, gastric region or in your bowels.

Okay. I think we’ve gone over that email. So we’ll just go through this, the fooling concept more in the middle warmer. And. Here for the fooling concept, talking again, just comparing these because they’re so much alike. This is a pattern of stomach, young deficiency with water stopping in the epigastric area.

It can cause epic gastric palpitations. This method warms the stomach and scatters water. This is why the dosage of Schengen must be relatively large. Lots of formulas. We see just a little in here. It’s relatively large because we are transforming fluids in this. Combining this with cooling and wager assist the function of opening the yarn transformation of the G.

And I would add the down bearing of the stomach.

So thank you. I really I love talking about classic formulas and how they work. And so it’s really nice that the American Acupuncture Council has given me this opportunity. And I want to also, if you’re interested in more educational opportunities, the white pine circle is an incredible. Get all kinds of amazing teachings along this line.

If it resonates with you to think about herbs and formulas this way. So you can go to white pine circle.org. And and I also teach it to your program called the graduate mentorship program, where we go through everything having to do with diagnosis and herbal formulas over a two-year period with a lot of close contact with.

So anyway thank you again to the American Acupuncture Council, and I will see you next month.